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Ji-ho (JUNG HAE-IN) tries to explain that he would like to occasionally come to see Jung-in (HAN JI-MIN), but doesn’t want her to know about it, kind of like that day at the library. She flatly refuses, calling him selfish for only caring about his wishes. Frustrated, he steps out of the car to blow off steam while she ignores Ki-seok’s calls. While dropping her home, Ji-ho suggests that they end whatever they have going immediately.

Jung-in’s parents have another argument about her marriage, with her mother taking her side. But when Jung-in shows up at her mom’s art class the next day, she gets a cold shoulder. Mom is still upset that she didn’t tell her about Jae-in moving back. After a bit of pestering, she opens up and the mother and daughter catch up. From Jung-in’s vague statements about marriage, her mother guesses that it’s not working out between her and Ki-seok (KIM JUN-HAN) and wistfully notes that the heart can’t control what it wants.

Seo-in (LIM SEONG-EON) decides to reject the talk show that was offered to her. Si-hoon zeroes in on a building for his clinic’s expansion, getting annoyed when his broker expresses doubts about his ability to afford it. Jung-in brings up Si-hoon over dinner with Ki-seok and asks him not to get involved with her brother-in-law. They end up arguing about marriage again, leading Jung-in to break down and call him out for never making the effort to understand her feelings about his parents’ disapproval of her. Ki-seok tries to placate her, but she storms off.

When a woman visits the pharmacy asking for hangover medicine, Ji-ho is momentarily stunned into silence as he remembers meeting Jung-in for the first time. His boss wants to know if the woman he’s seeing knows about Eun-woo but Ji-ho, still ruffled by his last meeting with Jung-in, jokes to evade her question.

Chairman Kwon surprises Jung-in’s dad by wanting to know more about his daughter and going out to lunch with him. He gets a call from Ki-seok and makes a big show of asking his son to get married instead of playing basketball with his buddies. Jung-in’s father tries to put in a good word for her but Kwon advises him to not believe everything his children tell him.

Jung-in announces her plans to break up with Ki-seok. Yeong-joo (LEE SANG-HEE) seems skeptical about Ki-seok backing off, especially after finding out that she has feelings for someone who was his junior in college. Jung-in doesn’t think she can date Ji-ho either, leaving Yeong-joo very confused.

Ji-ho’s mom wants to set him up with a divorced single mom, worrying that her son is going to grow old alone. His dad inquires about news of Eun-woo’s real mom, but gets warned against mentioning her unless he wants to see Ji-ho “go crazy” again. Eun-woo gets back from school and asks to go to the library with “that teacher.”

Hyun-soo (LIM HYUN-SOO) accidentally mentions Eun-woo’s mom while he’s with Ji-ho, shushing immediately when Ji-ho fixes him with a withering stare. He promptly changes the topic to Ki-seok and notes that while the man keeps saying he’ll marry his girlfriend, it doesn’t seem like he actually wants to, causing Ji-ho to get mad on Jung-in’s behalf. They wonder where Young-jae (LEE CHANG-HOON) is and declare that their friend must be studying extra hard.

Young-jae, meanwhile, is stuffing his face at dinner with Jae-in (JOO MIN-KYUNG), who seems to be going smoothly until Seo-in shows up on TV and Young-jae says something about her being close to his ideal type. It puts Jae-in in a bad mood—she cuts the dinner short and asks for the bill. When she finds out Ji-ho and Hyun-soo are out for drinks and wants to join them, Young-jae warns her against pursuing Ji-ho because he’s already head over heels for someone. Jae-in gets home and reports this information to Jung-in, who gets annoyed and asks Jae-in to mind her manners.

Ki-seok meets Si-hoon to discuss his loan application. Sensing that Ki-seok is about to reject his loan, he mentions asking Jung-in’s parents to push her to marry him, rendering Ki-seok unable to turn down the guy who is doing him a favor. Jung-in texts Ki-seok that she would like to meet.

Seo-in visits Si-hoon’s clinic to inform him that she has put their house up for sale and asks him to hand over his legal seal. Before going in, however, she hands one of his assistants some cash to run an errand for her. This proves useful when an irate Si-hoon tries to hit her again, because the assistant comes back and Seo-in is able to slip away with her.

Ki-seok calls off the meeting with Jung-in, citing work. Jung-in tries calling Ji-ho instead and gets frustrated when he doesn’t pick up. She walks to his building, then to his apartment. Ji-ho is stunned to see her outside his door. She gets emotional, wondering if she’s the only one having a hard time. Unable to see her miserable, he suggests going back to being strangers but she puts a hand over his mouth to shut him up, and starts crying.

He asks if she has eaten, then takes her to a restaurant nearby. He confesses to already having eaten and she notes that he must be feeling good enough to not skip meals, unlike her. She unleashes her famous “bold streak,” making him laugh. After a while, Ji-ho turns serious and becomes worried about them following their feelings and hanging out like this. He reveals just how much he’s been holding himself back with her and urges Jung-in to come to a decision about their relationship.

Ji-ho drops Jung-in home and bumps into Jae-in and Young-jae. Jae-in announces her plans to invite them over for coffee and Jung-in rushes to clean her messy apartment before Ji-ho gets there. Jae-in changes her mind about coffee, stepping out with Young-jae to get alcohol and leaving Ji-ho and Jung-in alone. They begin to giggle at the turn of events but sober up when she gets a call from Ki-seok, asking what she wanted to talk about. Looking straight at Ji-ho, Jung-in says, “Let’s break up.”

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