Popular Taiwanese drama ‘Someday or One Day’ to get a Korean remake

K-dramaland has added another remake to its roster! This time, it is hit Taiwanese drama Someday or One Day that is set to be remade in Korean.

On February 22, production company NPIO Entertainment and global content distributor Lian Contents announced that they had secured the remake rights contract for the popular drama with the original production companies—Fox Networks Group Asia Pacific and Three Phoenixes Production Co. Ltd. The Korean joint production is set to begin in the earnest very soon.

Someday or One Day is a 2019 romance drama revolving around themes of time travel, suspense, and mystery. It stars Ko Chia-yen as a 27-year-old woman named Huang Yu-xuan, who deeply misses her deceased boyfriend and longs to see him again. One day, she receives a parcel containing a cassette, and upon listening to it, she is transported to the year 1998. She wakes up in the body of a high schooler named Chen Yun-ru, who looks exactly like her. The boy next to her also looks like her deceased boyfriend. Huang Yu-xuan tries to change the future and the past, but as she learns about Chen Yun-ru’s mysterious car accident, she realizes things might not be what they seem. The drama also stars Greg Hsu, Patrick Shih, and Kenny Yen.

Written by Taiwan’s notable writers Chien Chi-feng and Lin Hsin-hui and directed by Huang Tien-jen, the drama went on to achieve the highest ratings for a program in eight years when it aired on Taiwan’s terrestrial channel CTV. It recorded an average of 4.16 percent in viewership ratings among women aged 25 to 49 years and also ranked first among dramas in the same time slot for over 12 weeks. The final episode aired on Star Chinese Channel (SCC) and made it as the highest-rated drama in 13 years to air on SCC, leading the drama to become a sensation in Taiwan, with a quarter of the population tuning in.

As of date, Someday or One Day has amassed over 1 billion views on various over-the-top (OTT) platforms across Asia. In South Korea, the drama was broadcast through the channel WeLike in April 2020. It has been broadcast in more than 100 countries and translated into multiple languages, leading to massive popularity in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Japan, as well. The drama was nominated for multiple awards at the 55th Golden Bell Awards (Taiwan’s version of the Emmys), out of which, it won four, including Best Television Series and Best Actress for Ko Chia-yen.

Rumor has it that Korea’s top broadcasters and producers were in a fierce competition to secure the remake rights of the drama. Although details about casting, director, and filming schedule are not yet out, the domestic remake is garnering massive interest among Korean fans of the explosive hit drama.

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