‘Please Don’t Meet Him’ drops first stills of lead stars Song Ha-yoon, Lee Jun-young

Upcoming MBC every1 drama Please Don’t Meet Him has shared a first look at its main pair, Song Ha-yoon and Lee Jun-young!

Please Don’t Meet Him will tell the story of Seo Ji-sung (Song Ha-yoon, Devilish Charm), a programmer who wants to fall in love but without the danger and inconvenience of having to date all the wrong men. She works at the development team of a smart home appliance company. One day, she accidentally creates Cho Sang-shin, an AI-powered refrigerator that can pick out shoddy people. As she begins using Cho Sang-shin to save herself and other people from troublesome relationships, she comes across Jung Kook-hee (Lee Jun-young, Good Casting), a fire fighter with no social media presence, making him the only person Ji-sung’s special refrigerator cannot analyze.

The freshly released images show Seo Ji-sung and Jung Kook-hee during their work days. Ji-sung, clad in her simple office outfit, is fully focused on her computer. Even when faced with difficult situations, such as being criticized by her co-workers, she remains unfazed and continues to work hard. However, despite doing her best in all aspects of life, she has not lucked out when it comes to love. After a failed relationship, and in turn, a broken engagement, she inadvertently develops a one-of-a-kind appliance that is bound to change her life forever.

Song Ha-yoon in Please Don't Meet Him

Kook-hee, on the other hand, radiates a bright and optimistic aura. As he believes that prevention is the most crucial, he rides his bicycle and tirelessly patrols the neighborhood to make sure that everything is in order. With his busy schedule, Kook-hee barely has time to even touch his cell phone, much less, create a social media account. While his lack of online presence makes him a little unusual, he has never found it uncomfortable, until he crosses paths and gets involved with Ji-sung.

Lee Jun-young in Please Don't Meet Him

With Song Ha-yoon’s and Lee Jun-young’s unique charms and commendable acting skills, the viewers can look forward to another memorable K-drama couple as the actors bring Ji-sung and Kook-hee to life.

Catch the unique tale of Please Don’t Meet Him on MBC every1 beginning November 10.

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