One Spring Night Episodes 3-4 Recap

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Jung-in (HAN JI-MIN) and Jae-in (JOO MIN-KYUNG) watch the basketball match and Jae-in notices Ji-ho (JUNG HAE-IN), wondering whether she should hit on him. Jung-in asks her to be on her best behavior. After the game, the sisters end up joining Ki-seok’s (KIM JUN-HAN) team for dinner.

Seo-in (LIM SEONG-EON) opens a file with photos of bruised limbs to add more photos. She rushes to hide the file when the bell rings. It’s her mom, who has brought food and herbal medicine. Once again, she comments on how weak/pale Seo-in looks, which we now know might not be a simple health issue. Seo-in tells her mother not to pressure Jung-in into getting married.

At dinner, Ji-ho passes Jung-in chopsticks when she drops hers. When she steps out to use the loo, she bumps into Ji-ho who’s talking to his son on the phone. Later, the group plays a game of guessing Ji-ho’s job and Jung-in pretends not to know.

Jung-in’s mom and dad argue about dad pressuring the girls to get married. At a noraebang (Karaoke/singing room), Ji-ho and Jung-in end up reserving the same song and are about to sing a duet when Ji-ho gets a call and leaves. Turns out Eun-woo, his son, has been hospitalized because of gastroenteritis and Ji-ho’s parents are caring for him.

Seo-in has to face her husband at work, who is super charming in front of others. Jung-in and her co-workers at the library brainstorm for an event. Jung-in suggests ‘last snow’ as a theme. We see that she’s been thinking of Ji-ho because on her notepad, she has scrawled the words “when it snows next.” At the hospital, Ji-ho asks his mom if he should be moving back home.

Ji-ho’s friend Choi Hyun-soo (LIM YUN-SOO) tells Ki-seok about Ji-ho’s girlfriend who disappeared after giving birth to Eun-woo. Ki-seok says he feels sorry for Ji-ho and remarks that he’ll never find a woman in his situation.

Jung-in wanders around the pharmacy to catch a glimpse of Ji-ho and gets caught by Ji-ho himself, who comes up behind her. Flustered, she runs inside the pharmacy and hears Ji-ho tell his co-workers that he’ll work tomorrow and that his son is fine. He leaves and texts Jung-in that he’ll wait for her at the corner.

Saying that people will talk if they see him with Jung-in, he takes her to a coffee shop and informs her that his son was sick. She asks what he meant by people will talk and he explains that she could become a subject of gossip if people see them hanging out with a single dad like him. She asks to be friends again, but he thinks she’s pitying him. When he brings up her boyfriend, she takes offense. Eventually, he agrees to be friends with her.

Ji-ho brings his car to drop Jung-in home. She laughs at the dinosaur stickers in his car and takes a picture. Ji-ho stops the car when he sees Jae-in with Park Yeong-jae (LEE CHANG-HOON), his friend who is preparing for the civil service exam. Jung-in is surprised to see the two together while Ji-ho finds it funny.

She gets home and interrogates Jae-in about the guy she was with. Jae-in casually mentions hanging out with Young-jae, wondering why her sister didn’t say hi if she saw them. Jung-in is momentarily speechless until Jae-in asks if she should make a move on the pharmacist. When Jung-in reminds her he’s Ki-seok’s friend, Jae-in quips that that means Jung-in can’t date him.

Ki-seok’s dad has another run-in with Jung-in’s at school. Once again, he’s extremely rude and condescending, declining a lunch invitation by Jung-in’s dad, who then decides to meet Ki-seok for lunch. When Ki-seok calls Jung-in to inform her of his plans, she is annoyed because her dad and Ki-seok will most likely talk about their marriage. Ki-seok can’t understand why she hates the thought of marriage so much and says he’ll visit her at home to talk. He calls up Jung-in’s dad and cancels the lunch appointment.

Ji-ho mentions that he’s thinking of moving to his parents’ place to a coworker, who advises him against it. She recounts her experience of not getting time to have a life.

Ki-seok visits Jung-in after work to talk things through. After giving several vague answers, she tells him that she needs a break. Again, he wonders if something else is the matter with her and finally agrees to give her space to think.

Ji-ho takes his son to a park and texts Jung-in while he plays. Jung-in is at work, texting Ji-ho back with a smile that Yeong-joo finds suspicious. Ji-ho takes Eun-woo to see dinosaurs, not at a zoo, but somewhere else. Jung-in finds books with illustrations matching Eun-woo’s dinosaur stickers. She meets them at the library and asks Eun-woo to guess who she is. When he guesses that she’s his mom, both Ji-ho and Jung-in are stumped.

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