Viewership ratings of Korean dramas refer to the percentage of viewers, expressed in no. of households, that watch a specific TV program at a certain period of time. These numbers are independently measured by television audience measurement companies — Nielsen Korea and TNMS. Although their primary purpose serves mainly the broadcasting networks and advertisers, they leave implications that affect viewers’ behavior and watching preference. As an example, viewers may prefer to watch a drama with relatively higher ratings than its rivals and are likewise to avoid those that perform very poorly in terms of ratings. However, it is important to underline that ratings are not direct indicators of quality but rather reflect the popularity of dramas among the Korean audience, assuming that popularity increases with rising number of viewers.

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Find the rating information you are looking for here on Kdramapal. Go to DAILY UPDATE to become updated with the ratings of your favorite shows on a daily basis. The DAILY UPDATE contains viewership data on a specific date obtained directly from Nielsen Korea’s and TNMS’s websites. It is updated every day, between 8 to 9 am Korean Standard Time.

To see the weekly ranking of Korean dramas, visit the WEEKLY UPDATE page. This page also contains the index of Korean Drama Rating posts, which was first published in March 2017. It is updated every Monday.

Difference between Nielsen Korea and TNMS ratings

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