Rookie actor Choi Sung-eun joins Shin Ha-kyun, Yeo Jin-goo in upcoming psychological thriller

Rookie actor Choi Sung-eun has bagged the lead role in JTBC’s upcoming drama Monster and will star opposite actors Yeo Jin-goo (Hotel del Luna) and Shin Ha-kyun (Soul Mechanic), who were confirmed as leads.

Monster is a psychological thriller revolving around two men who break laws and go to extreme ends to catch a serial killer. In the course of their pursuit of this killer, the lines between the so-called monsters and humans begin to blur. The two policemen begin casting doubts on the innocence of everyone around them and are left asking: who are the real monsters? Us or the killers? The show will portray the multi-faceted nature of humans.

Shin Ha-kyun will play Lee Dong-shik, a once-competent detective who is forced to do menial tasks at work after being demoted. Yeo Jin-goo will play Han Joo-won, an elite detective with a longstanding secret, who also has connections with high-ranking police officials. When killings resembling an unsolved serial murder case from 20 years ago begin taking place in their city, the two join forces to nab the culprit.

Rookie actress Choi Sung-eun has been cast to play the role of Yoo Jae-yi, the owner of a butcher shop. She is a lively character with a complex inner life but lives a hard life in her hometown. She crosses paths with the two police officers and gets swept up in their pursuit of a killer.

This is Choi Sung-eun’s debut drama. She made her movie debut last year with a supporting role in the Park Jung-min and Jung Hae-in starrer Start-Up. She was then cast in the drama special series SF8: Joan’s Galaxy along with Kim Bo-ra (SKY Castle, Touch), slated to air this year. Choi also recently starred in another film called Ten Months (2020).

The drama will be penned by writer Kim Soo-jin, who has 2017’s Mad Dog and the Baeksang Arts Award-winning The Light in Your Eyes (2019) in her writing credits. She will be joined by the the director of last year’s unexpected hit At Eighteen, Shim Na-yeon.

JTBC’s Monster is scheduled to air sometime in the first half of 2021.

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