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As Jung-in (HAN JI-MIN) shows up to meet Ki-seok’s dad, he puts away the photos of her and Ji-ho that his private investigator handed him. Over dinner, Jung-in’s dad drunkenly assures Ki-seok (KIM JUN-HAN) that he’ll marry Jung-in no matter what, just as Jung-in asks Ki-seok’s dad to discourage his son from pursuing her. This time, Ki-seok’s dad advises her to reconsider, because one’s feelings are subject to change. Jung-in realizes that she can’t turn to him for help any more and leaves. We see that a photo of Ji-ho and Eun-woo is among the pile Ki-seok’s dad hid away.

Jung-in texts Ji-ho (JUNG HAE-IN) that she’s exhausted and going to bed, and he seems to realize something happened. Ki-seok is shocked to receive a package from his father, full of secretly taken pictures of Ki-seok, Jung-in and Ji-ho.

Ji-ho calls Jung-in, hoping to find out why she was feeling down last night. When she doesn’t want to talk about it, he asks if she would like to meet his parents. She’s worried that they won’t like her, but he assures her that his parents are nice and will be able to see how kind she is.

Si-hoon shows up to Seo-in’s (LIM SEONG-EON) parents’ house, gets on his knees, and begins apologizing profusely, taking her dad by surprise. He concocts a story about drinking out of stress and lashing out at Seo-in just once. He pleads that he can’t live without Seo-in and doesn’t want to divorce her, and while Seo-in’s mom is able to see right through his lies, her dad seems to agree with Si-hoon and gets ready to go talk to his daughter.

While visiting Yeong-joo (LEE SANG-HEE), Jung-in bumps into Eun-woo and Ji-ho’s mom, who are on their way to his apartment. Ji-ho is surprised when he hears of this and wants to know what his mom thought of Jung-in, pestering her. Mom thinks Jung-in looked smart, meticulous, and pretty.

Jung-in, too, worries about what Ji-ho’s mom thought of her, and Yeong-joo wonders if she’s thinking of marrying Ji-ho, reminding her again that marriage to Ji-ho implies becoming a mom to Eun-woo. Jung-in repeats Ki-seok’s dad’s words, wondering if feelings can really change easily, and Yeong-joo says that she’s proof of it. She gets a call from Ki-seok, who wants to talk.

Seo-in’s dad asks her to reconsider filing for divorce as Seo-in’s mom watches in disbelief. When she refuses to budge, dad brings up how her public image and career will suffer if she becomes a divorcee. When he brings up the possibility of having a kid, she blurts out that she’s already is pregnant, and refuses to let Si-hoon, who is suddenly acting all emotional, touch her. Dad announces that a divorce is even more of an impossibility in this situation, but Seo-in can’t believe how cruel he is and how unaffected he seems by the fact that his child was assaulted.

Seo-in’s mom apologizes to her for her dad’s behavior, and can’t believe that she lived so many years with a man who couldn’t be moved by his daughter’s plight. Si-hoon asks to speak to Seo-in alone, gets on his knees again, and promises to devote his life to their baby. She knows that he thinks she’s out of options because of her pregnancy, but announces that she’ll file for divorce anyway. She asks him to give up parental rights if he wants to avoid being charged for assault but once again, he refuses to let her go.

Jung-in calls Ji-ho outside his apartment, wanting to know what his mom thought of her. He teases her, saying his mom thought she looked ugly and she mock-punches him. Ji-ho’s mom watches them from the window and smiles at how happy he looks. Jung-in tells Ji-ho that she might be meeting Ki-seok and he’s surprisingly understanding of the situation.

Ki-seok brings Jung-in to the place they met for the first time and reminisces about how smitten he was with her. He proceeds to propose by handing her a ring and remarking that he’s doing it for her sake. Ji-ho anxiously checks his phone, while Ki-seok hugs a silent Jung-in.

Ji-ho’s mom gushes to his dad about how happy their son looked with Jung-in. Jung-in’s mom rebukes her husband for being a disappointment by asking Seo-in to bury what happened to her and not get a divorce, but he is unmoved by his wife’s accusations and simply suggests marrying Jung-in off before she becomes the sister of a divorcee. Jung-in’s mom can only stare in disbelief.

At work the next day, Jung-in sees Seo-in’s photos all over the internet, accompanied by news of her pregnancy and rushes to call her sister. Ji-ho gets a call from Hyun-soo (LIM HYUN-SOO), informing him of Ki-seok bragging about proposing to Jung-in at work. Ki-seok smugly asks if Hyun-soo relayed the news to Ji-ho. Seo-in deals with everyone congratulating her at work and Si-hoon walks into his office grinning from ear to ear.

Ji-ho calls Ki-seok, asking to meet. Jae-in (JOO MIN-KYUNG) meets her mom, who informs her that she has decided to divorce his dad, with Jae-in cheekily remarking if divorce is the latest trend. Once again, Jung-in’s dad tries convincing Chairman Kwon to pressure their kids into getting married, but the latter disagrees and seems to take pleasure in distressing Jung-in’s dad.

Jung-in texts Ji-ho just as he’s meeting Ki-seok. As she waits for his reply, Jae-in, who is with Young-jae (LEE CHANG-HOON), texts to report that Ji-ho found out about Ki-seok proposing to her. Jung-in suspects that Ji-ho is meeting Ki-seok and becomes worried, but Young-jae assures her that his friend has a very strong sense of responsibility and won’t cause trouble for her.

Ji-ho tells Ki-seok off for pursuing Jung-in more out of his refusal to lose to Ji-ho than love for Jung-in. When Ki-seok looks set on continuing with his schemes, Ji-ho says he’s giving up on making him understand and being respectful.

Jung-in nervously paces Yeong-joo’s apartment, waiting for Ji-ho to return. Yeong-joo muses about how unfair it is that no matter how awfully Ki-seok behaves in this situation, he’ll still be the victim in everyone’s eyes. They hear Ji-ho arrive and Jung-in rushes to meet him. When she rings his bell, he yells that he’s taking a shower and asks her to come inside. Jung-in wonders if he’s mad, then announces plans to spend the night at his place, shocking him into silence.

She apologizes to Ji-ho for hiding the fact that Ki-seok proposed to her, revealing how she decided not to be impatient because she wants to be more like him. Ji-ho wipes off her tears. Jae-in grins upon getting a text from Jung-in, saying she won’t be home tonight, and wants Young-jae to tell her where Ji-ho lives so she can spy on Jung-in and ask for money later. Young-jae calls her a bully and refuses to tell. At Ji-ho’s apartment, Jung-in and Ji-ho are in his bed, kissing. She asks him to do something about Eun-woo’s photo on his nightstand, and he turns it around before getting back to Jung-in.


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