Park Ji-hoon, Lee Ruby, The Boyz’s Younghoon to headline upcoming web drama

Upcoming web drama Love Revolution has announced its main cast comprised of Park Ji-hoon, Lee Ruby, and Younghoon of the K-pop boy group The Boyz.

Love Revolution is a digital short-form drama produced by Kakao M, an entertainment company that specializes in producing content optimized for smartphones.

The drama is based on a highly popular webtoon of the same name and focuses on a group of teenagers at a high school. It will tell the stories of their first loves, friendships, and future dreams from their own perspectives, thus enriching the narrative with realism and sensitivity. The main characters of the story are Gong Joo-young, who falls in love with Wang Ja-rim, a popular girl at school, and Joo-young’s best friend, Lee Kyung-woo.

On June 5, Kakao M announced that actor and former Wanna One member Park Ji-hoon will be headlining the drama. Park will be playing Gong Joo-young, a sweet and lovable 17-year-old high schooler. Joo-young is both good-looking and talented, but he is a little inexperienced when it comes to love. He falls for the school’s popular girl at first sight and sets out to win her heart. Despite his gentle nature, Joo-young is very loyal and turns into a mature and reliable guy to help out his friends.

Park Ji-hoon is an idol-actor who made his debut in the industry as a child actor. He has appeared mostly in historical dramas like Jumong/Prince of the Legend (2006–2007), The King and I (2007–2008), and Iljimae (2008). He was last seen in Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency (2019).

Meanwhile, Kim Young-hoon (better known as Younghoon), in his first ever acting role, has been cast as Lee Kyung-woo, Joo-young’s childhood friend. Kyung-woo has a chic and indifferent appearance and is popular at school. But with friends, he’s just a regular playful and affectionate guy. Kyung-woo turns into a love coach for Joo-young when the latter falls in love, giving him advice and helping him confess his feelings. Despite the difference in their personalities, Joo-young and Kyung-woo will show a warm bromance.

Lee Ruby, who made her debut with a guest role in this year’s Memorist, will take on the role of the unfriendly but popular Wang Ja-rim. Due to her good looks, Ja-rim is known as a goddess at school. Despite her cold-hearted personality, she finds herself at the receiving end of Joo-young’s affections. This is Lee Ruby’s first leading role.

Love Revolution is expected to begin filming in June and premiere in the second half of the year. It will be a 30-episode drama, with each lasting for 20 minutes.

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