Rookie cast in ‘The Witch 2’ lead role; Prequel star Kim Da-mi, more actors in talks to make special appearances

Rookie star Shin Si-ah (Cynthia) will be the star of The Witch 2, replacing the prequel’s lead actress Kim Da-mi (Itaewon Class, Marionette).

According to industry representatives on December 15, the actress won the audition for the lead role that took place last summer, impressively beating 1408 other candidates and eventually nabbing the starring role. Her agency ANDMARQ has confirmed this news, saying, “Cynthia is a new actress who has never been exposed to dramas. It is still difficult to officially respond to this selection of the main character.” The actress is currently attending a program in the Department of Theater and Film at a university in Seoul and had no prior acting experience before auditioning for the role.

The Witch 2 is the upcoming sequel of The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion, which was released in 2018 and attracted 3.18 million viewers, finishing in first place during its weekend debut. The prequel’s story revolves around an extraordinarily gifted girl who escapes from a science lab after a mysterious incident, then loses her memory for the next ten years. The sequel will focus on the beginnings of main character Ja-yoon, the role previously played by Kim Da-mi and will now be portrayed by Cynthia. Director Park Hoon-jung (Night in Paradise), the director of both films, is said to have selected Cynthia as the final candidate because she is able to make a variety of expressions. 

PD Park also discovered Kim Da-mi through an audition for The Witch: Part 1. The Subversion and blasted off an unknown rookie into stardom. Despite being a newcomer, Kim, who showed outstanding performance and skills, quickly emerged as a star by winning many awards in 2018, including a Best New Actress win from the prestigious Blue Dragon Film Award. After two years, Kim made her TV debut alongside one of the hottest and in-demand celebrities in Korea, Park Seo-joon, in JTBC’s Itaewon Class, which premiered last January and became one of the highest-rated cable dramas in Korean television history.

Kim Da-mi and Jo Min-su (The Cursed, Venus Talk), who were the main stars of the first movie, will reportedly be joining as special appearances. Other notable actors who are in talks to make special appearances in the sequel are Park Eun-bin (Do You Like Brahms?, Deathbell 2: Bloody Camp), Jin Goo (Legal High, One Line), and Lee Jong-suk (Romance Is a Bonus Book). If he accepts, this will be one of Lee’s first projects after his mandatory military service discharge in January 2021. It was previously reported that the actor was offered the male lead role in the first movie by PD Park Hoon-jung, whom he has worked with in the 2017 crime thriller film V.I.P., but the actor declined due to his then upcoming military enlistment.

Although these appearances have not yet been confirmed, the film representatives assured fans and viewers that “when all the coordination regarding appearances is over, [they] will officially announce [the news].”

Cynthia is reportedly under the same agency as Kim Da-mi. Previously, she made a brief appearance as a ballet teacher in an advertisement for the cosmetic brand Fossula. Fans are already anticipating what kind of charm the new rookie star will bring to the show and whether or not she can succeed Kim Da-mi’s role and ultimately surpass the original “witch” in her film debut.

Meanwhile, the sequel reportedly began production and filming preparations last August, but the production was on the verge of collapse when Warner Brothers Korea, who was in charge of investment and distribution, withdrew from the Korean film business. Fortunately, earlier this month, NEW (Next Entertainment World) has signed a license negotiation with Warner Bros., Korea and took charge of investment distribution, and The Witch 2 project began its preparations again.

The Witch 2 is scheduled to begin filming on December 26.

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