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Jung-in (HAN JI-MIN) searches for Ji-ho (JUNG HAE-IN) in the library but finds Ki-seok (KIM JUN-HAN) instead. After sending him out to wait, she calls Ji-ho, who informs her that he left after spotting Ki-seok. She’s annoyed that he felt the need to hide and wants to talk in person. He challenges her: “If you come to me now, there’s no going back.” Feeling conflicted, Jung-in hangs up and allows Ki-seok to drop her home. She wants to know how he feels about her hanging out with a male friend. He dismisses her question as silly. She wonders if they should just get married and he balks at her half-hearted proposal.

Jae-in (JOO MIN-KYUNG) turns up at Young-jae’s (LEE CHANG-HOON) academy out of the blue and treats him to a meal. He’s flustered when she casually mentions being drawn to him, wondering if she’s always this bold. According to Jae-in, Jung-in is the boldest person in her family but she has gotten boring now.

Ji-ho narrates bedtime stories to Eun-woo until the kid falls asleep. His mom is out for a neighborhood party and Ji-ho decides to grab drinks with his dad.

Ki-seok drops Jung-in home and wants to come over, but after learning that her sister is there, he changes his mind. Miffed, Jung-in asks if she’s just a sexual partner to him. He is irritated that she wants to pick fights on purpose, telling her to just say she doesn’t want to have sex instead of making excuses. The two part on an unpleasant note.

Ji-ho’s father drunkenly laments not providing his son opportunities to succeed and blames himself for Ji-ho’s life turning awry. Ji-ho asserts that he wouldn’t give up his life with Eun-woo for anything and reassures his father that he’s doing okay precisely because his parents raised him well.

Shaken up after the argument with Ki-seok, Jung-in calls her big sister for advice. She’s torn about betraying him, but Seo-in (LIM SEONG-EON) advises her to focus only on her happiness and guesses that there’s another man in the picture.

Hyun-soo (LIM YUN-SOO) reviews Si-hoon’s loan application and asks Ki-seok to disapprove the loan, even if the guy is family. Jung-in behaves strangely at work, prompting her coworker to ask if she’s okay. Eun-woo throws a tantrum about wanting to visit the library Jung-in works at. Still conflicted about his feelings, Ji-ho promises to take him another day. On her way to Yeong-joo’s (LEE SANG-HEE) , Jung-in sneaks glances at the pharmacy, hoping to see Ji-ho.

At her art class, Jung-in’s mom muses that she could have been an artist if she hadn’t gotten married at a young age. She gets a call from Si-hoon, who asks to come to dinner in a few days. Seo-in’s boss pressures her to make up her mind about the talk show he offered her. Jung-in’s father discovers that Chairman Kwon (Ki-seok’s dad) has an appointment at Si-hoon’s dental clinic and calls his son-in-law, instructing him to take extra good care of the man. Si-hoon acts a bit too friendly with Chairman Kwon by mentioning going out for drinks with Ki-seok, which seems to offend the older man.

Like Jung-in, Ji-ho’s coworkers also wonder about his strange mood and the fact that he keeps looking out the window. Yeong-joo walks into the pharmacy looking for a bandage. Ji-ho ends up asking about Jung-in and Yeong-joo promptly calls her friend to report this, noting her interest in knowing the details about Ji-ho.

Ki-seok’s dad instructs him not to get too close with Si-hoon. He pointedly mentions Ki-seok’s lack of interest in his hobbies since dating Jung-in and wants him to end the relationship. When Ki-seok announces his plans to marry her, his father gets angry. Ki-seok and Ji-ho have an intense basketball match the next day while Jung-in and Jae-in go grocery-shopping. Jung-in is shocked after finding out their mom already knows that Jae-in is back in Korea and living with her.

Si-hoon and Seo-in arrive at her parents’ house separately, which her mom finds odd. Seo-in mentally prepares herself to face dinner with her husband, and for good reason, because Si-hoon brings up meeting Ki-seok and suggests that they help him out by pressuring Jung-in for marriage. Dad has some disturbing advice in this regard, which angers Seo-in. She asks him to be respectful of her sister’s wishes and refrain from talking about her like she’s a pet they have to train to obey their commands.

Jung-in finds that Jae-in gave away the vitamins Ki-seok (and by extension, Ji-ho) brought her and gets mad. Ji-ho is at dinner with Ki-seok and the basketball group when he gets a text from Jung-in, asking if the pharmacy is open. He replies in the affirmative and we see Jung-in run out of her home and Ji-ho leave dinner with friends, both excited to see each other.

When they’re alone, Seo-in warns Si-hoon to keep out of her sisters’ lives and he manhandles her, stopping only when he sees someone coming. Ji-ho rushes to the pharmacy and waits for Jung-in, pretending that the shop was open all this time. She confesses that she hates taking pills and he counters it with confessing to hating reading books. The two have a hilarious teasing match and make each other laugh.

Ki-seok’s friends want to ask his girlfriend to join them for dinner and bring a single friend along to set one of them up. Ki-seok ends up calling Jung-in but she refuses to come. When he suggests coming over, she’s still with Ji-ho and asks him not to. Ji-ho silently passes her a note saying he’ll drop her home and she storms off, annoyed that he wants her to spend time with Ki-seok. He tries to explain several times, but the construction work happening outside the pharmacy keeps interrupting him. The serious mood breaks and the two start giggling.

Jung-in lets Ji-ho drop her home and they finally admit the excuses they keep making in order to see each other. She says she’s glad to know him, but he just wants to keep seeing her without any expectations, which surprises her.

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