Daily Update

We are currently transferring all the previous data into a new table, so only the ratings from October 1, 2017 onwards will be available for viewing until February 15, 2018. For information on ratings of a specific drama, please look for the drama title here and visit its drama information page (DIP).

[2018 Data] Daily update of Korean drama ratings based on data from Nielsen Korea and TNMS. All values are expressed in percentage.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No.Nielsen (Nationwide)Nielsen (Seoul)TNMS (Nationwide)TNMS (Seoul)
February 19JTBCEulachacha Waikiki5/16to be updatedto be updatedto be updatedto be updated
February 19KBS2Radio Romance7/16to be updatedto be updatedto be updatedto be updated
February 19tvNCross7/163.6503.224to be updatedn/a
February 18KBS2My Golden Life47/5238.738.935.1to be updated
February 18tvNHwayugi16/204.2504.565to be updatedn/a
February 17JTBCMisty6/167.0817.832to be updatedn/a
February 17KBS2My Golden Life46/5234.734.830.026.1
February 17tvNHwayugi15/203.5863.5164.5n/a
February 16JTBCMisty5/165.3905.960to be updatedn/a
February 15tvNMother8/162.3943.0101.9n/a
February 14SBSReturn15/3212.814.011.5to be updated
February 14SBSReturn16/3217.018.215.7to be updated
February 14tvNMother7/162.6942.7473.4n/a
February 13JTBCEulachacha Waikiki4/161.635n/a2.2n/a
February 13KBS2Radio Romance6/
February 13tvNCross6/164.5755.1954.0n/a
February 12JTBCEulachacha Waikiki3/161.743n/a1.8n/a
February 12KBS2Radio Romance5/
February 12tvNCross5/164.2575.2363.6n/a
February 11KBS2My Golden Life45/5241.941.539.936.4
February 11MBCMan Who Sets The Table43/5011.911.910.8to be updated
February 11tvNHwayugi14/205.5175.8106.2n/a
February 10JTBCMisty4/164.7895.3424.1n/a
February 10tvNHwayugi13/204.3974.3655.0n/a
February 9JTBCMisty3/163.8854.0033.2n/a
February 8KBS2Black Knight20/2013.914.3to be updatedto be updated
February 8tvNMother6/164.2064.7863.9n/a
February 7KBS2Black Knight19/ be updated
February 7SBSReturn13/3214.416.210.412.2
February 7SBSReturn14/3217.419.612.614.8
February 7tvNMother5/162.4512.8003.2n/a
February 6JTBCEulachacha Waikiki2/161.861n/a2.2n/a
February 6KBS2Radio Romance4/
February 6tvNCross4/164.7334.9994.1n/a
February 5JTBCEulachacha Waikiki1/161.742n/a2.6to be updated
February 5KBS2Radio Romance3/
February 5tvNCross3/164.4935.1674.4n/a
February 4KBS2My Golden Life44/5244.644.1to be updatedto be updated
February 4MBCMan Who Sets The Table41/5013.012.2to be updatedto be updated
February 4MBCMan Who Sets The Table42/5017.916.9to be updatedto be updated
February 4OCNBad Guys: City of Evil16/164.7974.6424.8n/a
February 4tvNHwayugi12/205.6056.1226.1n/a
February 3JTBCMisty2/165.0745.5994.4n/a
February 3KBS2My Golden Life43/5240.340.539.635.8
February 3MBCMoney Flower23/2418.018.216.0to be updated
February 3MBCMoney Flower24/2423.924.021.1to be updated
February 3SBSBravo My Life53/605.5to be updated4.7to be updated
February 3SBSBravo My Life54/606.87.96.3to be updated
February 3SBSBravo My Life55/607.07.96.0to be updated
February 3SBSBravo My Life56/607.18.06.1to be updated
February 3OCNBad Guys: City of Evil15/163.7174.0163.9n/a
February 3tvNHwayugi11/205.7055.7026.5n/a
February 2JTBCMisty1/163.4733.5133.7n/a
February 1KBS2Black Knight18/
February 1SBSReturn11/3214.215.811.212.8
February 1SBSReturn12/3216.017.712.714.4
February 1tvNMother4/163.2673.4483.5n/a
January 31KBS2Black Knight17/209.18.911.111.3
January 31SBSReturn9/3212.714.09.610.9
January 31SBSReturn10/3215.116.711.212.8
January 31tvNMother3/162.5422.0293.0n/a
January 30JTBCJust Between Lovers16/162.011n/a2.2n/a
January 30KBS2Radio Romance2/
January 30SBSDoubtful Victory39/407.78.56.9to be updated
January 30SBSDoubtful Victory40/409.09.88.2to be updated
January 30tvNCross2/163.9304.4053.9n/a
January 29JTBCJust Between Lovers15/161.500n/a1.8n/a
January 29KBS2Radio Romance1/
January 29SBSDoubtful Victory37/407.
