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As Ki-seok and Ji-ho (JUNG HAE-IN) come close to exchanging blows, Jung-in (HAN JI-MIN) steps in between the two. She tells Ki-seok (KIM JUN-HAN) that he has no right to question who she’s with when she’s broken up with him multiple times already and he’s ignored her feelings every single one of those times. Again, he tries convincing her that she’s mistaking pity for love, but this time Ji-ho hears it and is enraged enough to lunge for Ki-seok. Jung-in and Ki-seok’s musician friend manage to keep them off each other and prevent things from escalating. Ki-seok’s friend takes him to a bar so he can drink his sorrow’s weight in soju. Jung-in and Ji-ho head home.

On the way, Ji-ho shares how Eun-woo’s mom’s disappearance had made him just as angry and obsessive as Ki-seok is right now, and how it was only through time that he was able to cool down and accept her decision to leave. He wants Jung-in to give Ki-seok the time and space to adjust to the idea of her being with Ji-ho. Jung-in believes that no matter how considerate they are, people around them will still see their relationship as cheating, so she might as well be open and unapologetic.

Young-jae (LEE CHANG-HOON) decides to meet Jae-in (JOO MIN-KYUNG), who pretends to be angry at him until he gives her flowers. She calms down enough to invite him up to Jung-in’s apartment for tea. When he asks where Jung-in is, she casually admits her sister is with “the pharmacist” and wants to know why he hid the truth about Ji-ho, as if having a son is something to be ashamed of. Young-jae worries if Jung-in will be okay now that she’s dating Ji-ho and Jae-in wryly observes that love can’t be controlled.

Ji-ho brings Jung-in to his parents’ dry cleaning shop where they spend time talking about his childhood and reminisce about the first time they meet. She remarks how a drink go perfectly with the mood and Ji-ho fishes out a bottle of soju from his dad’s secret stack.

A drunk Ki-seok rants about his relationship woes. He claims to not understand where he went wrong with Jung-in, and sounds more upset over the fact that she chose Ji-ho over him than about the breakup itself, repeatedly referring to Ji-ho as worthless. He drunk-dials his dad, accusing him of making his son look like a fool by not telling him that Jung-in rejected the marriage proposal. Betraying deep self-esteem issues, Ki-seok brings up all the times he’s felt rejected by his father and seems to project his own inferiority complex onto Ji-ho. Ki-seok’s dad is annoyed and tells him that he’s not mature enough to marry anyone, but Ki-seok promises to marry Jung-in no matter what.

Jung-in shares how she has decided to take Jae-in’s advice of being selfish and letting go of guilt. She gives Ji-ho a primer on how to date her, listing her good, bad, and weird qualities, and asking him to remember it all with the mock-sternness of a teacher. Ji-ho just smiles giddily and kisses her. Ji-ho’s dad happens to see the two of them together and runs back to the house to stop his wife from walking in on them. Post the dry cleaning shop date, our two lovebirds spend the whole night walking around town and being adorable.

Jung-in’s mom wants Jae-in to spill the details about the guy her sister is seeing. After much pestering, she finally tells her mom that he’s a pharmacist and they’re the same age, but nothing more. To gauge her mom’s reaction, she slips in an innocuous question about whether she would discourage Jung-in from going out with a guy that is not up to par. When mom gives an easygoing answer, Jae-in cheers up. Later, she meets up with Young-jae and the conversation veers towards her talking about dad’s hot temper. Young-jae asks if her father is capable of beating up a man and she teases that he’s worried about himself instead of Ji-ho. Young-jae stares at her, and she warns that she’ll kill him if he tries to kiss her.

Jung-in ignores a call from Ki-seok while out for lunch with her colleagues. Yeong-joo (LEE SANG-HEE) notes the dinosaur sticker on her phone and realizes that all this time, it was Eun-woo Jung-in was checking out the dinosaur books for and not some distant nephew. Ki-seok makes plans to meet Seo-in (LIM SEONG-EON).

Ji-ho’s boss forbids him from lending money to his colleagues ever again, observing that he’s not gotten paid back on several occasions. He meets Hyun-soo (LIM HYUN-SOO) for dinner, who is in a funk of his own, complaining about how mean Ki-seok is being at work. Ji-ho implores his friend to be understanding of Ki-seok’s situation but Hyun-soo thinks he’s weird for worrying about Ki-seok.

Seo-in agreed to meet Ki-seok under the impression that he wanted to talk about Si-hoon’s loan, but soon realizes that he wants her to help mend his relationship with Jung-in. She refuses to meddle into her sister’s personal life, but when he reveals that Ji-ho is a single dad, Seo-in seems to waver.

She texts Jung-in, asking her to come over. On her way out, Jung-in bumps into Ji-ho who offers to drive her to Seo-in’s place and holds her hand to comfort her. Jung-in tells her sister how much she has begun adoring Eun-woo already, assuring her that Ji-ho being a single father is not a cause for concern. Jung-in’s love for someone else’s kid brings Seo-in to tears and she reveals her pregnancy, ashamed that she was thinking of her own unborn child as a punishment. Jung-in assures her that she’ll be a great mom. She officially introduces Seo-in to Ji-ho and the two sisters team up to tease him.

Jae-in can’t believe that Ki-seok would get so obsessive and desperate. She doesn’t want Jung-in to let this slide, but Jung-in wants to avoid reacting to his provocations because that’s exactly how she ended up getting back with him in the past. Jae-in is worried Ki-seok will try meeting their parents next, but Jung-in resolves to tell them before he does that.

Ki-seok’s dad goes though pictures of what looks like his son’s meetings with Seo-in as well as his run-in with Ji-ho and Jung-in at the bar. It seems he’s getting his son tailed, and after realizing that Jung-in might be dating someone else, he calls her dad to make a lunch plan. Jung-in’s dad makes an excuse not to go. Ji-ho’s boss asks to meet Jung-in and he invites her to dinner with his colleagues. Jung-in convinces Yeong-joo to accompany her.

At work, Hyun-soo continues to bear the brunt of Ki-seok’s anger. Like Jung-in predicted, he seems to be waiting for a call from her. Ki-seok’s dad reveals his suspicions about Jung-in seeing someone else, with Jung-in’s dad pretending to be shocked and defending her.

Ji-ho’s boss opens up a pandora’s box of his bad habits for Jung-in, with him getting flustered and Jung-in teasing him even more. Jung-in’s dad leaves his house under the pretext of getting some fresh air.

Ki-seok meets Si-hoon and offers to help him out personally with money, but Si-hoon says he doesn’t need a loan because his wife has threatened to divorce him if he takes out a loan.

Now it’s Ji-ho’s turn to bully Jung-in as Yeong-joo reveals her bad habits. Jung-in’s dad shows up to her place just as she’s returning home with Ji-ho

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