Rookie actress Kim Min-ha cast alongside Lee Min-ho in Apple TV+ global series ‘Pachinko’

Upcoming Apple TV+ original series Pachinko has officially revealed its transnational main cast ensemble, which features Korean superstar Lee Min-ho and promising young actress Kim Min-ha.

Pachinko will follow the journey of a Korean family as they migrate to Japan in the early 20th century. While hoping to start again and build new dreams, the family members, together with other major cast of characters, will be faced with racism and stereotypes in the foreign land. The global series is adapted from a best-selling epic historical novel of the same name that renowned Korean-American author Lee Min-jin published in 2017. A year later, Apple Inc. purchased the screen rights for her novel.

Kim Min-ha has signed up to play the teenage version of Sun-ja, the female protagonist in the series. She is a heroic young woman who is driven to draw her own path, both in life and in love. Kim is fairly new in the entertainment industry. She played guest parts in the television series School 2017 (2017) and Partners for Justice (2018) and also widened her acting repertoire by taking on roles in the films After Spring (2018) and Killerswell: Our Space (2019). In her next role, Kim Min-ha is on to begin a momentous chapter in her career.

Lee Min-ho, who is best known for his unparalleled performances in the hit dramas Boys Over Flowers (2009), The Legend of the Blue Sea (2016–2017), and The King: Eternal Monarch (2020), is confirmed to portray Koh Hansu, a man born in Korea who later got adopted into a rich and prominent Japanese family. He built up his own wealth and power through his connections with the yakuza, members of organized crime syndicates originating in Japan. While living an opportunistic lifestyle, Koh Hansu meets Sun-ja and gets involved in a forbidden romantic relationship with her. From then on, he abandons his selfish ideals and uses his massive influence to keep Sun-ja, as well as her family, safe and well.

The trilingual series is also slated to present TV entertainers from different parts of the world: Korean-born American actor Jin Ha (Love Life) will suit up as Solomon, a motivated and charming young man who is forced to deal with his family’s past; Japanese-New Zealand actress Anna Sawai (Giri/Haji) will take on the role of Naomi, a quick-witted career woman who tries to make her way through the male-dominated world of finance; American-based Japanese actor Soji Arai (SHE JANG) will breathe life into Mozasu, a successful businessman and a committed father who is concerned about his son’s future; and Japanese actress Kaho Minami (Love Begins When the Money Ends) will play Etsuko, a dynamic and self-made woman who longs to be reunited with her estranged daughter.

Pachinko is written by its showrunner, Soo Hugh (The Terror, 2018), who also secured rights to the novel through the production company Media Res. It is co-helmed by directors Kogonada (Columbus, 2017) and Justin Chon (Ms. Purple, 2019). Kogonada will direct and executively produce the first four episodes, and Chon will do the same for the other four episodes. The series is set to kick off filming in Korea today, October 26.

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