Premiere date, script reading stills for Ji Sung, Lee Se-young’s new drama ‘Doctor Yo-han’

Doctor Yo-han, an upcoming series headlined by Ji Sung and Lee Se-young, will premiere on July 19, SBS confirmed on Monday. It will take over the Friday-Saturday prime time slot of the network after the conclusion of Nokdu Flower.

Previously known as Doctor Room, Doctor Yo-han is a human medical drama about pain management doctors, centering on the titular character Cha Yo-han played by Ji Sung (Familiar Wife).

The upcoming series is directed by Jo Soo-won, who worked on Thirty But Seventeen, Pinocchio, and I Can Hear Your Voice, and written by Kim Ji-woon, who penned Hyde Jekyll, Me and Cheongdamdong Alice.

SBS also released on Monday the stills from the drama’s script reading session which took place in March at SBS Ilsan Production Center. The event was led by PD Jo, writer Kim, and the main cast of the drama—Ji Sung, Lee Se-young, and Le Kyu-hyung.

Main cast of 'Doctor Yo-han' during their script reading: Lee Kyu-hyung, Ji Sung, and Lee Se-young

Ji-sung’s character in the drama is the youngest professor at a medical school where his students and colleagues have given him the nickname “10 seconds” due to his ability to grasp the condition of his patients in just a fraction of a minute.

Lee Se-young (The Crowned Clowned) plays the role of Kang Si-young, a talented and kind anesthesiologist who graduated from medical school with excellent grades. Meanwhile, Lee Kyu-hyung (Life) takes on the role of another anesthesiologist named Son Seok-ki.

Other cast members of Doctor Yo-hanwho attended the table read include Hwang Hee, Jung Min-ah, Kim Hye-eun, Shin Dong-mi, Eom Hyo-seop, Kwon Hwa-woon, Son San, and Lee Yoo-mi.

Script Reading stills from Korean drama 'Doctor Yo-han'
Script Reading stills from Korean drama 'Doctor Yo-han'

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