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After Jung-in’s dad sees the photos of Ji-ho (JUNG HAE-IN) with his son, Jung-in’s mom calls her, asking her to run away. Ji-ho drives Jung-in to her parents’ apartment as she prepares to face her dad, then drops Eun-woo off at his parents’ house and rushes back to wait for Jung-in (HAN JI-MIN).

Jung-in’s mom is shocked to see her at home, pushing her to leave because her father is in a terrible temper, but Jung-in says she’s ready to face him. Jung-in’s dad throws the photos in front of her and asks her to explain herself. She admits that the man she’s dating has a child, and also drops the bomb that she’s planning to marry him. Her father thinks she’s being absurd and takes issue with the fact that she’s not even asking for her parents’ approval to marry Ji-ho, but only notifying them. Dad asks her to bring Ji-ho home, but Jung-in refuses, knowing that dad will humiliate him.

Ji-ho waits outside Jung-in’s parents building and gets a call from Jae-in (JOO MIN-KYUNG), who forbids him to go inside. Jung-in’s dad tells her that she doesn’t have to date Ki-seok (KIM JUN-HAN) anymore, and he’ll even give up his job with Ki-seok’s dad’s foundation, in return for her to stop dating Ji-ho. Jung-in acknowledges the hurt she’s causing her parents, but refuses to give up on Ji-ho. Jung-in’s mom intervenes and asks everyone to take time to think about things.

Ki-seok meets Si-hoon for drinks, who notices Ki-seok’s weird mood and points out that Ki-seok is drinking more than usual. Ki-seok wants to know how Si-hoon got around to marrying Seo-in (LIM SEONG-EON) and what he’s doing to keep his marriage going. (Not the best person for advice, if you ask me, Ki-seok.)

Jae-in rushes to her parents house, promising to call Ji-ho, who is waiting below the building, as soon as she knows what’s going on. She walks in on Jung-in preparing to leave the house in tears, with her dad yelling how much Jung-in humiliated him in front of Chairman Kwon. Jung-in’s dad seems to think that Chairman Kwon sent the pictures, and hisses that there’s no way she’s getting back with Ki-seok NOW (why does everyone choose to forget that she broke up with him!!!).

Ki-seok wants Si-hoon to enlist Seo-in’s help in convincing Jung-in to marry him, and promises to let Si-hoon rent space in his father’s building. (Oh my god, this man will stop at nothing.)

Jung-in walks out of the building looking very much like she’s cried a lot and Ji-ho quietly takes her into his arms. Jae-in waits for her parents to calm down, then quietly leaves the house. Back at Ji-ho’s apartment, the two discuss how others’ harsh words about their relationship shouldn’t matter to them. Ji-ho asks Jung-in to lean on him for support and she does, quite literally, comforting him for worrying about her.

When Jae-in sees her mom next, she asks her to leave Jung-in and Ji-ho alone because all they’re doing is being in love. She points out the fact that Seo-in will be a single mom soon, and would mom like it if people judged Seo-in like Jung-in’s parents are judging Ji-ho? Stressed, Jung-in’s mom says she doesn’t know what to think anymore.

Hye-jeong noona (SEO JEONG-YEON) teases Ji-ho about spending the weekend with Jung-in, joking that she’ll tell his mom. Next thing we know, she actually gets a call from Ji-ho’s mom, who wants to meet but doesn’t want Ji-ho to know.

Jung-in’s friends at work are shocked to learn that Ki-seok hired a private investigator to spy on her, remarking that the rich operate in weird ways. Jung-in doesn’t seem to think Ki-seok would have hired a private investigator, casting her suspicions on his dad instead. She calls up Ki-seok, who nonchalantly asks when she’s free to grab dinner with him. When she says she wants to meet at his father’s house, Ki-seok becomes nervous.

Ji-ho opens up to Hye-jeong about Jung-in proposing to him and worries about their parents’ reactions. Hyejeong noona advises him to focus on showing Jung-in how far he’s willing to go for her. Jung-in calls Ji-ho, informing him about her plans to meet Ki-seok and his dad, but he says this is the last time he’s letting her handle everything alone. Jokingly, they make bets on how many more obstacles they can tolerate. Ji-ho is sure he will win, and as his prize, wants them to always remember each other. On his way back home, Ji-ho passes all the spots he met Jung-in at and reminisces about their journey together, even sending Jung-in a picture.

