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Finally, we now know that Sung Hae-sung is not one of a kind because the mysterious man who has extraordinary abilities like him is, well, just like him. And not just that, there are also others out there as what the mysterious ahjussi said, so the remaining question to be asked now is, what are they? Most importantly, why are they back to the living world?

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Jung Jung-won returns home and tells Sung Hae-sung about her meeting with her mom. That night, Hae-sung gets the chance to ask about her testimony to the police 12 years ago when he died. He finds out that contrary to the report made by the police, Jung-won testified that Young Jun was not at home during the night of the accident. The next day, he meets again the mysterious man who is stronger than him and learns that the man also came back to life recently. The following day, he and Jung-won go to the police station upon hearing that Hae-chul is arrested for beating up two people but it turns out not true so Hae-chul gets released right away. On the way home, Hae-sung and Jung-won stumble across a kindergarten girl whom they later find out as Hae-chul’s daughter.

The cat. I want to mention first that black little cat which is given a few seconds of screen time for the third time now. Is it just a random shot for transitioning to the next scene or are we seeing an important detail of the story here? Who knows, later we might just hear about the little tiger actually being used productively in the drama.

This episode gives us some answers but leaves us with more questions. The mysterious ahjussi is a Hae-sung-like being who died when his son is around Hae-sung’s age, came back last summer, and became stronger by practice. In addition, he confirms that Hae-sung is no unique case and there are others like them who came back before they did. Hae-sung finally bothers the ahjussi with questions but he didn’t get more answers, so now we still don’t know what is really happening to them and why they have come back to life. At least this fantasy arc of the story is progressing because there are so many questions this show has to answer and I hope they’ll be revealed in a way that is not dragging. Otherwise, the trust this show obtained from the viewers in the first episode will be broken and it’s gonna be remembered as a member of the OK-at-first Kdrama Club.

For Reunited Worlds to engage me (and you) more, it has to reveal next week the purpose of Hae-sung coming to life and possessing more advanced human abilities. Doing so would give his presence in 2017 a more relevant context. So far since he came back to life he is only looking for his siblings and investigating the murder case that happened 12 years ago. But seriously, it’s gonna be a stupid idea to let his character die, come back to life and spend the rest of the drama looking for his siblings and developing his relationship with Jung Jung-won. There must be a reason behind his new chance at life and it’s going to be more exciting for us if we’re informed of this reason as soon possible so that we could eagerly follow the drama as new conflict arises. This episode ends with Hae-sung suddenly suffering from extreme chest pain. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that the next episode will shed the answer to that particular scene and more info on the mystery surrounding Hae-sung.

I’m glad that Hae-chul is finally starting to set aside his brusque manner towards his older brother. It’s a big relief seeing them together on good terms—Hae-chul sincerely thanking Hae-sung for what he did and  Hae-sung giving a pat on Hae-chul’s shoulder to comfort him. I really hope Hae-sung will soon be accepted by his siblings despite what happened in the past because it would really be heartbreaking for him as a loving brother whose concern for them is real and deep if at least one of them really ends up hating him forever. It was the timing they must blame, not Hae-sung who doesn’t have the faintest idea of the murder.

This episode says more about how Hae-sung truly cares for his siblings. When she meets Young-in and finds out about the guy who made her suffer, he looks for the guy without hesitating and beats him. Upon knowing that Young Jun was really not at home when the murder incident happened, he says “Maybe it’s useless to look for the culprit now.” I’m not sure what he means by that but if he’s thinking of Young Jun as a possible suspect, I’m assuming he’d rather be silent about the case to protect his brother—his brother who abandon his three siblings and does not even acknowledge him.

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