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Coming back to life does not always guarantee a happy reunion, especially if you hear your loved ones blaming you for what they’ve gone through or denying the very relationship you have with them. This is why Sung Hae-sung asks why he is back when no one even wants to see him. Seeing him shedding tears of joy upon knowing that some of his high school friends miss him is heartbreaking. But seeing him grinning from ear to ear just by seeing his younger brother is all the more moving.

Episode Summary

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Jung Jung-won loosens up after Sung Hae-sung comforted her by telling that she has nothing to do with his death and he is not a murderer. She lets him live in her house while he looks for his siblings and investigates what happened during the night of his death. He is able to meet his younger brother Hae-chul and puts an end to his job as a loan shark. He also meets Young Jun, now a doctor, but they are not able to have a proper conversation because someone drags Hae-sung out of the hospital. Meanwhile, Jung-won meets her mother and pretends she’s having a good life as the fiancee of Cha Min-joon, who hugs her as she cries and apologizes for making up lies using his name.

“It’s nice to say goodbye knowing that you’ll see each other again.” I could feel the overflowing happiness felt by Sung Hae-sung when he says this as he and Jung-won go their own ways from the bus stop. It’s a relief seeing him like that, smiling from ear to ear like an innocent high school boy and wishing to see the sun again shining upon his face every day. For some reason, however, that particular quote gives me this kind of sad feeling. For me, it feels like a statement signifying a longing for a continuous state of happiness knowing that what you have right now is just temporary. What if it’s the same case for Hae-sung, that his coming back to life is just a fleeting moment? This question leads us to ask about why he is even back when he will just disappear again someday. Now that I think of it, there’s a chance that Hae-sung returned after 12 years for a certain purpose or mission, and when he completes that mission he will have to go back from where he came from. Oh no.

But 19-year old Hae-sung does not really care about that purpose or whatever, nor does he have the time to start thinking about it. He’s so happy to be back and just wants to meet his siblings now and see them living a good life. This is why it is heartbreaking for him listening to Hae-chul blaming him for what happened and witnessing Young Jul denying his ties with him. It is not until his sad reunion with his brothers that he starts to questions his existence, wondering even how he happened to come back after all those years when his siblings are no longer in contact with each other and are living a difficult life because of him. We know Hae-sung as a loving brother to his family who wants to give them a better life, so he must quite hurt discovering how things have turned out now.

The only person that can answer Hae-sung’s question of his origin and purpose could be that mysterious ahjussi (Ahn Gil Kang) who drags him out of the hospital where Young Jun works and warns him to use his power carefully and not put “us” in danger. Like Hae-sung, that ahjussi possesses superhuman strength so he could be similar to him who died years ago and come back to life several years later. Only when we know about this man can we understand more about the mystery surrounding Hae-sung’s reappearance and non-human abilities.

I can’t help but ask why Hae-sung did not bother to ask that ahjussi some questions about himself knowing that he possesses an ability similar to his. Doing so could have helped him figure out what is really happening to him. Although I could understand that he’s probably acting that way because he’s still a high schooler who doesn’t really care much about digging into the mystery he’s in, I can’t help but criticize how this show handled the reaction of the adults who find out that their dead friend comes back alive after 12 long years. I know seeing him in front is enough to convince them that he is, indeed, Hae-sung. But man, they did not even ask how it happened and why. They clearly attended the funeral and burial rights conducted for the dead Hae-sung, but they’re acting like he has just been kidnapped and went missing in the past years. In addition, Hae-sung looks exactly as he did when they were still in high school but Jung-won and his friends just act like it’s no big deal and quickly settle (without giving much thought) with the idea that he’s alive after all. Silly. Maybe the writer wanted it that way yet it could have been better if the portrayal of such parts of the story was made realistic.

Sung Hae-sung is not the only one who’s having a reunion with people he’s never met in several years. Jung Jung-won also gets to meet her high school friends for the first time since they graduated in high school. And most importantly, she meets her mother who abandoned her when she was a child and denied that Jung-won was her daughter 12 years ago. It’s heartbreaking as well seeing Jung-won pretends to her Mom that she’s having a good life even without her by her side. Her resolve to take revenge on her mother was apparently so strong that she pretends to become Cha Min-joon’s fiancee for a while. But even after showing to her Mom that she’s okay, she’s still hurt. She is hurt that she’s still struggling in her life and her mother decides to meet her just to give her some cash.

Family relationships take center stage in this episode of Reunited Worlds. Indeed, the end-result can be devastating when a family is broken by a member who goes away, leaving behind the others with no clear path to take and with hatred that could last a lifetime. I want to punch Young Jun for cutting his ties with his three siblings when he got into medical school. I understand that he couldn’t be Hae-sung’s biological brother, but even then how can he abandon his younger siblings like that? This episode hinted at the possibility of him being the culprit of the murder case that happened on the night when Hae-sung died. He actually has a reason for killing the victim who beat him earlier in that day and considering that he’s not home when the murder incident happened (Jung-won’s testimony contradicts this though), there’s a chance of him being the real culprit. If that’s the case, my instinct tells me that Hae-sung could have come back because of this murder incident.

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