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Ji-ho (JUNG HAE-IN) and Jung-in sit at the same bench in Woori pharmacy where she’d asked him to be friends with her, back when they first met. Ji-ho opens up about his mental state after Eun-woo’s mom left them and how much it repressed his feelings. On the day he got drunk, however, he couldn’t control his anger. Jung-in (HAN JI-MIN) says he did well by expressing his feelings, and thanks him for understanding her anger even when he was upset. She then announces that a verbal apology isn’t enough and takes Ji-ho back to his apartment to write a pledge stating that he would quit drinking, and if he violates the pledge, she won’t marry him. After much denying and pouting, Ji-ho signs the document and they stick it on his fridge.

At the dinner, Ki-seok (KIM JUN-HAN) tells Jung-in’s dad that his father has been pondering the best position for him at the foundation. When Chairman Kwon brings up Ki-seok and Jung-in’s marriage in connection with the job, however, Principal Lee changes tracks and announces that the decision is up to his daughter. This stumps Ki-seok as well as his dad, but Ki-seok recovers enough to announce that he and Jung-in are planning to get married by the end of the year. Both old men look at him like he’s crazy.

Ji-ho and Jung-in have a heart-to-heart about the obstacles they will face from her family. He doesn’t want to rush into things, but she hates him being the subject of everyone’s disapproval. Ji-ho says that while he isn’t unfazed by the criticism, it doesn’t really hurt his pride because the most important person (aka Jung-in) already approves of him. Jung-in is moved by Ji-ho’s sincerity and how much he values her.

By the end of their dinner, both Principal Lee and Chairman Kwon are quite drunk and end up in an argument. Chairman Kwon wants to know if Jung-in will definitely marry Ki-seok, while Principal Lee accuses Ki-seok of rushing the marriage. Pretty soon, the two men are cursing each other out and Ki-seok has to hold them off lest they exchange blows.

Ki-seok takes a wasted Principal Lee to his house. Jung-in’s mom is surprised to hear that his husband had dinner with Ki-seok and his dad, and that they met to discuss his marriage with Jung-in. Ki-seok then spins Ji-ho’s threat about the illegal photos into a story about Ji-ho being after money. Jung-in’s mom doesn’t say much, but seems to be incredulous at his lies.

Jung-in informs Ji-ho that her mom wants to meet him. He’s excited, but wants to bring Eun-woo along too. Jung-in’s colleagues marvel at Ji-ho’s bravery in deciding to introduce his kid to her mom from the get-go. When Ji-ho reveals the plan to his parents, they are unconvinced, but he remains firm on his decision to take Eun-woo along. Later, though, Ji-ho’s father tells him that he’s proud of him.

Ki-seok blames his dad for picking a fight with Jung-in’s father and ruining his chances of marrying her. Perplexed, his dad asks where his dignity is, and if he can really love Jung-in for the rest of his life. Ki-seok is still obsessed with marrying Jung-in to defeat Ji-ho, and throws a tantrum like a spoiled rich brat being denied his favorite toy. Ugh.

On his way to work, Hyun-soo (LIM HYUN-SOO) catches up with Young-jae (LEE CHANG-HOON) on the phone, with the two friends joking about how Ji-ho will most likely be the first to get married. Ki-seok overhears their conversation.

Si-hoon sends gifts for the baby to Seo-in’s (LIM SEONG-EON) apartment, keeping up his relentless efforts to convince Seo-in to give up on the divorce. Annoyed, Jae-in (JOO MIN-KYUNG) blurts out that Seo-in should have pressed charges against Si-hoon when she had the chance, forgetting that Jung-in is in the room. Jung-in finally learns that her sister was assaulted by her husband.

Sitting in his office, Si-hoon finally puts his seal on the divorce papers. Jung-in goes to Seo-in and envelops her in a fierce hug. Jae-in joins them, and the three sisters cry together.

Jung-in’s family decide to meet Ji-ho at a traditional restaurant. As soon as Ji-ho arrives, all of them take turns to sweetly greet Eun-woo. The lunch is a bit awkward in the beginning, but after Jae-in volunteers to take Eun-woo away to play, they finally start talking. Seo-in is curious about what went through Ji-ho’s mind as a single father and asks for tips. Ji-ho reveals that Eun-woo was mostly raised by his parents, but then adds, “Since he was living with only me to look up to, I couldn’t crumble. And the same goes for Jung-in, because she is putting so much faith in me, I’ll do whatever I can to protect her.” His response moves all three women to tears, and as Jung-in announces that they are crybabies, everyone breaks into giggles.

Si-hoon drinks alone at a restaurant in the middle of the day. Ki-seok walks into the same restaurant and is surprised to see him. Si-hoon announces that he’s getting a divorce and blames Ki-seok not granting his loan for it. That angers Ki-seok, who fires back that Si-hoon didn’t help him marry Jung-in despite saying he would and the two drink together.

