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“Let’s talk,” Ki-seok (KIM JUN-HAN) tells Ji-ho, and the two get into their cars and leave. Yeong-joo, who’s watching from her window, reports this to Jung-in (HAN JI-MIN). The Lee sisters part ways at the restaurant, with Jung-in making Seo-in promise to call her about the pregnancy test results. She hugs her older sister and Seo-in comforts her by advising Jung-in to just follow her heart. Jae-in (JOO MIN-KYUNG) makes a show of getting jealous, so Seo-in hugs her too.

Worried about Ji-ho (JUNG HAE-IN), Hyun-soo urges Young-jae to call Jae-in and find out what’s going on. Young-jae doesn’t think that Ki-seok is the type to get violent, but Hyun-soo (LIM HYUN-SOO) has his doubts.

Ji-ho and Ki-seok sit on separate benches at a park. Ji-ho tries explaining his side of the story but Ki-seok cuts him off, trying to avoid being told the reality of Jung-in’s relationship with him. Ji-ho tells him anyway—how he met her, how despite knowing that she was in a relationship he couldn’t stop falling for her, and how he never wanted to get caught. He decides to tell the truth because Ki-seok looked down on him, mistreated and judged him, and he couldn’t stand the thought of Jung-in dating a guy like Ki-seok.

Back at her apartment, Jung-in is so anxious that she gets sick and Jae-in has to bring her medicine. She complains about turning everything into a mess, but Jae-in assures her that it’s okay to be selfish sometimes.

Ki-seok warns Ji-ho to stop acting up and trying to ruin Jung-in’s life, but Ji-ho is defiant and challenges him to never belittle him again simply because he’s a single dad, emphasizing that his son is his strength. He walks away, leaving Ki-seok speechless.

Jung-in meets Ki-seok and like Ji-ho, attempts to explain herself but Ki-seok is firmly in denial mode. He insists that nothing has changed between them and he’s ready to forgive her “mistakes.” Even when Jung-in admits to having feelings for Ji-ho, he tries to convince her that what she’s feeling is just pity and somehow twists his inability to let her go into trying to save her from ruining herself by being with someone like Ji-ho.

That gets a rise out of Jung-in and she yells that she was done with him long before Ji-ho came into the picture. In an epic burn, she tells him that the only thing she owes him an apology for is acting like she still loved him when her feelings had long vanished. Amazingly, Ki-seok’s reaction to her outburst is to tell her to “sleep it off.”

Jung-in calls Ji-ho and is amazed by how composed he sounds. Once again, he reminds her to take her time to move on from the breakup, assuring that hat he’ll wait for her. She is touched by how thoughtful he is.

Seo-in (LIM SEONG-EON) walks to her car, looking pale and shaky. We find out the reason for this when she takes out ultrasound images of a fetus from her bag and breaks down, confirming that she’s pregnant. Outside a restaurant, Si-hoon tries to convince his broker to hold off selling the place he booked to someone else. Seo-in turns up to have dinner with him. She wants him to avoid taking out a loan through Ki-seok, because that means involving Jung-in, and offers him her share from selling their apartment. All she wants in return is for him to agree to divorce her.

Young-jae (LEE CHANG-HOON) complains about being unable to concentrate on his studies, prompting Ji-ho to quip that maybe, seeing the real reason he can’t study will help, alluding to Jae-in. He says it’s possible to study and have a girlfriend at the same time, but Young-jae doesn’t think he can handle it.

Ki-seok meets his dad for tea and assures him that Jung-in will eventually agree to marry him—she just needs time. His dad, however, seems unconvinced and discourages him from forcing Jung-in. He then meets up with Jung-in’s dad, revealing that she left a strong impression on him. He calls her a bright, young lady but thinks she’s too good for his son. The praise puts Jung-in’s dad in a good mood and he sends her mom to invite her home for dinner.

Jung-in’s mom wants to know if all’s well with Ki-seok, and Jung-in gives a non-committal answer, hoping that mom won’t be too disappointed in her. Her mom doesn’t seem worried, remarking that she doesn’t hold her daughters to any expectations as long as they live good lives.

Ji-ho rushes out of the pharmacy to meet Jung-in, only to bump into her right outside. His boss comes looking for him and is almost embarrassingly pleased to see her, so much so that he has to practically push her to leave. They head to the coffee shop they frequent and she gushes about how comfortable she feels around him. Suddenly, she tells him she loves him, and Ji-ho reacts in the most unbelievable manner—by walking out without a word. She follows him, finding that he’s trying to hide his face and realizing that he teared up at her confession. She proceeds to mercilessly tease him and the two make for a pretty picture as they laugh together.

Hyun-soo tries to get out of a team dinner because things are still awkward with Ki-seok, but the latter encourages him to come. Later, Ki-seok corners him alone, asking him not to be uncomfortable while insisting that what happened isn’t a big deal, but slips in a warning for him to “be respectful”.

At lunch with Jung-in’s dad, Si-hoon divulges that Jae-in is in Korea, much to Dad’s shock. Jung-in chooses that moment to tell her mom about her break-up with Ki-seok. When she admits to liking someone else, mom prods her but Jung-in wants to tell everyone only when she’s ready.

Ji-ho’s boss casually asks how far he’s willing to go with Jung-in. He turns unusually serious and replies that she’ll be the last woman in his life.

Ki-seok calls Jung-in to set up a dinner date, pretending that they haven’t broken up until she mentions that she’s on her way to officially tell her parents. Ki-seok threatens to tell them about Ji-ho but she coolly challenges him to try and stop her. Jae-in takes one look at her sister’s defiant stance and begs her not to bring up Ji-ho, especially since their dad is in a bad mood.

Jung-in’s dad scolds her for shielding Jae-in and telling Ki-seok’s dad that she doesn’t want to marry his son. Jung-in reveals that she broke up with Ki-seok because she can’t see a future with him. Her dad thinks she’s being absurd, and she ends up blurting out that she’s seeing someone else.

Ji-ho’s mom is trying to set him up again when he announces his intentions to marry the woman he likes. His mother tries to dissuade him, pointing out that it won’t be easy for someone who has never been married or doesn’t have kids to raise a kid not their own. The commotion wakes Eun-woo, and Ji-ho leaves to tuck him back in. Later, he opens up to his dad about how much thought he worried about Eun-woo before deciding to be with Jung-in. His determination makes his dad curious about Jung-in and Ji-ho says, “She is the first person to see me as just Yoo Ji-ho.”

Jung-in and Ji-ho meet up at the park again, this time holding hands. Jung-in remarks that she loves how things are between them right now. Ji-ho disagrees, but before she can ask why, he plants a kiss on her lips.

The two lovebirds head out for a restaurant playing live music. One of the guys looks like Ki-seok’s musician friend and seems shocked at seeing Jung-in with another man. Next thing we know, Ki-seok is driving somewhere with a murderous look on his face. Jung-in and Ji-ho exit the restaurant holding hand and freeze upon seeing Ki-seok waiting for them. Jung-in steps forward to talk to him but Ji-ho holds her back, and steps forward himself.

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