Record number of dramas to premiere in October 2017

A record number of primetime K-dramas will premiere this week, surpassing the highest no. of premieres to date since January 2017 — seven each for January, May, and July (excluding the count for weekend family dramas). This October, nine dramas will flood the Korean television at night and overwhelm those avid viewers who barely had any show to watch last week. They happen to be premiering within a seven-day period starting today, so it seems like some fans will be enjoying a let’s-check-out-the-first-episode spree.

Or maybe not. Checking (immediately) each episode of those 9 shows will require you to spend at least 10 hours of your life. Doing so is too much for the average viewer like me who can’t really handle three shows at a time. So in case you haven’t read enough about the lineup beforehand, be informed that 4 rom-coms, 2 thrillers, and one each for a legal, revenge, and travel romance drama are the options you have that can be added to your to-watch list. Here they are, with the shortest possible synopsis I could come up with and the starring actors: (Happy viewing week!)

Monday-Tuesday Broadcast (Premiere on October 9)

1. Legal Drama: KBS2’s Witch’s Court. An ace female prosecutor finds himself leading a special team dealing with sexual cases against women and children and she’s no glad meeting a rookie who questions her sometimes problematic approach to winning cases. (Starring: Jung Ryeo-won and Yoon Hyung-min)

Witch's Court

2. Romantic Comedy: MBC’s 20th Century Boy and Girl. Three women in their mid-thirties are still single, in the process of growing up enough, and still finding the love of their lives, with the heroine being an idol-turned-actress who’s been waiting for his childhood sweetheart to return. (Starring: Han Ye-seul and Kim Ji-seok)

First poster out for upcoming '20th Century Boy and Girl'

3. Romantic Comedy: tvN’s Because This Is My First Life. A “house-poor” single man promised not to get married and a woman without her own place to live in swore not to date anyone yet they can’t help but develop a romantic relationship after ending up sharing a house together. (Starring: Lee Min-ki and Jung So-min)

Because This Is My First Life

Wednesday-Thursday Broadcast (Premiere on October 11)

4. Crime Thriller: KBS2’s Mad Dog. A badass former detective teams up with a sharp-minded con-artist and a fierce former gymnast to hunt down criminals operating large-scale insurance fraud. (Starring: Yoo Ji-tae, Woo Do-hwan, and Ryu Hwa-young)

Mad Dog

5. Revenge Drama: tvN’s Avengers Social Club. An elegant woman, a fish store owner, and an abused housewife form an unlikely team whose goal is nothing but revenge against those who have hurt them. (Starring Lee Yo-won, Ra Mi-ran, and Myung Se-bin)

Avengers Social Club

Friday-Saturday Broadcast (Premiere on October 13)

6. Travel Romance: JTBC’s The Package. Seven individuals visit France for a tour with different reasons, one of whom is a heartbroken lad who gradually finds solace and new love with the tour guide. (Starring Jun Yong-hwa and Lee Yeon-hee)

The Package

7. Time-Travel Rom-com: KBS2’s Go Back Couple. An unhappily married couple decide to end their marriage but as soon as they get divorced, they travel back 18 years in time, meet as college students, and fall in love again. (Starring Son Ho-joon and Jang Nara)

Go Back Couple

Saturday-Sunday Broadcast (Premiere on October 14)

8. Supernatural Thriller: OCN’s Black. In a world where grim reapers are actively roaming around, a death psychic woman teams up with a soul-collecting dude-in-black just to save other people’s lives but things get more complicated when they fall in love and he gets punished as a result. (Starring Song Seung-heon and Go Ara)


9. Romantic Comedy: tvN’s Revolutionary Love. An undercover chaebol moves into a tiny apartment and starts doing odd jobs not suitable for his status, which is how he meets a hardworking college graduate who keeps working several part-time jobs and changes his life for the better. (Starring Choi Si-won, Kang So-ra, and Gong Myung)

Revolutionary Love



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