January 29SBSDoubtful Victory38/408.
January 29tvNCross1/163.8774.6013.7n/a
January 28KBS2My Golden Life42/5244.244.642.538.9
January 28MBCMan Who Sets The Table39/5015.514.815.815.1
January 28MBCMan Who Sets The Table40/5018.217.717.216.6
January 28OCNBad Guys: City of Evil14/164.0124.1194.4n/a
January 28tvNHwayugi10/206.2716.9876.6n/a
January 27KBS2My Golden Life41/5238.839.337.534.0
January 27MBCMoney Flower21/2418.319.115.514.7
January 27MBCMoney Flower22/2422.823.019.118.9
January 27SBSBravo My Life49/605.
January 27SBSBravo My Life50/606.
January 27SBSBravo My Life51/606.
January 27SBSBravo My Life52/606.
January 27OCNBad Guys: City of Evil13/163.4563.3794.2n/a
January 27tvNHwayugi9/205.0545.5395.8n/a
January 25KBS2Black Knight16/
January 25MBCI'm Not A Robot31/323.
January 25MBCI'm Not A Robot32/323.
January 25SBSReturn7/3212.713.69.810.9
January 25SBSReturn8/3215.216.411.512.7
January 25tvNMother2/163.4943.6294.1n/a
January 24KBS2Black Knight15/
January 24MBCI'm Not A Robot29/323.
January 24MBCI'm Not A Robot30/324.
January 24SBSReturn5/3211.
January 24SBSReturn6/3214.116.010.512.4
January 24tvNMother1/162.9523.2113.8n/a
January 23JTBCJust Between Lovers14/161.686n/a1.9n/a
January 23KBS2Jugglers16/
January 23SBSDoubtful Victory35/407.
January 23SBSDoubtful Victory36/408.
January 23tvNRude Miss Young-ae 1616/163.5853.645to be updatedn/a
January 22JTBCJust Between Lovers13/161.263n/a2.2n/a
January 22KBS2Jugglers15/
January 22SBSDoubtful Victory33/406.
January 22SBSDoubtful Victory34/407.
January 22tvNRude Miss Young-ae 1615/162.7842.7524.0n/a
January 21KBS2My Golden Life40/5241.941.241.737.0
January 21MBCMan Who Sets The Table37/5014.513.515.214.1
January 21MBCMan Who Sets The Table38/5017.215.917.216.3
January 21OCNBad Guys: City of Evil12/164.0644.2454.3n/a
January 21tvNHwayugi8/205.8225.9496.4n/a
January 20JTBCUntouchable16/163.288to be updated2.8n/a
January 20KBS2My Golden Life39/5236.835.435.331.9
January 20MBCMoney Flower19/2417.
January 20MBCMoney Flower20/2420.720.616.415.3
January 20SBSBravo My Life45/606.
January 20SBSBravo My Life46/606.
January 20SBSBravo My Life47/607.
January 20SBSBravo My Life48/607.
January 20OCNBad Guys: City of Evil11/163.4503.4963.1n/a
January 20tvNHwayugi7/205.1315.0446.1n/a
January 19JTBCUntouchable15/162.226to be updated2.1n/a
January 18KBS2Black Knight14/
January 18MBCI'm Not A Robot27/322.
January 18MBCI'm Not A Robot28/323.
January 18SBSReturn3/327.
January 18SBSReturn4/329.
January 18tvNPrison Playbook16/1611.19512.29910.9n/a
January 17KBS2Black Knight13/
January 17MBCI'm Not A Robot25/323.
January 17MBCI'm Not A Robot26/323.
January 17SBSReturn1/326.
January 17SBSReturn2/328.
January 17tvNPrison Playbook15/1610.47711.62010.9n/a
January 16JTBCJust Between Lovers12/161.796n/a1.8n/a
January 16KBS2Jugglers14/
January 16MBCTwo Cops31/327.
January 16MBCTwo Cops32/329.79.910.110.3
January 16SBSDoubtful Victory31/405.
January 16SBSDoubtful Victory32/406.
January 16tvNRude Miss Young-ae 1614/163.3423.4203.9n/a
January 15JTBCJust Between Lovers11/161.436n/a1.8n/a
January 15KBS2Jugglers13/
January 15MBCTwo Cops29/327.
January 15MBCTwo Cops30/329.
January 15SBSDoubtful Victory29/405.
January 15SBSDoubtful Victory30/405.
