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Jung-in (HAN JI-MIN) wants to hang up when she realizes Ji-ho (JUNG HAE-IN) is with Ki-seok but he asks her not to. She hangs up anyway, and an awkward silence ensues between Ji-ho and Ki-seok (KIM JUN-HAN) in the car, with the latter wondering if he had an argument with his girlfriend. Ji-ho takes a rain check on the group dinner. After a while of sitting around in her apartment, Jung-in grabs her coat and rushes off. Meanwhile, Ji-ho gets off a taxi in front of her apartment and finds her waiting right outside. The two head to a park to talk in private.

Ji-ho wants Jung-in’s help to move on, but she’s in no mood to be considerate of his feelings for her when she has plenty on her plate. “I’m my priority. I come first,” she says emphatically.

After a brief spat with Hyun-soo (LIM HYUN-SOO) at dinner, Ki-seok drags him outside to give him an annoyed lecture about how weird it was for his friends, especially Ji-ho, to spend a whole night drinking at his girlfriend’s house. He accuses Ji-ho of being into his girlfriend, prompting Hyun-soo to stick up for his friend and tell Ki-seok to lay off his doubts and accusations. Young-jae (LEE CHANG-HOON) gets a call from an annoyed Hyun-soo warning him to stay away from Ki-seok’s girlfriend and Jae-in (JOO MIN-KYUNG).

Ji-ho confesses that he’s not in a position to fight for Jung-in but is scared to cut her off, and can’t decide what to do. She lays forth her own dilemma—that even if she says her decision to break up with Ki-seok had nothing to do with Ji-ho, everyone will still point fingers at him. She’s also unsure about what she wants out of a relationship, just that she’s unhappy where she is right now. Ji-ho suggests ending things right now, but after some time passes, if she still feels the same way about him, she can come back to him.

Jung-in asks Ji-ho not to fall in love with anyone else, and promises that when she finally makes her way to him, she’ll protect him from judgement and criticism and never hurt him again. Getting emotional, he gives her a hug, with the assurance that he’ll wait for her as long as it takes. He walks under cherry blossom trees, among couples taking pictures together and sends Jung-in a picture too, making her smile.

Jung-in’s mom makes Jae-in spill details about Ki-seok and Jung-in’s relationship. When Jae-in tells her the truth, mom’s face falls. At work, Jung-in tells Yeong-joo (LEE SANG-HEE) that Ji-ho promised to wait for her unconditionally and Yeong-joo admits to being jealous. She confirms if Jung-in is indeed ending it with Ki-seok, and Jung-in says yes.

Ji-ho meets Young-jae and Hyun-soo for dinner and comes clean about his relationship with Jung-in, shocking them both. Jung-in is at a coffee shop, waiting for Ki-seok, but he bails on her yet again. Having had enough, she tries breaking up with him over the phone but he refuses to consider the idea and assures her that they’ll meet soon.

While on her way to Yeong-joo’s place, Jung-in bumps into Ji-ho and his friends coming out of his building. It gets awkward before Young-jae drags Hyun-soo away, and Ji-ho takes her out for dinner. He’s already eaten, but says he’ll watch her eat. They share an unexpected intimate moment when Jung-in refuses to share food with him, and he grabs her bowl and eats using her chopsticks.

Seo-in (LIM SEONG-EON) asks her mom to stop bringing side-dishes over to her place since she hardly eats at home. Mom wants to know if Seo-in is having issues with her husband. Seo-in comes clean about the getting divorced part, but refrains from mentioning the domestic violence. Suddenly, the bell rings and it’s Si-hoon at the door. Her mother drags him out of the house for being so rude to her daughter, and tells him that she’ll make sure her daughter gets a divorce. She goes home and sends her daughter a single text saying, “We’ll get through this. I love you.” Seo-in tears up.

Jung-in and Ki-seok finally meet. He refuses to break up with her yet again, bent on trying to make it work. He informs her about his dad wanting to meet and she agrees, but on an unexpected condition—she wants to meet his dad alone.

Ji-ho has lunch with his mom, who brings up wanting to set him up on a date. Ji-ho tells her that he already has someone he likes and his mom gets emotional because she was worried he would stay single forever.

Jung-in calls Ki-seok’s dad to make plans to meet. Young-jae refuses to hang out with Jae-in using his studies as an excuse. She storms off, saying she won’t bother him again. After Jae-in rants to her sister, Jung-in calls Ji-ho to ask if everything is okay with Young-jae. He tells her about his conversation with his mom. He smiles when she refers to the two of them as ‘we’.

Chaiman Kwon informs Jung-in’s dad that he’s meeting his daughter and mentions how daring she is for suggesting a one-on-one meeting with him. At a jewelry store, we see Ki-seok shopping for rings.

Ji-ho takes Eun-woo to the library and bumps into Yeong-joo, who assumes Eun-woo is his nephew and informs him Jung-in is off work. Jung-in tells Ki-seok’s dad that she knows he doesn’t approve of her, but appreciates how he kept his work and personal feelings separate by asking her father to work for him even after retirement. So this is why she wanted to meet Ki-seok’s dad alone—to make sure, in her passive way, that her break up won’t affect her father. And sure enough, she makes it clear to him that she doesn’t want to get married to his son.

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