After lunch, Jae-in yells in her trademark straightforward manner for everyone to wrap things up and not drag it out. Jung-in’s mom reveals how touched she is that Ji-ho decided to bring Eun-woo along, because as a parent, she understands him. Seo-in chirps that she’ll contact him more often for help, seeing as she’s about to be a single mom soon. They discuss how they’re still far from persuading Jung-in’s dad, but Jung-in is confident that they can weather it out together.

Si-hoon and Ki-seok continue blaming each other for their pathetic circumstances, until Si-hoon starts hatching another plan and Ki-seok gets up to leave. Seo-in sticks a photo she took with Eunwoo in her diary and beneath it, writes the words Ji-ho said about protecting Jung-in forever. Jung-in’s mom walks through a market alone, enjoying the sights and smiling contentedly to herself. Jae-in enjoys a riverside date with Young-jae.

On their drive back home, Ji-ho is still in disbelief that he officially met Jung-in’s family. Eun-woo is happy to hear that “Ms. Lee” and Ji-ho are getting married and that “Ms. Lee” will become his mom soon. Ji-ho tells Jung-in that he’ll be good to her but she corrects him: “Three of us will be good to each other.”

Hye-jeong (SEO JEONG-YEON) throws an adorable tantrum when Ji-ho announces his marriage, being worried that he’ll quit his job but when he assures her that he’s not going anywhere, she perks up and resumes teasing him about Jung-in.

Chairman Kwon gives a lucrative job offer to Principal Lee, but gets frustrated when the latter asks for time to think about it. Principal Lee calls Jung-in, confirming one last time if there’s really no chance she’ll get back together with Ki-seok. Jung-in tears up and begs him to trust her, and we see Principal Lee walking away from the foundation building. Ki-seok’s dad advises him to give up on Jung-in, and it seems like he’s finally taking the advice because he sends an apologetic text to Jung-in.

Hyun-soo and Young-jae have a drinking party at Ji-ho’s place and when he refuses to drink, tease him for being wrapped around his girlfriend’s finger. In a little while, however, they convince Ji-ho to drink with them as well as lie to Jung-in that they’ve left, when they are still very much there. Yeong-joo (LEE SANG-HEE) notes the delivery guys visiting Ji-ho’s place and texts Jung-in to ask if he’s having a party. An angry Jung-in drops in at Ji-ho’s place early next morning and proceeds to tear Ji-ho’s pledge off the fridge, announcing that she’s not marrying him anymore. Ji-ho apologizes for drinking, but that’s not what Jung-in is mad about—she’s mad that he lied. When Ji-ho tries to be cute, however, her anger melts and they end up in his room, cuddling.

Jung-in officially meets Ji-ho’s parents, and despite her nervousness, it goes rather smoothly. Jung-in’s dad is still sulking about Seo-in’s divorce, but his wife asks him to be the kind of parent who neither expects too much from his kids nor pressures them for anything. Ji-ho’s dad smiles at seeing Jung-in get along with Eun-woo and asks her to join them for drinks. Meanwhile, Ki-seok goes on a date and lies when asked about his last relationship.

Jung-in has a great time with Ji-ho’s family. When she gets serious and lets them know of her intentions to be good to Ji-ho and Eun-woo, Ji-ho’s parents tear up. The next day, Jung-in is shocked to wake up in Eun-woo’s room and berates Ji-ho for not taking her home. Ji-ho cheekily orders her to write a pledge for herself and now it’s her time to make excuses.

Jung-in and Ji-ho get ready for work, and we see that they’ve stuck each other’s pledge on the fridge in their respective apartments. Ji-ho’s pledge is amended to say that he will never lie, while Jung-in’s says that she will marry Ji-ho or stay single forever. They send each other cute texts through the day. Jung-in visits the pharmacy after work, where they jokingly reenact their first meeting and then slip to the back of the shop to kiss.

Final Thoughts

What a sweet and satisfying ending to a show fraught with slow burn angst. To be honest, even until the final fifteen minutes of the finale, I wasn’t sure if we’d have a truly happy ending. I was especially worried about Seo-in’s arc, but I couldn’t be gladder when Si-hoon finally signed the divorce papers! Director Ahn Pan-seok is kind of notorious for foregoing happy endings in favor of more realistic ones, hence my cautiousness. But for this once, I’m glad he just decided to leave us with something satisfying. Not to say that the ending was unrealistic, because after all Ji-ho and Jung-in went through, there was nothing to be done but to let them be in love.

Overall, I’d say the show was entertaining and frustrating in equal parts. The frustrating bits had less to do with writing and more with how realistically the show explored men patronizing women—be it Jung-in’s dad with his wife and daughters, Ki-seok with Jung-in, or Si-hoon with Seo-in. Even more than Ji-ho and Jung-in’s relationship, I found myself invested in the dynamics between the Lee sisters as well as Seo-in’s struggle to break out of a physically abusive relationship. As happy as I am that our lead couple got their happily ever after, I’m also glad that these sisters who stood by each other through thick and thin, will be living lives on their own terms. In that sense, I’d say this drama was as feminist as they come.

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