Jung-in walks into Ki-seok’s house, with Ki-seok behind her. She calmly hands his dad the pictures of Ji-ho that were sent to her father. Despite knowing that Ki-seok sent the photos, his father doesn’t say a thing as Jung-in thanks him for making the task of telling her parents about Ji-ho easier. She hands him her business card and asks for the original copies to be sent to her because she doesn’t think it’s right that Ki-seok’s dad has them in the first place. With that, she walks out. Ki-seok follows her and reveals that he was the one who sent the photos, yelling that he doesn’t understand why she would pick Ji-ho over him, when he’s wealthy and comes from a better background. Jung-in just hands him back the ring, apologizes for betraying him and walks away, as Ki-seok shouts that she’ll never be happy with Ji-ho.

Ki-seok tells his dad that he’s partially responsible for this mess, insisting that Jung-in is only with Ji-ho out of pity. Ki-seok’s father grabs Jung-in’s card and leaves him with the advice to not turn out like him. While walking back home, Jung-in spots Ji-ho across the road and calls him to say that she’s so glad he’s with her. She excitedly crosses the road and runs to hug him.

Jung-in’s mom visits the library but leaves without meeting her. When Jung-in finds out, she tears up and texts her mom an apology again. Seo-in’s lawyer asks her to file a restraining order against Si-hoon, assuring her that Si-hoon will end up in jail for at least a couple of years. When Seo-in refuses to file a restraining order, Jae-in wonders if her sister is planning to forgive Si-hoon, but Seo-in says she’s thinking of another way to handle the guy. Jae-in gets a call from her mom, who wants to know where Ji-ho works.

Ki-seok’s dad sends Jung-in the photos she asked for and to celebrate, Yeong-joo (LEE SANG-HEE) invites everyone for drinks at her place. Jung-in jokes that she’ll be hanging out on the third floor. Her good mood vanishes when she gets a text from Ki-seok, who’s at the library and wants to talk. He tries to get her to change her mind by bringing up her dad’s job. In a resigned tone, she wonders if he was always this horrible or if she brought it out in him. Ki-seok asks her to make a decision keeping both their families in mind, but she foils his attempt by refusing yet again.

Jung-in’s mom observes Ji-ho from outside the pharmacy, walking away when he spots her. She walks right into the restaurant Ji-ho’s mom is meeting Hye-jeong in, and overhears Ji-ho’s mom worrying about Eun-woo suffering in the midst of everything. Hye-jeong assures her that Jung-in and Ji-ho are meant to be together. Later, Jung-in’s mom finds Ji-ho’s mom crying at a bus stop, and stops to introduce herself.

Principal Lee avoids Chairman Kwon at work. Ji-ho’s mom can’t help crying up in front of Jung-in’s mom, prompting the latter to comfort her. The two moms end up laughing about their situations. Hye-jeong tells Ji-ho that she met his mom, who was worried about Jung-in as well as Eun-woo’s mom, Yu-mi. Ji-ho is frustrated with her mom for bringing up Yu-mi, because it makes his anxiety return too, when most of the time he tries hard to pretend that he’s not terrified of Eun-woo’s mom returning and demanding Eun-woo back. Hye-jeong informs Ji-ho that Yu-mi is now married with a kid, and Ji-ho breaks down, half in relief and half in anger.

Jung-in walks to Yeong-joo’s building with alcohol and food, but ditches her friends to run to Ji-ho’s apartment, leaving them to remark how crazy she is for him. Ji-ho is not home, so Jung-in just walks around and admires the photo on his bedside, which is now the one of her, Eun-woo, and himself.

Ji-ho gets heavily drunk that evening, with Hye-jeong noona trying to console him as he keeps spilling his drink in between breaking into sobs about how his heart hurts for Eun-woo because of what his mom did. Hye-jeong calls Young-jae (LEE CHANG-HOON), who immediately comes over to take Ji-ho home. At his house, Ki-seok also drinks heavily.

Ji-ho wants to go see Eun-woo but Young-jae drags him home instead. Jung-in is at Yeong-joo’s when he hears them climb up and runs to meet Ji-ho, but gets worried when Young-jae informs her that Ji-ho is drunk and crying. She sits beside Ji-ho, asking if something is wrong, and a panicked Ji-ho wonders aloud if she will leave him and Eun-woo just like Eun-woo’s mom did.

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