Park Ji-hoon in talks to star in new webtoon-based drama ‘Love Revolution’

Singer-actor Park Ji-hoon might land his first main role with the upcoming romance drama Love Revolution.

On April 28, the former Wanna One member’s agency Maroo Entertainment confirmed media reports that Park had been offered a role in the upcoming drama. He is in the process of reviewing the casting offer along with a couple of other projects.

Love Revolution will follow the lives of a group of teenagers, centering around the couple Gong Ju-young and Wang Ja-rim. The show aims to capture how love and friendship fuel growth and change in its characters from one generation to another. If cast, Park Ji-hoon will take on the role of Ju-young, a cute boy who starts to have a one-sided crush on Ja-rim. He falls for her at first sight and makes drawings of her. Their charming story brings uniqueness and undeniable chemistry to the plot.

The drama will be adapted from a comedy webtoon of the same name by author Lee Sam-yi, well-known for being a long-running series on the Korean platform Naver Webtoon. Since its publication in 2013, it has earned a huge online reader base of around a hundred thousand.

Flower Crew Joseon Marriage Agency Poster featuring Park Ji-hoon
Character poster of Park Ji-hoon for the 2019 drama Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency

Park Ji-hoon began his career as a child actor with supporting roles in dramas, most of which happen to be sageuks like Jumong (2006), The King and I (2008), and Iljimae (2008). Last year, he starred in Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency – his first acting role as an adult. Love Revolution is expected to mark a big leap in his career as an actor. Recently, Park also confirmed that he is working on a new single in preparation for his comeback in May.

Love Revolution will be the first Korean drama to be produced by Kakao, a South Korean internet company. It is currently in the process of finalizing casting and is set to begin filming in May or June, with aims to air in the second half of the year.

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