January 15tvNRude Miss Young-ae 1613/163.2113.3673.5n/a
January 14KBS2My Golden Life38/5243.242.939.635.7
January 14MBCMan Who Sets The Table35/5014.313.913.912.8
January 14MBCMan Who Sets The Table36/5018.618.117.616.5
January 14OCNBad Guys: City of Evil10/164.2574.6133.8n/a
January 14tvNHwayugi6/206.9427.7497.2n/a
January 13JTBCUntouchable14/162.790to be updated2.6n/a
January 13KBS2My Golden Life37/5237.837.936.433.5
January 13MBCMoney Flower17/2414.914.513.512.4
January 13MBCMoney Flower18/2418.818.416.515.4
January 13SBSBravo My Life41/605.
January 13SBSBravo My Life42/606.
January 13SBSBravo My Life43/606.
January 13SBSBravo My Life44/606.
January 13OCNBad Guys: City of Evil9/163.4853.6573.1n/a
January 13tvNHwayugi5/206.1026.4736.2n/a
January 12JTBCUntouchable13/162.185to be updated1.9n/a
January 11KBS2Black Knight12/
January 11MBCI'm Not A Robot23/322.
January 11MBCI'm Not A Robot24/323.
January 11SBSNothing to Lose31/327.
January 11SBSNothing to Lose32/328.
January 11tvNPrison Playbook14/1610.61511.53110.3n/a
January 10KBS2Black Knight11/209.810.29.49.7
January 10MBCI'm Not A Robot21/323.
January 10MBCI'm Not A Robot22/324.
January 10SBSNothing to Lose29/326.
January 10SBSNothing to Lose30/327.
January 10tvNPrison Playbook13/1610.14211.07710.2n/a
January 9JTBCJust Between Lovers10/161.978n/a1.8n/a
January 9KBS2Jugglers12/
January 9MBCTwo Cops27/326.
January 9MBCTwo Cops28/328.
January 9SBSDoubtful Victory27/406.
January 9SBSDoubtful Victory28/406.
January 9tvNRude Miss Young-ae 1612/163.3703.6983.7n/a
January 8JTBCJust Between Lovers9/161.685n/a1.5n/a
January 8KBS2Jugglers11/
January 8MBCTwo Cops25/326.
January 8MBCTwo Cops26/327.
January 8SBSDoubtful Victory25/405.
January 8SBSDoubtful Victory26/406.
January 8tvNRude Miss Young-ae 1611/163.1973.1343.6n/a
January 7KBS2My Golden Life36/5242.842.542.338.2
January 7MBCMan Who Sets The Table33/5012.911.914.113.0
January 7MBCMan Who Sets The Table34/5017.316.118.115.2
January 7OCNBad Guys: City of Evil8/163.9483.7613.9n/a
January 7tvNHwayugi4/206.0606.4397.0n/a
January 6JTBCUntouchable12/162.6072.5013.1n/a
January 6KBS2My Golden Life35/5237.637.237.334.4
January 6MBCMoney Flower15/2415.515.713.412.3
January 6MBCMoney Flower16/2418.518.515.914.8
January 6SBSBravo My Life37/606.
January 6SBSBravo My Life38/606.
January 6SBSBravo My Life39/606.
January 6SBSBravo My Life40/606.
January 6OCNBad Guys: City of Evil7/163.2103.5983.1n/a
January 6tvNHwayugi3/205.6146.1257.1n/a
January 5JTBCUntouchable11/162.441to be updated2.2n/a
January 4KBS2Black Knight10/2010.611.210.310.9
January 4MBCI'm Not A Robot19/322.
January 4MBCI'm Not A Robot20/323.
January 4SBSNothing to Lose27/326.
January 4SBSNothing to Lose28/326.
January 4tvNPrison Playbook12/169.39310.5119.6n/a
January 3KBS2Black Knight9/209.28.710.09.3
January 3MBCI'm Not A Robot17/323.
January 3MBCI'm Not A Robot18/323.
January 3SBSNothing to Lose25/326.
January 3SBSNothing to Lose26/327.
January 3tvNPrison Playbook11/169.09510.1398.7n/a
January 2JTBCJust Between Lovers8/161.304n/a1.7n/a
January 2KBS2Jugglers10/
January 2MBCTwo Cops23/326.
January 2MBCTwo Cops24/327.78.29.510.0
January 2SBSDoubtful Victory23/406.
January 2SBSDoubtful Victory24/406.
January 2tvNRude Miss Young-ae 1610/163.1003.3683.6n/a
January 1JTBCJust Between Lovers7/161.678n/a1.7n/a
January 1KBS2Jugglers9/
January 1MBCTwo Cops21/326.
January 1MBCTwo Cops22/327.
January 1SBSDoubtful Victory21/405.
January 1SBSDoubtful Victory22/406.
January 1tvNRude Miss Young-ae 169/162.6942.6873.4n/a
[2017 Data] Daily update of Korean drama ratings based on data from Nielsen Korea and TNMS. All values are expressed in percentage.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No.Nielsen (Nationwide)Nielsen (Seoul)TNMS (Nationwide)TNMS (Seoul)
December 31OCNBad Guys: City of Evil6/163.9453.7273.6n/a
December 30OCNBad Guys: City of Evil5/163.3773.8202.9n/a
December 28KBS2Black Knight8/2013.212.813.013.0
December 28MBCI'm Not A Robot15/322.
