Reunited Worlds Review: Episode 3-4

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I come to watch this show without much expectation. And now it’s blowing me away that I can’t stop praising its impressive narration and gorgeous cinematography. This episode presents us with more questions to make the mystery even more mysterious but the centerpiece of this hour is really the reunion of Jung Jung-won with a friend she lost in an accident 12 years ago.

Episode Summary

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Sung Hae-sung gets the chance to find Jung Jung-won when he tries to meet his younger brother, Hae Chul, who is now working for loan sharks. These loan sharks are the ones who lend money to Jung Jung-won, so he obtains her address by hitting them until they give the information. He then arrives at Jung Jung-won’s home but the loan sharks follow him and make their revenge. When Jung-won returns home she notices him lying on the ground unconscious and injured. Although she helps him and let him stay in her house overnight she didn’t believe that he is really Sung Hae-sung until his former high school classmate told her that he is really alive. When Sung Hae-sung wakes up and finally meets her, she seems not so glad that he’s back and even tells him to leave just because of a joke he said. It turns out her guilt at asking Sung Hae-sung to get her wallet in school 12 years ago has really taken a toll on her. Sung Hae-sung learns of this fact and consoles her by telling that she has nothing to do with her death.

Man, Sung Hae-sung remembers himself dying on June 14, 2005, so I think his sudden appearance in 2017 does not really necessarily mean that he came from 2005. I mean, I thought he really took a nap on the school rooftop in broad daylight 12 years ago and just wakes up realizing that it’s already 2017 (just like a time travel). But this episode suggests otherwise, hinting at the possibility that he comes back to the living out of nowhere. So this is really becoming more complicated than I thought it was and given the fictional nature of the story, there’s really no point of me trying very hard to figure out his origin, if any.

It if it’s hard to answer “where in the world did he come from?” it is all the more difficult to grasp what kind of being he really is. He comes back with superhuman strength and extraordinary healing ability and now we learn that even his sense of hearing has improved. So what is he? A soul of Sung Hae-sung who descended from the Heaven and gifted by God with a superhero-like human body? Molla.

Adding to the mystery is an ahjussi (Ahn Gil-kang) who asks Sung Hae-sung on the bus if he just came back recently. Is that ahjussi a grim reaper (lol) who recognizes that he is not a normal person? There’s no important hint at his identity so we don’t really know. However, I am sure that the ahjussi knows something about what’s going on in Sung Hae-sung, including even the fact about why and how he comes back alive 12 years after he died. I want to hold on to my theory of parallel worlds here but ahjussi’s way of asking if he just CAME BACK recently suggests that I really have to give up. That ”came back’ implies that he is truly the Sung Hae-sung of the world that we know.

So much for the mind-boggling talk. Now I want to point out the dramatic reunion of Jung Jung-won and Sung Hae-sung. In the first episode, we got to know that she has been feeling guilty of having caused his death when she asked him to get her wallet in school. But this time it’s revealed that her guilt is deeper than I thought it was. Sung Hae-sung was called a criminal over the murder of a bully he got to fight with in the morning of that day. He’s not the real culprit of course, but Jung-won maybe somehow entertained this idea of Hae-sung meeting the victim that night, killing him accidentally in a fight, and being hit by a car while trying to escape the crime scene. And she thinks all of that is her fault. This is why I could empathize with her character and I completely get that she could hardly express her happiness upon seeing him because of the guilt that’s disturbing her until now. This is also the reason why she asks him to leave the moment he jokingly says that she apologize for what happened that night. It’s a very sensitive topic to be taken lightly as a mere hey-we-meet-again joke.

But we know that Sung Hae-sung did not really mean to hurt her like that. He just appeared again in her life as if it was only yesterday when he died, so I could understand him. In addition, he has also no idea of Jung-won’s suffering in the past 12 years, nor of the fact that she took a huge amount of money from the loan sharks to pay for his grandmother’s medical bills. It’s so nice to have a show like this that executes the pacing of the story just right. Later on we see him apologizing to her for what he did earlier and telling her it’s not her fault that he passed away, and most importantly, that he has never killed someone that night. That was such a heartbreaking scene, filled with so much emotion that I could still even feel as of the time of this writing.

Thank you Reunited Worlds for being this good. You totally have me excited for Wednesdays and Thursdays to come just so I could find out what happens next. I am enjoying you more than I imagined, so let’s keep up things like this until the end. Thanks.

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