Rowoon, Kim Hee-sun courted for upcoming fantasy drama

Rowoon and Kim Hee-sun might headline a new drama! 

SF9 member and actor Rowoon’s agency FNC Entertainment revealed that he was offered the lead role in the drama Tomorrow. Also in talks is Kim Hee-sun, whose agency Hinge Entertainment confirmed that she had been offered the female lead role. 

Based on a webtoon of the same name, Tomorrow is a fantasy-healing drama that takes place in both reality and the afterlife. It revolves around a team of grim reapers who are tasked with saving people instead of leading them to death. When a surge in suicide rates disturbs the balance of the afterlife, a special crisis management team is formed to save people at the risk of suicide. The drama will differ significantly from the webtoon. 

According to reports, Rowoon has been offered the role of Choi Joon-woong, a desperate job seeker whose circumstances forced him to take an extreme step. Due to a mistake on the crisis management team’s part, he falls into a coma and is neither alive nor dead. He then begins working as a contract worker for the crisis management team, landing a job that would not have been possible in the human world. He begins to help people who are considering suicide. 

Rowoon has recently been on a roll as an actor, breaking into the scene with a lead role in Extraordinary You (2019) and earning acclaim with his performance in the romance drama She Would Never Know (2021). Rowoon is currently filming the KBS2 historical drama Affection (also known as Yeonmo) along with Park Eun-bin and is also appearing in Mnet’s reality show Kingdom along with SF9.

Kim Hee-sun, on the other had, has been offered the role of Gu Ryeon, the charismatic leader of the crisis management team who saves the lives of people considering suicide. However, she has a hidden story. Kim Hee-sun is best known for starring in a host of dramas in the 1990s as well as recent dramas like Angry Mom (2015) and The Lady in Dignity (2017). She was last seen in Alice (2020), where she earned acclaim for her dual roles. 

Tomorrow is scheduled to air in the first half of 2022 and will begin filming by the end of this year. The drama will be jointly produced by Super Moon Pictures, whose credits include Goodbye to Goodbye (2018) and My Strange Hero (2018–2019), and Studio N. 

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