December 28MBCI'm Not A Robot16/323.
December 28SBSNothing to Lose23/327.
December 28SBSNothing to Lose24/327.
December 27KBS2Black Knight7/2011.612.010.910.7
December 27MBCI'm Not A Robot13/322.
December 27MBCI'm Not A Robot14/322.
December 27SBSNothing to Lose21/326.
December 27SBSNothing to Lose22/327.
December 26JTBCJust Between Lovers6/161.625to be updated1.8n/a
December 26KBS2Jugglers8/
December 26MBCTwo Cops19/325.
December 26MBCTwo Cops20/326.
December 26SBSDoubtful Victory19/405.
December 26SBSDoubtful Victory20/406.
December 26tvNRude Miss Young-ae 168/163.2673.4693.3n/a
December 25JTBCJust Between Lovers5/161.635to be updated1.9n/a
December 25KBS2Jugglers7/
December 25MBCTwo Cops17/326.
December 25MBCTwo Cops18/327.
December 25SBSDoubtful Victory17/405.
December 25SBSDoubtful Victory18/407.
December 25tvNRude Miss Young-ae 167/162.3852.1693.4n/a
December 25tvNHwayugi2/205.6236.6596.2n/a
December 24KBS2My Golden Life34/5237.836.935.931.6
December 24MBCMan Who Sets The Table31/5010.
December 24MBCMan Who Sets The Table32/5014.213.213.912.1
December 24OCNBad Guys: City of Evil4/163.9664.3583.9n/a
December 24tvNHwayugi2/204.8495.2925.4n/a
December 23JTBCUntouchable10/162.7852.7591.9n/a
December 23KBS2My Golden Life33/5234.733.132.829.1
December 23MBCMoney Flower13/2412.111.711.211.0
December 23MBCMoney Flower14/2416.515.414.113.9
December 23SBSBravo My Life33/606.
December 23SBSBravo My Life34/606.
December 23SBSBravo My Life35/606.
December 23SBSBravo My Life36/606.
December 23OCNBad Guys: City of Evil3/162.9803.3962.8n/a
December 23tvNHwayugi1/205.2905.9334.9n/a
December 22JTBCUntouchable9/163.0433.2642.3n/a
December 21KBS2Black Knight6/2011.111.510.911.4
December 21MBCI'm Not A Robot11/322.
December 21MBCI'm Not A Robot12/323.
December 21SBSNothing to Lose19/325.
December 21SBSNothing to Lose20/327.
December 21tvNPrison Playbook10/167.9108.8097.7n/a
December 20KBS2Black Knight5/2010.410.610.610.5
December 20MBCI'm Not A Robot9/322.
December 20MBCI'm Not A Robot10/323.
December 20SBSNothing to Lose17/326.
December 20SBSNothing to Lose18/327.
December 20tvNPrison Playbook9/167.3138.3767.4n/a
December 19JTBCJust Between Lovers4/162.061to be updated1.8n/a
December 19KBS2Jugglers6/
December 19MBCTwo Cops15/325.
December 19MBCTwo Cops16/326.
December 19SBSDoubtful Victory15/406.
December 19SBSDoubtful Victory16/407.
December 19tvNRude Miss Young-ae 166/163.0213.1733.3n/a
December 18JTBCJust Between Lovers3/161.936to be updated2.2n/a
December 18KBS2Jugglers5/
December 18MBCTwo Cops13/326.
December 18MBCTwo Cops14/327.
December 18SBSDoubtful Victory13/406.
December 18SBSDoubtful Victory14/407.
December 18tvNRude Miss Young-ae 165/162.1522.2353.2n/a
December 17KBS2My Golden Life32/5240.740.139.635.5
December 17MBCMan Who Sets The Table29/5012.312.211.510.1
December 17MBCMan Who Sets The Table30/5014.314.212.210.9
December 17OCNBad Guys: City of Evil2/164.1954.7054.6n/a
December 17tvNThe Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World4/46.1766.214to be updatedn/a
December 16JTBCUntouchable8/163.3733.5193.1n/a
December 16KBS2My Golden Life31/5235.734.734.230.7
December 16MBCMoney Flower11/2411.711.610.910.8
December 16MBCMoney Flower12/2417.217.014.914.7
December 16SBSBravo My Life29/606.
December 16SBSBravo My Life30/607.
December 16SBSBravo My Life31/606.
December 16SBSBravo My Life32/607.
December 16OCNBad Guys: City of Evil1/162.5982.9113.9n/a
December 16tvNThe Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World3/43.3463.713to be updatedn/a
December 15JTBCUntouchable7/162.5642.7421.7n/a
December 14KBS2Black Knight4/
December 14MBCI'm Not A Robot7/322.
