‘Racket Boys’ drops first teaser, character stills of Kim Sang-kyung, Oh Na-ra

Upcoming SBS sports series Racket Boys has released an amusing first teaser and back-to-back stills of lead stars Kim Sang-kyung and Oh Na-ra.

Racket Boys follows the challenging journey of young boys and girls as they strive to make it in to a championship competition for badminton. In charge of the screenplay is Prison Playbook (2017–2018) writer Jung Bo-hoon, while manning the director’s chair is Jo Young-kwang of Heart Surgeons (2018).

The freshly released teaser opens to show Hong Yi-jang (Woo Hyun, Law School), the head of the village, and the school principal (Kim Ki-cheon, The School Nurse Files) inside an empty school gymnasium. When Mr. Hong calls for the badminton players, the principal begins introducing them one by one.

First off is Lee Yong-tae (Kim Kang-hoon, Mouse), a talkative second-year middle schooler who knows nothing about badminton but idolizes badminton player Lee Yong-dae. Next is the captain of the team, Bang Yun-dam (Son Sang-yeon, Failing in Love), an attention-lover who dreams of reaching 100,000 followers on Instagram. Following him is the jolly and friendly Na Woo-chan (Choi Hyun-wook, Taxi Driver), who is dubbed as the school’s “hip-hop and fashion king.” Last is transfer student Yoon Hae-gang (Tang Jun-sang, Crash Landing on You), a passionate and competitive baseball player from Seoul who was forced to come to the remote town against his will.

In the succeeding scene, female members Han Se-yoon (Lee Jae-in, Undercover) and Lee Han-sol (Lee Ji-won, The Uncanny Counter) are huddled with the boys when news about the team possibly getting dissolved gets relayed to everyone. Refusing to give up, the four boys reassemble for practice, but just as when they start becoming united, their corny group chant makes Hae-gang turn away in embarrassment. It will be interesting to see them finally working together and making use of each other’s different strengths to realize their common goal.

Meanwhile, the character stills of Kim Sang-kyung (Miss Lee) and Oh Na-ra (Chip In) provide a sneak peek at their transformation into badminton coaches Yoon Hyeon-jong and Ra Yeong-ja, respectively. A formerly celebrated national player, Hyeon-jong has now become the coach of a middle school badminton team that needs a lot of work. Although he appears strict when inside the court, Coach Yoon is a cheerful and kind mentor to the kids.

Kim Sang-kyung in Racket Boys 1
Kim Sang-kyung in Racket Boys 2
Kim Sang-kyung in Racket Boys 3
Kim Sang-kyung in Racket Boys 4

On the other hand, Coach Ra is deemed as a living legend in professional badminton. Yeong-ja is a woman with strong presence as seen by how she effortlessly rocks a blue suit and white stilettos inside the court while calmly coaching her girls. Another exciting element to watch out for in the drama is the competitive interaction between Coach Kim and Coach Ra, two badminton icons, when they finally meet from the opposing sides of the court.

Oh Na-ra in Racket Boys 1
Oh Na-ra in Racket Boys 2
Oh Na-ra in Racket Boys 3

Racket Boys is scheduled to air in the first half of 2021.

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