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School 2017 Review Episode 5

School 2017 Review: Episode 5

Staying true to its mission, School 2017 continues to highlight the ever wrong system in Geumdo High, or in South Korea for that matter.  I have no idea how accurate the problems depicted in the show are compared to the ones in existence, but I know for sure that many students are ...
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The King Loves Review: Episode 7-8

Crown Prince Wang Won gets to spend more time with Eun-san again (aka So-ah) thanks to the conspiracy that leads her to find the assassin who killed her mother and eventually to look for Wang Rin whom she thinks can help her in speeding up her search. I'm seeing a ...
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Reunited Worlds Review Episode 7-8

Reunited Worlds Review: Episode 7-8

Finally, we now know that Sung Hae-sung is not one of a kind because the mysterious man who has extraordinary abilities like him is, well, just like him. And not just that, there are also others out there as what the mysterious ahjussi said, so the remaining question to be ...
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Criminal Minds Review Episode 1

Criminal Minds Review: Episode 1

Wow, what a fast-paced premiere. Criminal Minds spends no time in giving us a boring introduction as we're brought immediately to the meat of the premise—solving crimes using profiling. This episode achieved a record-breaking viewership rating (highest among all the cable Kdramas that have aired to date since January 2017) ...
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Reunited Worlds Episode 5-6 Review 1

Reunited Worlds Review: Episode 5-6

Coming back to life does not always guarantee a happy reunion, especially if you hear your loved ones blaming you for what they've gone through or denying the very relationship you have with them. This is why Sung Hae-sung asks why he is back when no one even wants to ...
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School 2017 Review Episode 4

School 2017 Review: Episode 4

Finally! X's identity is revealed! Unless School 2017 is just messing with us using plot twists that can get disappointing sometimes, we now know who the hoodie guy is. I did not expect him to be really the one under the hood but I'm not surprised at all upon seeing ...
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School 2017 Review Episode 3

School 2017 Review: Episode 3

The mystery is far from over. Delinquent trouble-maker X may not have surfaced in the last few days but his drone scene in the gym caused more troubles in school. Although we're still unsure of his identity, this episode gives us a little bit of more background about our trio ...
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The King Loves Review Episode 5-6

The King Loves Review: Episode 5-6

Fake assassination. We get to see this evil conspiracy again that has almost killed 12-year-old Han Eun-san in the first episode. This time the supposed target is the King and the alleged suspect is none other than his own son, Wang-won. After seven years, the enemies are moving again to ...
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reunited worlds episode 3-4 scene

Reunited Worlds Review: Episode 3-4

I come to watch this show without much expectation. And now it's blowing me away that I can't stop praising its impressive narration and gorgeous cinematography. This episode presents us with more questions to make the mystery even more mysterious but the centerpiece of this hour is really the reunion of ...
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Reunited Worlds Episode Reviews 1-2

Reunited Worlds Review: Episode 1-2

I like this show. To be honest, among the four new dramas this July that I am currently following, Reunited Worlds stands out as the best as far as episode 1 is concerned. Yeo Jin-goo is back again on the small screen with an impressive performance, and when the screenplay department is ...
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The King Loves Review Episode 2

The King Loves Review: Episode 3-4

The story development of this episode gives emphasis on Wang Won's life as a crown prince. If the first episode focuses more on Han Eun-san, this one centers on the crown prince's background—his family, his family's foes, and his personality as a future, 'wolf-dog' King. We also get to learn ...
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School 2017 Episode Reviews 2

School 2017 Review: Episode 2

This show is getting more interesting, ha. I was not expecting that drone coming in that scene in the gym although I admit that was a clever way to convince the school that Ra Eun-ho is wrongly accused of a crime. I also find the hoodie guy mystery intriguing, particularly ...
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The King Loves Review: Episode 1-2

The King Loves is finally here, over six months after the production team started shooting the drama. That's quite a long period of preparation but it's understandable given that it's completely pre-produced. Ratings-wise it did not premiere with a bang but it delivered what I expected to see—a story about ...
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School 2017 Episode Reviews 1

School 2017 Review: Episode 1

The new School from KBS finally had its opening yesterday, delivering a premiere that is good enough to have me hooked on following the second episode. I haven't watched any past installment of the franchise, so I don't really know what to expect in this new one. Actually, I tried the ...
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Bride of the Water God Episode 2

Bride of the Water God Summary: Episode 2

In the Water Kingdom, the high priest taps a jar of water and a water cast of Yoon So-ah appears. The high priest says that she is fated to live a short life and that she will die even before Ha Baek returns and becomes the emperor. Back in the ...
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Bride of the Water God Episode 1

Bride of the Water God Summary: Episode 1

A monk (cameo by Yang Dong-geun) and a girl walk along the shore as he explains to her that there is another world where the gods live. This world is composed of the Water Kingdom, the Sky Kingdom, and the Earth Kingdom. He tells her that gods are sent to Earth ...
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dots a year after part 16

Descendants of the Sun A Year After Part 16

Korean dramas often have an open and confusing ending but the finale episode of the Descendants of the Sun is rather satisfying. In any case, an ending in none other than an ending. It means that we have to say goodbye to the drama we have loved and constantly followed ...
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dots a year after part 15

Descendants of the Sun A Year After Part 15

Episode 15 reechoes Argus' words to Kang Mo-yeon regarding her relationship with Yoo Shi-jin back in Episode 12; “He’ll disappear from time to time, be hard to contact. And then one day, he will never come back”. Loving is never easy but loving a soldier seems to be harder—there's a ...
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dots a year after part 14

Descendants of the Sun A Year After Part 14

There are highly contrasting events in episode 14 of DOTS. Kang Mo-yeon almost lost her insanity when the bloody Yoo Shi-jin was rushed to the hospital. While Kang Mo-yeon almost bade farewell to Yoo Shi-jin, Lee Chi-hoon and his wife happily welcomed a new life, their first baby.  Select Scenes from ...
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dots a year after part 13

Descendants of the Sun A Year After Part 13

It’s finally home sweet home for the medical team from Haesung. Things seem to get normal now for both of the medical team as well as the soldiers who will soon arrive back to Korea. Kang Mo-yeon and Yoo Shi-jin finally experienced the feeling of having a ‘normal’ relationship, and ...
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