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Jung-in (HAN JI-MIN) announces that she’s not interested in getting married and that’s why she wanted to meet Ki-seok’s dad alone—to explain that it’s not his son’s fault. “We’ve just failed each other,” she says, and walks Ki-seok’s dad back to his car.

She heads to the library to find Eun-woo crying. With Ji-ho (JUNG HAE-IN) nowhere in sight, she comforts the kid until Ji-ho shows up. Jung-in playfully scolds him for leaving Eun-woo unsupervised. When he wants to know why she’s at the library on her day off, she wonders if he purposely chose that day to visit and confesses that bumping into him and Eun-woo made her happy.

Yeong-joo (LEE SANG-HEE) informs Jung-in that “the pharmacist” is at the library with his “nephew.” Jung-in stares at her for a long time, but instead of correcting her, changes the topic to venting about the blowback she’s about to receive because of her breakup with Ki-seok (KIM JUN-HAN) and meeting with his dad.

Eun-woo recounts how scared he was when he couldn’t find Ji-ho, and how comforted he felt when ‘teacher’ aka Jung-in came in. Shyly, Ji-ho asks if Eun-woo is fond of her and he enthusiastically agrees, explaining that it’s because she’s nice. Eun-woo asks if his dad likes her too and Ji-ho smiles giddily as he admits that he, too, likes Jung-in very much.

Jung-in’s dad is so impatient to find out how her meeting with Ki-seok’s dad went that he tries going over to her place and waiting for her—until mom sits him down and knocks some sense into him. She advises him to take Jung-in’s side because family comes first, even if Ki-seok’s dad is his boss.

Ki-seok’s dad, meanwhile, pays him a visit at work. He is of the opinion that Jung-in is a “rare” kind of woman, which we all know is code for opinionated. He advises Ki-seok to take his time before considering marriage with her because he won’t be able to contain her. Ki-seok stares at the ring he bought for a long time before stashing it in a drawer.

Jung-in is mystified that Ki-seok is nice to her even after what she told his father. She gets a text from Ji-ho saying he’s leaving and rushes to pick out books for Eun-woo. Right then, Ki-seok texts her that he’s almost at the library. In a panic, she runs off to ask Ji-ho to use a different exit to avoid bumping into Ki-seok. Ji-ho gets mad at her for dragging his son into their conflict and leaves, but Eun-woo comes back to hand Jung-in some of his precious dinosaur stickers, making her tear up with guilt.

Ji-ho and Eun-woo bump into Ki-seok on their way out, who is surprised to see them and asks if Ji-ho knew Jung-in worked at the library. Ji-ho doesn’t bother lying, and makes Eun-woo formally greet Ki-seok before leaving. Inside, Ki-seok finds Jung-in in tears and asks what happened, but she just says sorry before leaving. Seems like it’s plenty clear to Ki-seok who she’s chasing after, because when he sees her again he passes her without a word and drives away.

Young-jae (LEE CHANG-HOON) informs Hyun-soo (LIM HYUN-SOO) that he decided to stop seeing Jae-in. Over dinner, the two talk about what will happen to Jung-in and Ji-ho. Hyun-soo is perplexed at how reckless they are being but Young-jae just chalks it up to love.

Yeong-joo comforts a crying Jung-in, assuming she’s distraught about Ki-seok catching onto her feelings, but Jung-in can only worry about Ji-ho being mad at her. Yeong-joo blames Ji-ho for using his nephew as an excuse to see her but when Jung-in tells her Eun-woo is his son, she is stumped.

Ji-ho has a few drinks at his parents’ house and wonders if he should just give up and meet the woman his mom wanted to set him up with. His mom inquires about the woman he likes, but upon finding out that she’s neither a divorcee nor a single mother, discourages him from pursuing her.

Jae-in (JOO MIN-KYUNG) visits Seo-in’s workplace and the two bump into Si-hoon, who pretends to be thrilled to see her. His face falls when Seo-in (LIM SEONG-EON) suddenly announces that Jae-in will be staying with her, meaning he can no longer terrorize her at whim. Once he leaves, Seo-in reveals all to her sister—that she’s getting a divorce, and wants Jae-in to stay with her because Si-hoon comes by when he’s drunk to bother her. But when Jae-in mentions that Jung-in isn’t doing well either, Seo-in asks her to keep staying with her.

Ki-seok sits all morose and lonely at lunch in his office. When Hyun-soo goes to check on him, Ki-seok just pats him on the back and walks away.

At the pharmacy, Ji-ho is in a bad mood. His boss aka cool senior from college guesses that it’s lady troubles and gets him to talk. Turns out he’s worrying about his mom’s advice of not pursuing anyone who’s not a divorcee or a single parent like him. His boss can’t believe he’s taking her mom’s words seriously and asks him to go after whoever he likes. When he tries to bring up Eun-woo as an excuse, she points out that Eun-woo won’t appreciate Ji-ho sacrificing his happiness for him.

Ki-seok hangs out with some old friends who bring up his passion for music and ask if he regrets quitting. Jung-in’s mom tries to make her spill details about the meeting with Ki-seok’s dad. Jung-in’s dad arrives home in a bad mood after being ignored by Ki-seok’s dad at work. His mood gets progressively worse when he finds out what Jung-in said to Ki-seok’s dad.

Jung-in confesses that she feels regretful about her relationship of so many years with Ki-seok ending badly, but Jae-in ominously quips that it’s far from over and she has much more ugliness to endure. She’s about to call Ji-ho to apologize but gets a call from him instead.

Ji-ho wants to meet at the park they went to last time. Jung-in thinks he’s going to be mad at her but he just wants to spend some time together. He understands that she can’t date him right away, but still wants to love her in whatever capacity he can. She’s left speechless by his confession, and Ji-ho teases by asking if she’s going to cry again. She just shows him the back of her phone, which now has Eun-woo’s dinosaur sticker. It’s Ji-ho’s turn to be speechless, and Jung-in sits beside him until they both giggle. The two get coffee and have a nice date just walking around, talking.

Ki-seok ignores Si-hoon’s call, forcing him to approach his wife for monetary help in order to expand his clinic. She doesn’t want to get involved because of their impending divorce but once again, Si-hoon threatens that he won’t divorce her even if her family gets involved.

Jae-in calls Jung-in because Seo-in is having a pregnancy scare, and the two immediately head out to give their big sister company. The three decide to forget their worries and have fun together.

Hyun-soo wonders if Ki-seok finally knows about Ji-ho and Jung-in because of how much Ki-seok is avoiding him at work. He also tells them about Jung-in’s brother-in-law pestering Ki-seok for a loan, revealing that the guy is news announcer Lee Seo-in’s husband. Young-jae is shocked at realizing that Jae-in is Seo-in’s sister while Ji-ho sighs, most likely assuming that his relationship with Jung-in has somehow caused rifts within her family.

Hyun-soo is alarmed when he gets a text from Ki-seok asking for Ji-ho’s address. Yeong-joo sees Ki-seok outside her building and promptly informs Jung-in, who then calls Ji-ho, wanting to come over to sort things out between the two. Ji-ho asks her not to come, but wants to know if he can be honest with Ki-seok. When she agrees, he asks her to stop worrying. Jung-in heads back to dinner with her sisters as Ji-ho prepares to face Ki-seok.

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