Park Hee-soon courted for upcoming Netflix original series

Acting agency King Kong by Starship has confirmed that film actor Park Hee-soon has been offered a role in the Netflix original series Exemplary Family

Exemplary Family tells the story of a family on the verge of breakdown due to bankruptcy and marital discord. They end up getting involved in the mess of a ruthless drug syndicate involving two dead bodies and several billion KRW in cash. Jung Woo, best known for playing Sseuraegi in Reply 1994 (2013), is considering headlining the show. He will play a college lecturer and the incompetent head of the family whose wife files for divorce. 

Park Hee-soon has been offered the second lead role of Ma Kwang-cheol, the second-in-command of a drug ring. He crosses paths with the dysfunctional family while on a mission to track down his gang members and lost money, becoming entangled in the family’s affairs. The role was previously offered to So Ji-sub, who eventually declined citing the consideration of various factors. 

Park Hee-soon is known for his performances in hit films like The Client (2011), The Suspect (2013), Age of Shadows (2016), V.I.P. (2017), and 1987: When the Day Comes (2017). As far as his work in dramas goes, the actor has appeared in All About My Romance (2013), The Missing (2015), and, most recently, in the school-bullying-themed drama Beautiful World (2019). Park is set to appear in another Netflix series called My Name, formerly known as Undercover, starring Han So-hee and Ahn Bo-hyun.

Exemplary Family will be directed by Love Alarm 2’s director Kim Jin-woo.  

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