December 14MBCI'm Not A Robot8/323.
December 14SBSNothing to Lose15/326.
December 14SBSNothing to Lose16/328.
December 14tvNPrison Playbook8/166.7747.4097.0n/a
December 13KBS2Black Knight3/
December 13MBCI'm Not A Robot5/322.
December 13MBCI'm Not A Robot6/323.
December 13SBSNothing to Lose13/326.
December 13SBSNothing to Lose14/327.
December 13tvNPrison Playbook7/166.3886.9427.1n/a
December 12JTBCJust Between Lovers2/161.900to be updated1.6n/a
December 12KBS2Jugglers4/
December 12MBCTwo Cops11/326.
December 12MBCTwo Cops12/327.
December 12SBSDoubtful Victory11/406.
December 12SBSDoubtful Victory12/407.
December 12tvNRude Miss Young-ae 164/162.5002.5252.9n/a
December 11JTBCJust Between Lovers1/162.409to be updated2.3to be updated
December 11KBS2Jugglers3/
December 11MBCTwo Cops9/327.
December 11MBCTwo Cops10/328.
December 11SBSDoubtful Victory9/406.
December 11SBSDoubtful Victory10/407.
December 11tvNRude Miss Young-ae 163/162.3542.3912.6n/a
December 10KBS2My Golden Life30/5241.240.840.236.3
December 10MBCMan Who Sets The Table27/5010.710.310.510.0
December 10MBCMan Who Sets The Table28/5014.614.112.911.7
December 10OCNBlack18/184.1814.1583.4n/a
December 10tvNThe Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World2/43.8884.1013.7n/a
December 9JTBCUntouchable6/163.9824.2933.0n/a
December 9KBS2My Golden Life29/5235.635.533.229.0
December 9MBCMoney Flower9/2411.210.710.59.9
December 9MBCMoney Flower10/2416.716.614.814.5
December 9SBSBravo My Life25/606.
December 9SBSBravo My Life26/607.
December 9SBSBravo My Life27/607.
December 9SBSBravo My Life28/607.
December 9OCNBlack17/183.0853.4032.2n/a
December 9tvNThe Most Beautiful Goodbye In The World1/43.2484.0473.2n/a
December 8JTBCUntouchable5/162.4002.7261.9n/a
December 7KBS2Black Knight2/
December 7MBCI'm Not A Robot3/323.
December 7MBCI'm Not A Robot4/323.
December 7SBSNothing to Lose11/327.
December 7SBSNothing to Lose12/328.
December 7tvNPrison Playbook6/165.8476.2606.2n/a
December 6KBS2Black Knight1/
December 6MBCI'm Not A Robot1/324.
December 6MBCI'm Not A Robot2/324.
December 6SBSNothing to Lose9/326.
December 6SBSNothing to Lose10/327.
December 6tvNPrison Playbook5/165.6126.5185.7n/a
December 5KBS2Jugglers2/
December 5MBCTwo Cops7/326.
December 5MBCTwo Cops8/327.
December 5SBSDoubtful Victory7/406.
December 5SBSDoubtful Victory8/407.
December 5tvNRude Miss Young-ae 162/163.2342.8853.6n/a
December 4KBS2Jugglers1/
December 4MBCTwo Cops5/327.
December 4MBCTwo Cops6/328.
December 4SBSDoubtful Victory5/406.
December 4SBSDoubtful Victory6/407.
December 4tvNRude Miss Young-ae 161/162.7522.8553.0n/a
December 3KBS2My Golden Life28/5238.838.938.735.7
December 3MBCMan Who Sets The Table25/5010.410.010.09.6
December 3MBCMan Who Sets The Table26/5015.113.713.613.2
December 3OCNBlack16/183.4703.8102.6n/a
December 3tvNRevolutionary Love16/163.3063.257to be updatedn/a
December 2JTBCUntouchable4/163.3574.2693.0n/a
December 2KBS2My Golden Life27/5235.735.432.729.9
December 2MBCMoney Flower7/2411.
December 2MBCMoney Flower8/2415.315.612.012.5
December 2SBSBravo My Life21/607.
December 2SBSBravo My Life22/608.
December 2SBSBravo My Life23/608.
December 2SBSBravo My Life24/608.
December 2OCNBlack15/182.4532.3952.0n/a
December 2tvNRevolutionary Love15/162.4182.263to be updatedn/a
December 1JTBCUntouchable3/162.314to be updated2.1n/a
November 30KBS2Mad Dog16/
November 30SBSNothing to Lose7/326.
November 30SBSNothing to Lose8/326.
November 30tvNPrison Playbook4/165.4686.6445.3n/a
November 29KBS2Mad Dog15/
November 29SBSNothing to Lose5/326.
