Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam, Byun Woo-seok lead first script reading for new drama ‘The Moment’

tvN’s upcoming youth series The Moment has dropped a behind-the-scenes video of its first table work, featuring stars Park Bo-gum, Park So-dam, and Byun Woo-seok.

Scheduled to premiere this September, The Moment follows the lives of three young people who are trying to make their way into today’s fashion industry. Despite the struggles they face for coming from humble beginnings, their passion for the craft fuels them to continue reaching for their dreams.

Among those who joined the lead cast in the reading practice were director Ahn Gil-ho (WATCHER), screenwriter Ha Myung-hee (Temperature of Love), and supporting cast Ha Hee-ra (Lady Cha Dal-rae’s Love), Shin Ae-ra (Ugly Alert), Han Jin-hee (Never Twice), Park Soo-young (Soul Mechanic), Seo Sang-won (My Unfamiliar Family), Shin Dong-mi (Hi Bye, Mama!, The Good Detective), Lee Chang-hoon (Black Dog), Lee Jae-won (VIP), Kwon Soo-hyun (Abyss), and Jo Yoo-jung (Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life).

To kick off the event, Director Ahn said that the project aims to give a good influence to the youth, and that he hopes for everyone to follow through each of the character’s growth in the story.

In the behind-the-scenes clip, the room is filled with the cast’s vibrant energy and refreshing humor. Park Bo-gum (Encounter) was the first one to introduce himself, saying, “I hope this will become an unforgettable and beautifully captured drama. I will do my best.” The actor will play Sa Hye-joon, a pragmatic young man and aspiring model slash actor who juggles idealism with the reality of everyday life. He has an optimistic and amiable personality that is complemented with an objective sense of judgment.

Next to take everybody’s attention was actress Park So-dam (Cinderella and the Four Knights), who expressed her concern for the cast and crew, “I wish we could all stay safe and alright until we finish the drama.” She will take on the character Ahn Jeong-ha, a smart lady and aspiring makeup artist who has a strong personality. With her inherent wit and unbending determination, she follows her own path as she tries to get rid of her insecurities.

Byun Woo-seok (Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency) shared the same sentiments with Park So-dam and stated, “I hope we can have fun in making the drama and not get hurt in the process.” Byun will suit up as Hye-joon’s gentle but competitive best friend Won Hae-hyo, a rising model and actor. Because he gives his utmost efforts to the things that matter to him, he does not appreciate it when all his hard work is attributed to the fact that he was born into high society.

The next scenes display an amazing exchange of lines among the drama’s interesting cast of characters, highlighting all of their acquired experiences and skills as valued actors in the industry. Actresses Ha Hee-ra and Shin Ae-ra will play Hye-joon’s and Hae-hyo’s mothers, respectively. Despite their sons being best friends and walking towards the same path, the two mothers adhere to differing views and values in life. Meanwhile, Han Jin-hee, who will play Hye-joon’s grandfather Sa Min-ki, displayed a warm relationship with Park Bo-gum. In addition, Park Soo-young, who will act as Hye-joon’s father, and Seo Sang-won, who will portray Hae-hyo’s father, melted impressively into each of their characters.

As the gathering came to a successful end, Park Bo-gum declared, “I think this is a memorable time for me as a youth actor. [I] hope the viewers will love the drama.” Byun Woo-seok added, “It was very entertaining to act with the other cast.” Park So-dam also voiced out, “Please patiently anticipate for the premiere.”

Lastly, the production team remarked, “The script reading was a time when the characters rose to life right in front of us because of the actors’ powerful synergy and talents. The drama is a realistic tale of young people who strive to [stand] on their own feet and make a name for themselves in this highly competitive world. We will present a refreshing and warm storyline that everyone can relate to.”

The Moment (also Record of Youth) is a co-production project between Studio Dragon, the scripted television studio behind The King: Eternal Monarch (2020), and Pan Entertainment, a company that produced numerous international-hit television series such as Winter Sonata (2002) and The Moon Embracing the Sun (2012). It is slated to air every Monday and Tuesday at 9:00 p.m. KST and will also be broadcast on Netflix.

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