Park Eun-bin, Kim Min-jae transform into musicians in new stills from ‘Do You Like Brahms?’

SBS’s Do You Like Brahms? dropped new still cuts of lead stars Park Eun-bin and Kim Min-jae as they turn into instrumentalists for the upcoming musical youth series.

Do You Like Brahms? follows the individual journeys of brilliant students in a prestigious music school. It features how each of them goes through rigorous lessons, recitals, and competitions from a very young age and how their parents, as well as their mentors, obsess over the course of their careers. However, as they come of age and get a taste of true love and happiness, they are compelled to make important decisions in order to balance out their careers and personal relationships.

Park Eun-bin

In the photos that feature Park Eun-bin (Stove League), the actress has successfully morphed into her character, Chae Song-ah. As shown in the first picture, Song-ah is an aspiring violinist. It does not show that she is already seven years older than her classmates due to her youthful and innocent appearance. In addition, Park is able to naturally look like any other university student who majors in music, as she carries her shoulder bag and violin case while she gazes at something from afar.

The production team remarked, “From the first day of shooting, Park Eun-bin already captured her character’s emotions, which is why she was able to display remarkable acting and earned a lot of admiration from the staff. She always exceeds our expectations, so we ask for your anticipation for her performance in the series.”

Kim Min-jae

Meanwhile, snapshots of Kim Min-jae (Dr. Romantic 2) were all set in a dimly lit room and unveiled his character, Park Joon-young, being completely engrossed with playing the piano. Joon-young is a child genius in the world of music who has already won in several local and international competitions. The brown, black, and white hues of the lights, the piano, and Joon-young’s shirt complement one another, giving the scene the same elegant ambiance that can be observed in classical music performances.

Similarly, the production crew shared, ”Kim Min-jae has been comfortable with the piano from the first take and impressed everyone around. The more scenes we shoot, the more that he becomes one with his character. Everyone is looking forward to all of his performances in the drama.”

Do You Like Brahms? is helmed by director Jo Young-min and penned by screenwriter Ryu Bo-ri who previously worked together in the short youth series Everything and Nothing (2019). It is slated to premiere on August 31 at 10:00 p.m. KST as a Monday and Tuesday drama, replacing Good Casting.

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