Park Hae-jin is a charismatic boss in new office drama ‘Old School Intern’

MBC has shared new stills of actor Park Hae-jin from its upcoming drama Old School Intern.

Old School Intern is an office comedy that revolves around an office worker who meets a bossy and patronizing superior at his first job and is forced to quit after having a difficult time at work. He finds a new job and becomes a department head at his new company. One day, he gets a new intern, who happens to be his former superior in his previous workplace.

Park Hae-jin plays Ga Yeol-chan, the head of marketing and sales at the ramyun division of a food company. His invention of a spicy chicken instant noodle becomes massively popular, which leads to his promotion and makes him the youngest department head in the company.

In the stills released on March 31, Park is dressed in crisp formals and exudes confidence, looking sure of his authority and place in the company. Fans are waiting to see how the serious-looking actor will transform himself for his first role in a comedy-drama.

Still of Park Hae-jin in Old School Intern
Still of Park Hae-jin in Old School Intern (2)
Still of Park Hae-jin in Old School Intern (3)
Stills of Park Hae-jin in Old School Intern

Meanwhile, Kim Eung-soo (Chief of Staff 2) takes on the role of Yeol-chan’s former boss and senior intern Lee Man-sik. Han Ji-eun (Be Melodramatic) also plays another intern named Lee Tae-ri who works in Yeol-chan’s department.

Old School Intern will premiere in May as a Wednesday-Thursday drama, following the conclusion of Find Me in Your Memory. It is directed by PD Nam Sung-woo of Kill It, 100 Days My Prince, and Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo.

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