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Ji-ho (JUNG HAE-IN) moves from his bedroom to the living room sofa to sleep. Jung-in (HAN JI-MIN) continues sleeping in his bedroom, taking up the entire bed and pushing pillows to the ground. At Jung-in’s house, we see her sister Jae-in sleep in the same position. We cut to Jung-in, who is now awake and staring at a sleeping Ji-ho. He wakes with a start, surprised to see her, and they bicker over her sleeping habits before cuddling on the tiny sofa amidst kisses.

Jae-in (JOO MIN-KYUNG) visits her mother and Seo-in (LIM SEONG-EON), and reveals that Jung-in didn’t come home last night, prompting worried comments from their mom. Jung-in returns to Yeong-joo’s (LEE SANG-HEE) apartment and finds her looking extremely upset. She thinks it’s because she slept at Ji-ho’s house, but Yeong-joo reveals that Ki-seok is on his way to meet Yeong-joo. Yeong-joo worries that Ki-seok’s strategy of relentlessly pursuing her might end up working, but Jung-in is firm on not leaving Ji-ho. She calls Ki-seok (KIM JUN-HAN), and announces that she’ll tell her parents the truth about Ji-ho so he can stop driving her nuts over it.

Jung-in goes back to Ji-ho’s apartment, upset and irritated, recklessly dialing her mom’s number before Ji-ho talks her out of it because he doesn’t think telling her parents will make Ki-seok give up. Mom calls her back, and she lies that she spent the night at Yeong-joo’s as Ji-ho tries to contain his laugh beside her. Mom guesses that her daughter is hiding something about the guy she is seeing, and muses to Jae-in and Seo-in that she should mentally prepare herself.

Chairman Kwon meets up with a bunch of his friends. When someone points out that Principal Lee is missing, he appears shocked about forgetting to invite him. Jung-in’s mom returns home from Seo-in’s place with her luggage, and the first thing her husband does is ask if Seo-in changed her mind about divorcing Si-hoon. Mom asks him to respect his daughter’s decision. Then, surprisingly, Jung-in’s dad announces that he’d like to meet the guy Jung-in is dating.

Ki-seok waits for Jung-in outside her apartment, then calls up Ji-ho, who ignores his call and doesn’t mention anything to Jung-in. In desperation, Ki-seok goes all the way to Ji-ho’s apartment. When he rings the bell, however, it’s Hyun-soo (LIM HYUN-SOO) and Young-jae who open the door and inform him that Ji-ho isn’t home. Ki-seok makes an excuse about wanting to talk to Ji-ho, but when he leaves, Young-jae (LEE CHANG-HOON) remarks that he must have come looking for Jung-in, and that his behavior is bordering on obsession. I agree.

Jung-in’s mom visits her at work. Jung-in is surprised to learn that her father wants to meet Ji-ho, and finally tells her mom that the guy she’s dating is a single father. She breaks down while apologizing and repeats over and over that she likes Ji-ho a lot. Jung-in’s mom is stunned but still manages to console her, and when Jung-in suggests that she meet Ji-ho, mom realizes that Jung-in is considering marriage. At the pharmacy, Ji-ho informs Hye-jeong noona that he will be stepping out for a bit.

Ki-seok bumps into Hyun-soo at work, but because of last night’s events, he’s embarrassed and awkward, spilling coffee over himself and letting out a string of curses. Principal Lee’s encounter with Chairman Kwon is similarly awkward, where he pretends that he couldn’t make it to the get-together because of plans with his wife. When Chairman Kwon calls him later to make plans for dinner, an annoyed Principal Lee makes an excuse.

While looking for Jung-in at the library, Ji-ho bumps into Yeong-joo and another colleague of Jung-in, who tells him where Jung-in is and remarks that she would be walking around with the biggest smile on the her face if she had a boyfriend like Ji-ho. Ji-ho finds Jung-in crying in an empty room. She tells him that her mom left without giving her an answer about meeting him, and he consoles her, managing to cheer her up enough to kiss him. He spends the rest of his day watching her work at the library. When she hands him a book to put in one of the topmost shelves, he lifts her up instead, and the two try to silence their giggles in the middle of a quiet library.