November 29SBSNothing to Lose6/327.
November 29tvNPrison Playbook3/164.6985.3364.9n/a
November 28KBS2Witch's Court16/1614.314.112.012.6
November 28MBC20th Century Boy and Girl31/322.
November 28MBC20th Century Boy and Girl32/324.
November 28MBCTwo Cops3/323.
November 28MBCTwo Cops4/323.
November 28SBSDoubtful Victory3/404.
November 28SBSDoubtful Victory4/404.
November 28tvNBecause This Is My First Life16/164.9315.8625.0n/a
November 27KBS2Witch's Court15/1611.911.99.910.2
November 27MBC20th Century Boy and Girl29/323.
November 27MBC20th Century Boy and Girl30/323.
November 27MBCTwo Cops1/324.
November 27MBCTwo Cops2/325.
November 27SBSDoubtful Victory1/405.
November 27SBSDoubtful Victory2/405.
November 27tvNBecause This Is My First Life15/163.7864.9824.2n/a
November 26KBS2My Golden Life26/5239.038.635.932.1
November 26MBCMan Who Sets The Table23/5012.211.411.09.5
November 26MBCMan Who Sets The Table24/5014.513.712.611.6
November 26OCNBlack14/183.0383.2242.8n/a
November 26tvNRevolutionary Love14/162.5682.6701.8n/a
November 25JTBCUntouchable2/163.3243.3242.8n/a
November 25KBS2My Golden Life25/5234.734.330.727.0
November 25MBCMoney Flower5/2411.411.49.08.7
November 25MBCMoney Flower6/2415.114.911.311.0
November 25OCNBlack13/182.5322.7072.4n/a
November 25tvNRevolutionary Love13/162.7292.3822.0n/a
November 24JTBCUntouchable1/162.291to be updated2.3n/a
November 23KBS2Mad Dog14/
November 23SBSNothing to Lose3/327.
November 23SBSNothing to Lose4/327.
November 23tvNPrison Playbook2/165.3815.9005.1n/a
November 22KBS2Mad Dog13/
November 22SBSNothing to Lose1/326.
November 22SBSNothing to Lose2/328.
November 22tvNPrison Playbook1/164.6384.8165.1n/a
November 21KBS2Witch's Court14/1612.612.311.912.0
November 21MBC20th Century Boy and Girl27/322.
November 21MBC20th Century Boy and Girl28/322.
November 21SBSTemperature of Love37/406.77.5to be updatedto be updated
November 21SBSTemperature of Love38/407.
November 21SBSTemperature of Love39/408.
November 21SBSTemperature of Love40/408.
November 21tvNBecause This Is My First Life14/164.2365.2734.7n/a
November 20KBS2Witch's Court13/1610.910.69.49.8
November 20MBC20th Century Boy and Girl25/321.
November 20MBC20th Century Boy and Girl26/322.
November 20SBSTemperature of Love35/406.16.74.8to be updated
November 20SBSTemperature of Love36/407.58.25.6to be updated
November 20tvNBecause This Is My First Life13/163.5454.4114.1to be updated
November 19OCNBlack12/183.0743.6132.9n/a
November 19tvNRevolutionary Love12/162.8542.9712.4n/a
November 18JTBCThe Package12/122.3812.5722.1n/a
November 18KBS2Go Back Couple12/
November 18OCNBlack11/182.5352.7952.1n/a
November 18tvNRevolutionary Love11/162.6902.5471.8n/a
November 17JTBCThe Package11/121.540to be updated1.3n/a
November 17KBS2Go Back Couple11/
November 16KBS2Mad Dog12/
November 16SBSWhile You Were Sleeping31/328.710.07.68.6
November 16SBSWhile You Were Sleeping32/329.710.98.79.5
November 16tvNAvengers Social Club12/126.3306.5865.5n/a
November 15KBS2Mad Dog11/
November 15SBSWhile You Were Sleeping29/328.
November 15SBSWhile You Were Sleeping30/329.611.08.710.0
November 15tvNAvengers Social Club11/125.4955.8466.0n/a
November 14KBS2Witch's Court12/1611.912.311.212.3
November 14MBC20th Century Boy and Girl23/323.
November 14MBC20th Century Boy and Girl24/323.
November 14SBSTemperature of Love33/406.
November 14SBSTemperature of Love34/407.
November 14tvNBecause This Is My First Life12/163.9404.8145.0n/a
November 13KBS2Witch's Court11/1610.510.59.310.8
November 13MBC20th Century Boy and Girl21/322.
November 13MBC20th Century Boy and Girl22/322.
November 13SBSTemperature of Love31/405.
November 13SBSTemperature of Love32/407.
