‘River Where the Moon Rises’ to enter International Emmy Awards

KBS2’s ongoing drama River Where the Moon Rises will be submitted for consideration to the International Emmy Awards.

Victory Contents, the production company behind the series, announced the bold move on April 7. Meanwhile, KBS2 revealed that during the planning stage of River Where the Moon Rises, the team behind the show had already intended to enter the prestigious annual awards.

River Where the Moon Rises is a Monday-Tuesday historical drama inspired by the folk tale Princess Pyeonggang and On Dal the Fool. It centers on a Goguryeo princess (played by Kim So-hyun) who dreams to rule her country and ends up taking advantage of a pure-hearted commoner to achieve her goal.

The drama faced a recent hurdle when its first male lead, Ji Soo (When I Was the Most Beautiful), got involved in a bullying controversy that ultimately resulted in actor Na In-woo (Mr. Queen) taking over his role from the 7th episode onwards.

The production team announced on March 24 its decision to re-shoot the first six episodes of the series with Na In-woo as On Dal. As a result, the entry of River Where the Moon Rises to the International Emmy Awards will show Na In-woo playing On Dal in every scene Ji Soo previously filmed.

River Where the Moon Rises poster (updated with Na In-woo)
River Where the Moon Rises poster featuring main actors (from left) Lee Ji-hoon, Kim So-hyun, Na In-woo, and Choi Yu-hwa

The International Emmy Awards is a highly anticipated event that recognizes the best television programs that are initially produced and aired outside of the United States. The awards are presented at a gala held annually in New York City.

To date, KBS2’s The Land of the Wind (2008–2009) remains the only Korean series to have been nominated for Best Drama Series at the International Emmy Awards.

In 2020, Netflix submitted Kingdom Season 1 (2019) to the 48th International Emmy Awards for the Best Drama Series category but the drama failed to be nominated. However, its Indian original series Delhi Crime won the award.

The acceptance of entries to the 49th International Emmy Awards—which will take place in November this year—already closed on February 17, 2021. Hence, River Where The Moon Rises will likely be submitted for the 2022 Emmy season whose official nominees will be announced in September 2022.

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  • Jo

    April 9, 2021 - 8:54 am

    Congrats to River Where the Moon Rises – I am enjoying it so much. I am wondering WHY VINCENZO isn’t nominated. This drama is in a category of its own. With such a smart script and acting, who knew comedy would work SO well in a drama like this. Brilliant!

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