Jung-in’s mom discusses with Jae-in and Seo-in what Jung-in told her, worrying that Jung-in is considering marriage. Seo-in urges her mom to meet Ji-ho.

Si-hoon consults a lawyer friend regarding the case Seo-in is about to file against him, passing it off as an inquiry on behalf of a friend. He’s shocked when his friend tells him that all forms of physical and sexual violence between married couples is punishable by law, and that Si-hoon’s (hypothetical) friend most likely will not win the case. What rock has Si-hoon been living under that abuse being a criminal offense is news to him?

As Ji-ho and Jung-in walk to their car, Ki-seok watches them from his car. After getting Jung-in seated, Ji-ho steps away to make a call. Turns out he has noticed Ki-seok stalking (frankly, I don’t know if a milder term exists for what Ki-seok is doing) them and gives him a warning call, which Ki-seok doesn’t pick. Ki-seok follows them all the way to Ji-ho’s apartment building. Ji-ho sends Jung-in up and confronts Ki-seok, asking him to show her respect and stop being pathetic, but Ki-seok is undeterred. Suddenly, Jung-in stomps out in anger and warns Ki-seok to stop threatening Ji-ho, or she’ll go to any length to stop him.

Si-hoon shows up at Seo-in’s apartment and is annoyed to find that Jae-in has moved in. He brings Seo-in to another room on the pretext of speaking to her privately, only to dissuade her from filing for divorce yet again. When things get heated, he almost raises a hand at her, but this time, Jae-in sees him do it and is enraged. She lashes out at Si-hoon, hitting, pushing, and cursing at him till Seo-in manages to get her off of Si-hoon. She breaks down as she realizes how much Seo-in has been suffering all this while.

Ki-seok visits his dad and continues to deny that Jung-in is seeing another man. He asks his father to give Jung-in’s dad a decent post-retirement position in his company, basically asking that he bribe Jung-in’s father, and by extension, her into marrying Ki-seok.

Jae-in gets into bed beside Jung-in, sleepily asking her to never break up with Ji-ho and live a happy married life with the guy she loves. Young-jae visits Ji-ho at the pharmacy and jokes that Jae-in asked Ji-ho to elope with Jung-in, but he can’t imagine the decent Ji-ho ever doing something like this. Ji-ho defiantly remarks that he would like to try being a bad boy for once.

Chairman Kwon catches Principal Lee avoiding him at work. Ki-seok puts the photos of Ji-ho and his son into an envelope. Ji-ho’s mom and dad send off their son and grandson for a daylong trip with Jung-in. They pick up Jung-in on the way, and she greets Eun-woo enthusiastically. Ji-ho is awkward around Eun-woo, not knowing what to say, prompting Jung-in to team up with Eun-woo and tease him. Ji-ho remarks that he’s already worried about the rest of the day, but also seems less awkward. Jung-in’s dad discovers an unnamed envelope in his mailbox, but because he’s in a hurry to get to a wedding, he does not open it.

Ji-ho, Jung-in and Eun-woo paint the picture of a happy family on their trip. Jung-in asks Ji-ho if Eun-woo will remember this day, and Ji-ho is sure he will. She grabs Ji-ho’s phone and showing him a picture of the three of them, asks him to change his bedside photo. Before he can respond, she mutters, “first attempt, fail,” and runs to Eun-woo, whispering something in the kid’s ears. Eun-woo runs to his father to relay that “Ms. Lee” asked if he would like her to be his mom, and he said yes. Ji-ho realizes that Jung-in is proposing and walks towards her to confirm if she’s really coming to them. She counts the many ways in which she’ll be a difficult wife and he embraces her.

Jung-in’s dad returns from the wedding, unfortunately, to find the envelope still in his mailbox and opens it to find the photos of Ji-ho and Eun-woo that Ki-seok had. Ji-ho’s parents worry about Ji-ho’s growing relationship with Jung-in, not wanting their son to have his heart broken again. Jung-in’s dad is absolutely furious that the guy she’s seeing has a kid and yells at her mom to call Jung-in and ask her to come home immediately. Jung-in is on her way back with Ji-ho when she gets the call from her mom.

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