November 13tvNBecause This Is My First Life11/163.5284.0823.8n/a
November 12OCNBlack10/183.4094.2452.4n/a
November 12tvNRevolutionary Love10/162.6372.6922.0n/a
November 11JTBCThe Package10/121.955to be updated1.9n/a
November 11KBS2Go Back Couple10/
November 11OCNBlack9/182.9663.6362.3n/a
November 11tvNRevolutionary Love9/162.7922.6372.3n/a
November 10JTBCThe Package9/121.580to be updated1.5n/a
November 10KBS2Go Back Couple9/
November 9KBS2Mad Dog10/
November 9SBSWhile You Were Sleeping27/327.
November 9SBSWhile You Were Sleeping28/329.611.38.710.1
November 9tvNAvengers Social Club10/126.1266.9726.4n/a
November 8KBS2Mad Dog9/
November 8SBSWhile You Were Sleeping25/326.
November 8SBSWhile You Were Sleeping26/328.610.06.88.4
November 8tvNAvengers Social Club9/126.0216.3866.4n/a
November 7KBS2Witch's Court10/1611.411.911.112.4
November 7MBC20th Century Boy and Girl19/322.
November 7MBC20th Century Boy and Girl20/322.
November 7SBSTemperature of Love29/406.
November 7SBSTemperature of Love30/407.
November 7tvNBecause This Is My First Life10/164.1975.1775.0n/a
November 6KBS2Witch's Court9/1610.
November 6MBC20th Century Boy and Girl17/322.
November 6MBC20th Century Boy and Girl18/322.
November 6SBSTemperature of Love27/405.
November 6SBSTemperature of Love28/406.
November 6tvNBecause This Is My First Life9/163.6525.0303.3n/a
November 5OCNBlack8/183.2473.7272.6n/a
November 5tvNRevolutionary Love8/162.4942.2742.8n/a
November 4JTBCThe Package8/121.7052.1131.8n/a
November 4KBS2Go Back Couple8/
November 4OCNBlack7/183.8504.4273.0n/a
November 4tvNRevolutionary Love7/162.7922.7242.8n/a
November 3JTBCThe Package7/122.041to be updated1.8n/a
November 3KBS2Go Back Couple7/
November 2KBS2Mad Dog8/
November 2MBCHospital Ship39/407.
November 2MBCHospital Ship40/408.
November 2SBSWhile You Were Sleeping23/327.
November 2SBSWhile You Were Sleeping24/328.
November 2tvNAvengers Social Club8/124.9255.6975.5n/a
November 1KBS2Mad Dog7/
November 1MBCHospital Ship37/407.
November 1MBCHospital Ship38/409.
November 1SBSWhile You Were Sleeping21/326.
November 1SBSWhile You Were Sleeping22/328.
November 1tvNAvengers Social Club7/124.8025.3484.9n/a
October 31KBS2Witch's Court8/
October 31MBC20th Century Boy and Girl15/323.
October 31MBC20th Century Boy and Girl16/323.
October 31SBSTemperature of Love25/406.
October 31SBSTemperature of Love26/409.
October 31tvNBecause This Is My First Life8/163.7794.2424.0n/a
October 30KBS2Witch's Court7/
October 30MBC20th Century Boy and Girl13/322.
October 30MBC20th Century Boy and Girl14/323.
October 30SBSTemperature of Love23/406.
October 30SBSTemperature of Love24/407.
October 30tvNBecause This Is My First Life7/163.2664.1793.1n/a
October 29OCNBlack6/184.0874.7143.6n/a
October 29tvNRevolutionary Love6/163.6763.4662.8n/a
October 28JTBCThe Package6/121.8692.1871.9n/a
October 28KBS2Go Back Couple6/
October 28OCNBlack5/183.5954.2292.9n/a
October 28tvNRevolutionary Love5/163.0322.7362.3n/a
October 27JTBCThe Package5/121.612to be updated1.6n/a
October 27KBS2Go Back Couple5/
October 26KBS2Mad Dog6/
October 26MBCHospital Ship35/407.
October 26MBCHospital Ship36/408.
October 26SBSWhile You Were Sleeping19/328.
October 26SBSWhile You Were Sleeping20/328.910.37.48.7
October 26tvNAvengers Social Club6/125.0875.2874.8n/a
October 25KBS2Mad Dog5/
October 25MBCHospital Ship33/407.
October 25MBCHospital Ship34/407.
October 25SBSWhile You Were Sleeping17/327.
October 25SBSWhile You Were Sleeping18/328.910.08.89.7
October 25tvNAvengers Social Club5/125.2835.5384.6n/a
October 24KBS2Witch's Court6/1611.011.39.610.8
October 24MBC20th Century Boy and Girl11/323.
October 24MBC20th Century Boy and Girl12/323.
October 24SBSTemperature of Love21/406.
October 24SBSTemperature of Love22/407.
October 24tvNBecause This Is My First Life6/163.6363.8894.5n/a
October 23KBS2Witch's Court5/1610.
