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Wondering if he can trust Jung-in’s feelings for him to never change, an intoxicated, miserable Ji-ho (JUNG HAE-IN) asks, “Will you leave us too?” Jung-in (HAN JI-MIN) asks if he doesn’t trust her and when Ji-ho doesn’t answer, she leaves his apartment feeling hurt. Young-jae tries to stop her and makes excuses for Ji-ho’s behavior, even going to the extent of telling her about Eun-woo’s mom, but Jung-in doesn’t want to hear about the woman. She grabs her bag from Yeong-joo’s place, bails on the night she had planned with her friends and leaves. On her way back home, she ignores a call from Ki-seok.

When Jung-in gets home, however, she is greeted by a slightly tipsy Ki-seok (KIM JUN-HAN) waiting outside her door. Strangely enough, she proceeds to ask him if he would get back with her despite her having betrayed him once, and if he would be able to trust her again. Ki-seok is silent for a while, but says that yes, he would be willing to get back with her despite everything. Next thing we know, Ki-seok is leaving Jung-in’s building with a confident smile.

Ji-ho wakes up way past his work timing the next day and immediately dials Young-jae (LEE CHANG-HOON) to inquire what happened with Jung-in last night. When Young-jae finishes recounting, Ji-ho hangs his head in regret.

Ki-seok can’t stop smiling at work because of last night’s conversation with Jung-in. At the library, Yeong-joo (LEE SANG-HEE) finds Jung-in skipping lunch and sitting alone, deep in thought. Jung-in reveals that she’s worried about Ji-ho still being hung up on his ex. Yeong-joo thinks that’s logically unlikely, but Jung-in points out how Ji-ho said that he couldn’t trust Jung-in, but on the other hand, Ki-seok was willing to trust her again. Yeong-joo wonders if her friend is going to put the blame on Ji-ho and run away again, and advises her to let bygones be bygones when it comes to Ji-ho’s past.

Ji-ho manages to make it to the pharmacy but is swamped with work all day. When he finally gets a chance to call Jung-in, he’s too nervous to apologize on the phone. The two decide to meet in a cafe they frequent. In his panic, Ji-ho blurts out everything to Hye-jeong (SEO JEONG-YEON) and asks for advice, but she only points out that he hasn’t been showing his true self—insecurities and all—to Jung-in.

When Ji-ho finally sees Jung-in, the first thing he does is apologize to her and assure her that he doesn’t doubt her feelings one bit. Jung-in, however, remains ill at ease and reveals that because she’s already betrayed her boyfriend once before, she’s having trouble trusting her own feelings now.

Ki-seok’s dad asks him to attend a dinner which is basically a setup with his friend’s daughter. While Ki-seok doesn’t outrightly refuse to meet the woman, he does ask his dad to postpone the dinner for a bit.

Jung-in opens up to Ji-ho about how hearing those words from him made her confront her own feelings about how fast their relationship is progressing, and that she’s wondering if they took things too fast, too soon, referring to the proposal. She wants to take a break to figure out her feelings for him. Ji-ho agrees that they haven’t been completely honest with each other about their fears and anxieties, but once again, pleads with her to never leave him and Eun-woo.

Ji-ho gets back to his apartment, looks at the photo of him with Jung-in and Eun-woo on his bedside table, and rushes straight to Jung-in’s apartment. Even after several bells and phone calls, she doesn’t sleep but doesn’t open the door for Ji-ho either. He gets a call from Eun-woo asking when he’s visiting, and decides to go see his son.

Ji-ho’s mom tells him all about her meeting with Jung-in’s mom and can’t stop talking about how kind and understanding the woman was, but Ji-ho is too sad to be excited about this. He goes to lay beside Eun-woo, who asks him when they will hang out with Jung-in again, as Ji-ho tears up.

Ki-seok bumps into Hyun-soo (LIM HYUN-SOO) in the tea room and passive-aggressively inquires about how Ji-ho is doing. With an obviously sarcastic smile on his face, he asks Hyun-soo to be there for his buddy in the time of his need.

Jung-in’s mom visits her at work and tells her about meeting Ji-ho’s mom, giving her approval to her relationship with him. Jung-in breaks down, and mom asks her to resolve the situation with dad without being too mean.

Ji-ho spends the entire day at work in a bad mood. Young-jae breaks the news of Ji-ho and Jung-in being on a break to Jae-in (JOO MIN-KYUNG), who is shocked. She announces that if they break up she would have to break up with Young-jae too, because she can’t be disloyal to her sister and continue to date Ji-ho’s friend. Young-jae is dumbfounded by this logic and calls her absurd.

Seo-in (LIM SEONG-EON) calls Si-hoon over to the house to try to convince him for the divorce one last time. She gives him a choice between a clean divorce and giving up his parental rights or being charged with both physical and sexual assault and going to jail. Yet again, Si-hoon tries to stall the divorce until Seo-in gives birth, but she just asks him to cut the bullshit and sign the papers.

Jae-in can’t believe how harshly Jung-in is treating Ji-ho, but Jung-in defends herself, saying she was hurt by him too. Jae-in leaves her sister to her stubbornness.

Hyun-soo calls Ji-ho, expressing amazement at the fact that even Ki-seok knows about his breakup-like situation with Jung-in. Ji-ho leaves the pharmacy and calls Ki-seok, asking to see him. Ki-seok thinks that Ji-ho called him out of desperation, but gets surprised when Ji-ho warns him about meddling in Jung-in’s life. Ki-seok counters that by telling Ji-ho that Jung-in is not someone who can be satisfied with a crappy romance, but instead needs someone of wealth and good background like him. Ji-ho patiently listens to Ki-seok, before playing his masterstroke: if Ki-seok doesn’t stop bothering Jung-in, he would take legal action against Chairman Kwon for snooping on him and Eun-woo and taking pictures of them. Ki-seok first balks at the idea of Ji-ho challenging his father, but returns to his office looking rattled. He calls up Jung-in’s dad and makes plans for dinner, reminding him that he’d said he would set up a wedding date for him and Jung-in. Principal Lee looks surprised at Ki-seok’s call, but agrees to meet him.

Jung-in visits the pharmacy but is disappointed when Hye-jeong informs her that Ji-ho isn’t there. She goes to leave, but it looks like Hye-jeong has had an idea, because she follows Jung-in out.

Principal Lee has an awkward encounter with Chairman Kwon. Ki-seok meets his dad and announces that Jung-in’s wandering days are over. Ki-seok’s dad wants to know if Jung-in is back with him, but mysteriously, Ki-seok says that’s up to Dad and pesters him to decide on a position for Jung-in’s father. Then the door opens and Jung-in’s dad enters. The old men are surprised to see each other, and Ki-seok makes things even more awkward by leaving them alone to iron out the details of the job.

Ji-ho gets back to the pharmacy to find his colleagues leaving work, upset at him for being absent when the shop was so busy. As soon as they exit the shop, however, they burst into squeals. We find out the reason when Ji-ho goes to the back of the shop and finds Jung-in waiting for him. Jung-in says that she’s there to buy a medicine “that can cure the need to smack someone,” which breaks the ice between them, prompting Ji-ho to kiss her.

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