Weekly Update

This page contains the weekly ranking of Korean dramas based on nationwide viewership ratings and the index of weekly ratings update posts. The ranking is based on the average ratings of all the drama’s episodes that were broadcast up to the date indicated below.


Weekly Ranking of ongoing Korean Dramas for the week ending October 15, 2017. Each entry under the ‘Rating’ column in the table is equal to the average nationwide rating (in %) calculated based on data from Nielsen Korea.

RankFree-to-air DramaRatingCable DramaRating
1Hospital Ship10.1Avengers Social ClubAvengers Social Club3.768
2Temperature of LoveTemperature of Love9.2Revolutionary LoveRevolutionary Love3.017
3While You Were SleepingWhile You Were Sleeping8.2BlackBlack3.009
4Witch's CourtWitch's Court8.1Because This Is My First LifeBecause This Is My First Life2.335
5Go Back CoupleGo Back Couple5.3The PackageThe Package1.717
6Mad DogMad Dog5.2
7First poster out for upcoming '20th Century Boy and Girl'20th Century Boy and Girl3.7