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On their way back from a date, Jung-in (HAN JI-MIN) and Ji-ho bump into her dad, who is waiting outside her apartment to talk to her. Ji-ho (JUNG HAE-IN) tries introducing himself, but Jung-in’s dad ignores him, forcing him to leave. Jung-in lets her dad in and runs out for Ji-ho, presumably to apologize on her dad’s behalf, but he’s already left. When she gets back, her dad simply asks her to end it with Ji-ho, making her lose temper about everyone treating her like a married woman who cheated on her husband. In her anger, she reveals how poorly Ki-seok’s dad treated her during the four years she dated his son.

Ki-seok’s (KIM JUN-HAN) dad looks through the photos of Ki-seok’s daily movements that his private investigator has handed to him. Noticing that Ki-seok and Jung-in haven’t been meeting, he asks his guy to tail Jung-in instead. Ki-seok calls his older brother in the U.S., who advises him to get married as soon as possible and Ki-seok grudgingly agrees.

Despite Jung-in’s revelation, her dad tries to convince her to stay with Ki-seok and make an effort to understand him. When she says she doesn’t love Ki-seok anymore, her dad reminds her not to let down both their families. When Jung-in refuses, he finally admits that he wants her to stay with Ki-seok so as to not ruin his relations with Chairman Kwon so that he can continue to work after his retirement. Jae-in (JOO MIN-KYUNG) returns home, shocked that Dad is there. As their dad leaves, Jae-in holds her sister back from saying something reckless to him in anger.

Ji-ho has gone over to his parents’ house and is sleeping in Eun-woo’s bed when his dad wakes him because his phone keeps ringing. Jung-in has been calling him out of worry that he’s mad at her. She’s outside his building and Ji-ho gives her the door code to his place, asking her to wait for him inside.

Feeling weird, she goes inside his apartment and looks around curiously. In his bedroom, she finds a frame of him and Eun-woo. She sends him a text asking for permission to make some ramyeon, and he smiles at it, pleased that she’s feeling at home in his apartment. Ji-ho rushes home and rings the bell but Jung-in is in the mood to play, asking who he is. Ji-ho comes inside and the first thing he does is kiss her. He walks around the house trying to tidy it up, but she just laughs and teases him that she’s seen it all. He happens to have a book she really likes and she asks him to read out her favorite lines—about how one shouldn’t pursue love with the greed of a relationship lasting forever, but simply because it is a beautiful feeling. The lines seem to apply to their situation and they kiss.

As Ji-ho walks Jung-in home, she tells him about the meeting with her dad. Ji-ho wants her to go slow and not shoulder all the stress alone. She rephrases her earlier promise of never hurting him again, because now that she’s had a taste of people’s reactions, she thinks it will get more difficult and he might be hurt often. Ji-ho jokingly warns her not to use the stress as an excuse to leave him later and the two get back to teasing each other.

At work, everyone discusses what they did over the weekend. Ki-seok is offended that Hyun-soo (LIM HYUN-SOO) seems to be walking on eggshells around him, even leaving him out of their customary basketball matches. He tells Hyun-soo to stop making sure he doesn’t run into Ji-ho, and Hyun-soo curses the difficult situation he’s been thrown into.

Jung-in’s dad visits Chairman Kwon to let him know that the rumors of Jung-in seeing another man are simply a misunderstanding. When Chairman Kwon suggests leaving the kids to settle things, Jung-in’s dad presses him to intervene by fixing a date for Jung-in and Ki-seok’s wedding.

Meanwhile, Jung-in and Ji-ho have lunch together, enjoying a beautiful day out in the park. He muses how he’s always wanted to spend time like this with the person he loves. Suddenly, Jung-in asks him to make plans for a weekend outing with Eun-woo and Ji-ho turns serious. Ki-seok’s dad’s private investigator takes pictures of them.

Jae-in shows up at Young-jae’s place (LEE CHANG-HOON) and wonders about his rent, joking that her parents will probably end up kicking her and Jung-in out. Over breakfast, Ki-seok’s dad asks him not to nag Jung-in about the guy she is seeing if it is nothing serious, and mentions her dad wanting to set a date for the wedding. Once again, Ki-seok denies Jung-in dating anyone else.

Ji-ho is teaching his dad how to use the bank’s app when Eun-woo runs inside announcing that he’s got a call from Jung-in. Ji-ho and Eun-woo video call Jung-in together, with Eun-woo telling her what he did at school and Jung-in introducing him to her little sister. Ji-ho’s mom notes this interaction and seems unhappy about it.

Seo-in (LIM SEONG-EON) reveals her pregnancy to her mom, as well as her plans to raise the baby alone. Mom thinks Seo-in won’t be able to raise a kid alone, advising her to give her husband another chance and reconsider the divorce. Seo-in breaks down, saying she won’t be able to survive in the same house with Si-hoon. Mom suspects she is hiding something, and that’s when Seo-in finally reveals the file with pictures of her bruises from Si-hoon being physically abusive. Both mother and daughter break down as Seo-in asks her for support while she handles everything.

Jung-in wants to formally introduce Ji-ho to her parents, hiding nothing, but everyone, including Yeong-joo (LEE SANG-HEE), discourages her. Yeong-joo wonders if she’s already thinking about marrying Ji-ho, warning her that she’ll automatically become a mom if she does, but Jung-in just smiles back.

Jung-in’s dad calls Ki-seok, asking him to meet for lunch. Hyun-soo overhears the conversation and tells Ji-ho, who in turn informs Jung-in. Yeong-joo watches Jung-in receive a distressing phone call and goes to ask what’s up. Jung-in reveals that Ji-ho feels uncomfortable about Ki-seok meeting her dad. Yeong-joo agrees that Ji-ho has a right to be mad, but doesn’t want Jung-in to reveal everything just yet. Ji-ho calls Jung-in again, apologizing for being mad and offers to meet Ki-seok. He’d rather be the one to tell her dad about his kid instead of Ki-seok.

Jung-in’s mom visits Si-hoon at his office and slaps him several times for daring to lay a hand on Seo-in. As she prepares meals for Seo-in, she can’t help breaking down at the thought of what her daughter had gone through. Seo-in returns home to gifts from her mom, congratulating her on her pregnancy, and tears up at her approval.

Ji-ho worries that Jung-in will crash her dad’s meeting with Ki-seok, but she just asks him to trust her. He goes out for lunch with Jae-in, Hyun-soo, and Young-jae, with Jae-in giving him pointers on how to handle her dad.

During their meeting, both Ki-seok and Jung-in’s dad lie to each other—with the former telling him that the rumors of Jung-in cheating are unfounded, and the latter feigning ignorance by saying he knew that it couldn’t be true.

Ki-seok’s dad looks through photos of Jung-in and Ji-ho on their lunch date when the bell rings, and at his door is none other than Jung-in.

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