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Jung-in (HAN JI-MIN) asks Eun-woo to guess who she is, and in true toddler fashion of blurting out uncomfortable truths at inopportune moments, he says, “Mom?” Shocked, Ji-ho (JUNG HAE-IN) scolds his son but Jung-in distracts him with all the dinosaur books she brought for him. She admonishes Ji-ho for scolding the child and advises him to apologize. He wants to grab coffee with her but she declines, citing work commitments. Yeong-joo (LEE SANG-HEE) observes the two and interrogates her friend about Ji-ho, noting that she’s been having strangely. Ji-ho goes back to Eun-woo and sweetly apologizes.

Seo-in (LIM SEONG-EON) wades through her husband’s mail and gives him a call to remind him to change his address. The man keeps insisting that they won’t be separated for long. When she threatens to involve his parents and sell the house, he gets angry and tells her to do whatever she wants.

Ki-seok (KIM JUN-HAN) is out with his younger brother, who notes that he and Jung-in must not get to spend a lot of time together and that’s why they’ve been together for so long. With a wry smile, Ki-seok advises his dongsaeng against dating someone for that long. They chat about how displaying affection is essential for couples because a lack of it entails that there are no feelings left, and Ki-seok, reflecting on his relationship, becomes quiet.

Jung-in goes back to the children’s reading room to check if Ji-ho is still there and is disappointed at not finding them. She checks her phone for to see his messages. Outside, standing by his car, Ji-ho does the same. On the drive back home, he tries asking Eun-woo why he suddenly brought up his mom but the kid has already dozed off.

After tucking Eun-woo in at his parents’ home, Ji-ho asks them if Eun-woo has mentioned his mom recently. His mother advises him to tell Eun-woo the truth as soon as he’s old enough, as well as any woman he might date in the future. His dad sends him off, adding that he doesn’t have to feel obligated to visit a lot.

Yeong-joo sees Ji-ho at her building and is surprised that he lives there. Jung-in receives a thank you text from Ji-ho and smiles involuntarily. Jae-in clicks a picture of her sister, remarking that she must really love her boyfriend to smile like that because of a simple text.

Seo-in’s husband, Si-hoon, gets handed notices of overdue rent as soon as he walks into his clinic. He calls up a friend and appears to be trying to sell their house which is under his wife’s name. Seo-in, on the other hand, gets offered a new show because of her “clean and gentle” image but seems more dismayed than excited. She, too, gets a call about selling her house.

Yeong-joo wants to know why Jung-in lied about Ji-ho. Defensively, Jung-in says that they agreed to be friends and Yeong-joo remarks that she’s in big trouble. Ki-seok pays a sudden visit to Ji-ho’s pharmacy, asking for vitamins for his girlfriend who has been on edge lately. When Ji-ho asks what’s wrong, he casually mentions that they’re having issues fixing their marriage. Ji-ho’s coworkers note his strange mood after Ki-seok leaves. On his way home, he stops by the coffee shop he visited with Jung-in.

Ki-seok and Jung-in’s fathers have lunch with mutual friends, who inquire why the two men aren’t in-laws yet. Ki-seok’s dad mutters something about their kids not being roadblocks for each other, making Jung-in’s dad worry.

Ki-seok hands Jung-in the vitamins from Ji-ho’s pharmacy and mentions that Ji-ho has a kid, in addition to making some condescending remarks about the guy being flawed and finding a woman in a similar situation as him. Annoyed, Jung-in points out that having a kid isn’t a crime. She makes her way back to her apartment and bumps into Jae-in, who is on her way out for dinner. Ki-seok gives Jung-in another call asking if she wants to go out for coffee but she declines using Jae-in as an excuse. Ki-seok watches Jae-in hail a cab with a dejected look on his face.

Jung-in calls Ji-ho to tell him she got the vitamins. “So this is how you sound on the phone,” he says. He mentions that he used to be pretty funny and she offers to listen to his jokes since they’re friends. She gets another call and they hang up.

Jae-in gets spotted going into Seo-in’s building by their mom. She has no option but to reveal that she dropped out and moved back, much to her mom’s chagrin. Ji-ho packs some vitamins for his friend Young-jae’s (LEE CHANG-HOON) parents and refuses to let him pay. He informs Ji-ho that he saw his Ki-seok’s girlfriend around the pharmacy.

Jung-in’s parents have another argument about their daughters. Jae-in visits her eldest sister, who hands her money. Seo-in asks why she hates Si-hoon. “Because he doesn’t know how to love you,” Jae-in replies. Si-hoon, meanwhile, has dinner with Ki-seok, who opens up about having trouble convincing Jung-in for marriage. Si-hoon suggests getting together and giving her ‘a push’. He also inquires about the process of getting a loan.

At dinner with Young-jae, Ji-ho tries talking about the troubles in his dating life but is unable to express his feelings. Ji-ho is out with her friends when she gets a call from him as he’s standing across the road looking at her. She becomes uncomfortable when he mentions wanting to hear her voice. He promises not to cross the line in their friendship, but she says that she’s not sure what crossing the line entails. She goes back to her friends and is unable to stop from tearing up despite the chatter around her.

The next day, Jung-in bumps into Ji-ho’s friend and Ki-seok’s coworker Hyun-soo as she waits outside her boyfriend’s office. Hyun-soo announces his plans to meet Ji-ho and interrogate him about lady troubles.

Ji-ho informs his friend that he’s working on ending it with the girl he’s interested in because he knows how difficult things will get for her. Just as Ki-seok asks if Jung-in is hesitating to marry him because of someone else and she denies, Ji-ho says that the woman he likes hates lying but keeps lying to him. He wonders if he should do as he pleases just once.

He ends up following Jung-in around as she works at the library, sneaking glances at her from between bookshelves. Yeong-joo finds Ki-seok standing outside and asks him to surprise Jung-in. She spots Ji-ho and goes to look for him but its Ki-seok who comes up to surprise her.

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