October 23MBC20th Century Boy and Girl9/323.
October 23MBC20th Century Boy and Girl10/323.
October 23SBSTemperature of Love19/406.
October 23SBSTemperature of Love20/408.
October 23tvNBecause This Is My First Life5/162.7253.6232.9n/a
October 22OCNBlack4/184.3185.0803.7n/a
October 22tvNRevolutionary Love4/163.7963.6833.4n/a
October 21JTBCThe Package4/121.6641.7452.1n/a
October 21KBS2Go Back Couple4/
October 21OCNBlack3/183.9634.7152.7n/a
October 21tvNRevolutionary Love3/162.7622.9703.2n/a
October 20JTBCThe Package3/122.1392.7101.6n/a
October 20KBS2Go Back Couple3/
October 19KBS2Mad Dog4/
October 19MBCHospital Ship31/407.
October 19MBCHospital Ship32/408.
October 19SBSWhile You Were Sleeping15/327.
October 19SBSWhile You Were Sleeping16/328.
October 19tvNAvengers Social Club4/125.0545.3775.5n/a
October 18KBS2Mad Dog3/
October 18MBCHospital Ship29/408.
October 18MBCHospital Ship30/408.
October 18SBSWhile You Were Sleeping13/328.
October 18SBSWhile You Were Sleeping14/3210.
October 18tvNAvengers Social Club3/125.2495.7174.8n/a
October 17KBS2Witch's Court4/1612.312.710.910.4
October 17MBC20th Century Boy and Girl7/323.
October 17MBC20th Century Boy and Girl8/324.
October 17tvNBecause This Is My First Life4/163.8414.7023.6n/a
October 16KBS2Witch's Court3/
October 16MBC20th Century Boy and Girl5/323.
October 16MBC20th Century Boy and Girl6/323.
October 16SBSTemperature of Love17/406.
October 16SBSTemperature of Love18/407.
October 16tvNBecause This Is My First Life3/162.2922.8253.0n/a
October 15OCNBlack2/183.8764.1703.5n/a
October 15tvNRevolutionary Love2/163.5333.4854.0n/a
October 14JTBCThe Package2/121.6852.0391.9n/a
October 14KBS2Go Back Couple2/
October 14OCNBlack1/182.1412.4162.0n/a
October 14tvNRevolutionary Love1/162.5012.6982.2n/a
October 13JTBCThe Package1/121.749to be updated1.9n/a
October 13KBS2Go Back Couple1/
October 12KBS2Mad Dog2/
October 12MBCHospital Ship27/408.
October 12MBCHospital Ship28/4010.
October 12SBSWhile You Were Sleeping11/328.910.37.57.8
October 12SBSWhile You Were Sleeping12/329.711.88.58.9
October 12tvNAvengers Social Club2/124.6365.3434.9n/a
October 11KBS2Mad Dog1/
October 11MBCHospital Ship25/407.
October 11MBCHospital Ship26/409.38.410.210.3
October 11SBSWhile You Were Sleeping9/328.
October 11SBSWhile You Were Sleeping10/329.411.58.910.2
October 11tvNAvengers Social Club1/122.9002.9992.8n/a
October 10KBS2Witch's Court2/
October 10SBSTemperature of Love15/408.
October 10SBSTemperature of Love16/4010.311.410.312.3
October 10tvNBecause This Is My First Life2/162.6473.7382.5n/a
October 9KBS2Witch's Court1/
October 9MBC20th Century Boy and Girl1/324.
October 9MBC20th Century Boy and Girl2/323.
October 9MBC20th Century Boy and Girl3/323.
October 9MBC20th Century Boy and Girl4/323.
October 9SBSTemperature of Love13/409.310.89.411.0
October 9SBSTemperature of Love14/4011.212.910.511.6
October 9tvNBecause This Is My First Life1/162.0232.4912.3n/a
October 7JTBCAge of Youth 214/143.2522.9604.1n/a
October 6JTBCAge of Youth 213/143.0402.8932.8n/a
October 5MBCHospital Ship23/407.
October 5MBCHospital Ship24/408.
October 5SBSWhile You Were Sleeping7/327.
October 5SBSWhile You Were Sleeping8/328.
October 4MBCHospital Ship21/405.
October 4MBCHospital Ship22/406.
October 4SBSWhile You Were Sleeping5/325.
October 4SBSWhile You Were Sleeping6/326.
October 3KBS2Lingerie Girls' Generation8/83.7to be updated3.8to be updated
October 3SBSTemperature of Love11/406.
October 3SBSTemperature of Love12/408.
October 2KBS2Lingerie Girls' Generation7/84.4to be updated4.5to be updated
October 2SBSTemperature of Love9/408.
October 2SBSTemperature of Love10/409.610.69.29.6
October 1tvNLive Up To Your Name16/166.9077.8885.5n/a