Daily Update

We are currently transferring all the previous data into a new table, so only the ratings from October 1 onwards will be available for viewing until October 31, 2017. For information on ratings of a specific drama, please look for the drama title here and visit its drama information page (DIP).

Daily update of Korean drama ratings based on data from Nielsen Korea and TNMS. All values are expressed in percentage.
DateNetworkDramaEpisode No.Nielsen (Nationwide)Nielsen (Seoul)TNMS (Nationwide)TNMS (Seoul)
October 21JTBCThe Package4/12to be updated1.745to be updatedn/a
October 21KBS2Go Back Couple4/16to be updatedto be updatedto be updated6.0
October 21OCNBlack3/163.9634.715to be updatedn/a
October 21tvNRevolutionary Love3/162.7622.970to be updatedn/a
October 20JTBCThe Package3/12to be updated2.710to be updatedn/a
October 20KBS2Go Back Couple3/165.2to be updated4.95.5
October 19KBS2Mad Dog4/165.5to be updatedto be updatedto be updated
October 19MBCHospital Ship31/407.17.2to be updatedto be updated
October 19MBCHospital Ship32/408.
October 19SBSWhile You Were Sleeping15/327.98.9to be updated7.7
October 19SBSWhile You Were Sleeping16/328.
October 19tvNAvengers Social Club4/165.0545.377to be updatedn/a
October 18KBS2Mad Dog3/
October 18MBCHospital Ship29/408.
October 18MBCHospital Ship30/408.
October 18SBSWhile You Were Sleeping13/328.
October 18SBSWhile You Were Sleeping14/3210.
October 18tvNAvengers Social Club3/165.2495.717to be updatedn/a
October 17KBS2Witch's Court4/1612.312.710.910.4
October 17MBC20th Century Boy and Girl7/323.7to be updated4.5to be updated
October 17MBC20th Century Boy and Girl8/324.3to be updated4.7to be updated
October 17tvNBecause This Is My First Life4/163.8414.702to be updatedto be updated
October 16KBS2Witch's Court3/
October 16MBC20th Century Boy and Girl5/323.2to be updated3.6to be updated
October 16MBC20th Century Boy and Girl6/323.5to be updated3.9to be updated
October 16SBSTemperature of Love17/326.
October 16SBSTemperature of Love18/327.
October 16tvNBecause This Is My First Life3/162.2922.8253.0n/a
October 15OCNBlack2/163.8764.170to be updatedn/a
October 15tvNRevolutionary Love2/163.5333.485to be updatedn/a
October 14JTBCThe Package2/121.6852.0391.9n/a
October 14KBS2Go Back Couple2/166.06.6to be updated6.4
October 14OCNBlack1/162.1412.4162.0n/a
October 14tvNRevolutionary Love1/162.5012.6982.2n/a
October 13JTBCThe Package1/121.749to be updated1.9n/a
October 13KBS2Go Back Couple1/164.6to be updated5.25.5
October 12KBS2Mad Dog2/164.8to be updated5.46.4
October 12MBCHospital Ship27/408.58.6to be updated6.6
October 12MBCHospital Ship28/4010.
October 12SBSWhile You Were Sleeping11/328.910.37.57.8
October 12SBSWhile You Were Sleeping12/329.711.88.58.9
October 12tvNAvengers Social Club2/124.6365.343to be updatedn/a
October 11KBS2Mad Dog1/
October 11MBCHospital Ship25/407.
October 11MBCHospital Ship26/409.38.410.210.3
October 11SBSWhile You Were Sleeping9/328.
October 11SBSWhile You Were Sleeping10/329.411.58.910.2
October 11tvNAvengers Social Club1/122.9002.9992.8n/a
October 10KBS2Witch's Court2/
October 10SBSTemperature of Love15/408.
October 10SBSTemperature of Love16/4010.311.410.312.3
October 10tvNBecause This Is My First Life2/162.6473.7382.5n/a
October 9KBS2Witch's Court1/166.6to be updated6.5to be updated
October 9MBC20th Century Boy and Girl1/324.
October 9MBC20th Century Boy and Girl2/323.
October 9MBC20th Century Boy and Girl3/323.
October 9MBC20th Century Boy and Girl4/323.
October 9SBSTemperature of Love13/409.310.89.411.0
October 9SBSTemperature of Love14/4011.212.910.511.6
October 9tvNBecause This Is My First Life1/162.0232.4912.3n/a
October 7JTBCAge of Youth 214/143.2522.9604.1n/a
October 6JTBCAge of Youth 213/143.0402.8932.8n/a
October 5MBCHospital Ship23/407.
October 5MBCHospital Ship24/408.
October 5SBSWhile You Were Sleeping7/327.
October 5SBSWhile You Were Sleeping8/328.
October 4MBCHospital Ship21/405.
October 4MBCHospital Ship22/406.
October 4SBSWhile You Were Sleeping5/325.
October 4SBSWhile You Were Sleeping6/326.
October 3KBS2Lingerie Girls' Generation8/83.7to be updated3.8to be updated
October 3SBSTemperature of Love11/326.
October 3SBSTemperature of Love12/408.
October 2KBS2Lingerie Girls' Generation7/84.4to be updated4.5to be updated
October 2SBSTemperature of Love9/408.
October 2SBSTemperature of Love10/409.610.69.29.6
October 1tvNLive Up To Your Name16/166.9077.8885.5n/a