Park Min-young ‘responsible in a good way’ for accepting role in “Seven Day Queen”

Park Min-young revealed in a recent interview why she decided to take the role of one of the leads in the upcoming drama Seven Day Queen. She noted that she feels responsible in a good way that she will play the role of Queen Dangyeong.

Park Min-young was present at the press conference of her latest drama on May 29. She was asked about what made her want to take on the role to which she answered she felt a deep connection with historical dramas due to her previous projects Korean Ghost Stories and Sungkyunkwan Scandal.

The actress shared that the script for Seven Day Queen was the thickest script she had ever received but despite that, she was able to understand the synopsis quickly and “catch up with its emotional flow.” “It’s my first time in a while choosing such a good production after ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal.’ I feel responsible in a good way,” she added.

Seven Day Queen centers on the love story between Queen Dangyeong and King Jungjong. It is based on the true story of Lady Shin and Prince Jinsung. The two got married in 1499 and in 1506, Prince Jinsung became the King and Lady Shin became Queen Dangyeong. The Queen, however, was dethroned after seven days and was expelled from the palace over political conflicts involving his father.

Park Min-young and other cast of Seven Day Queen
The main cast of Seven Day Queen as seen during the press conference for the drama. From left: Yeon Woo-jin, Park Min-young, and Lee Dong-gun. (Photo Credit: International BNT)

Rounding out the main cast of the drama are Yeon Woo-jin and Lee Dong-gun who portray the characters of Prince Jinsung (also known as Lee Yeok) and his half-brother Lee Yoong (King Yeonsangun), respectivelyYeon Woo-jin recently starred in the tvN drama Introverted Boss while Lee Dong-gun recently played a leading role in KBS’s weekend drama Laurel Tree Tailors. Both actors also attended the press conference for Seven Day Queen.

Seven Day Queen will premiere tonight on KBS. It will air every Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10 p.m. in South Korea.

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