‘Romance Is A Bonus Book’ reveals cheerful behind-the-scenes photos

tvN drama Romance Is A Bonus Book released cheerful behind-the-scenes photos showing the cast members shooting in a warm atmosphere, especially Lee Jong-suk (Hymn of Death) and Lee Na-young (The Fugitive: Plan B), who are all smiles on the set.

Photo Credits: TVReport

Romance Is A Bonus Book tells the story of Kang Dan-yi, played by Lee Na-young, a divorcee working as a contract employee in a publishing house headed by Cha Eun-ho, played by Lee Jong-suk, a talented writer and the youngest editor-in-chief of a publishing company. The show is currently capturing the hearts of the viewers through a warm and relatable storyline and instances of workplace humor. This is Lee Na-young’s first drama in nine years.

This week’s episodes of the series, which just premiered on January 26, add a new development in the show, with the main leads becoming aware of their changing relationship after Cha Eun-ho attempts to hug Kang Dan-yi and creates tension between them.

The show’s supporting cast is also hugely popular with its viewers, with Kim Tae-woo as Kim Jae-min winning hearts with his impeccable comic timing and his unpredictable character who is wild but also very serious about books. Jo Han-chul and Kim Sun-young are also receiving good responses for their performances. Meanwhile, Kang Ki-doong and Park Gyu-young are giving the drama a fresh vibe by adding their charms.

The production team of the show asked the viewers to anticipate the upcoming changes in the drama, especially the romance of the main couple, which will be revealed in a warm and humorous way, keeping in line with the mood of the drama.

Romance Is A Bonus Book airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. KST on tvN.

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