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Ki-seok (KIM JUN-HAN) is stunned at Jung-in’s (HAN JI-MIN) words and wants to know why she’s breaking up with him, but Jung-in doesn’t offer much in the name of reason. Ji-ho (JUNG HAE-IN) feels awkward and wants to leave, but she assures him that he isn’t the reason for her and Ki-seok’s breakup and she had been confused for a long time.

Young-jae (LEE CHANG-HOON) warns Jae-in (JOO MIN-KYUNG) not to bring up Ji-ho’s love life and she agrees, but once drunk, proceeds to do exactly the opposite. Ji-ho slips into Jung-in’s room to take Eun-woo’s call. Jung-in remembers how messy her room is and slips in behind Ji-ho to clean up. Eun-woo randomly asks if Ji-ho is with “that teacher” and wants to talk to her. Jung-in couldn’t be happier, and Ji-ho seems to get emotional watching her comfort his son so easily.

Ki-seok shows up at Jung-in’s apartment demanding an explanation. When he raises his voice, Ji-ho almost intervenes but luckily, Jae-in goes outside to break up the argument and send Ki-seok away. Ji-ho and Young-jae leave soon after.

Eun-woo reveals that he spoke with “that teacher” on Ji-ho’s phone. Ji-ho’s mom realizes that the teacher in question is a woman, and gets excited at the prospect of Ji-ho seeing someone.

Chairman Kwon offers Jung-in’s dad a position at his foundation after he retires, which seems to cheer up the man. However, Kwon’s snide remark about taking time to think about the marriage of their kids throws him into confusion again.

Jung-in’s coworkers notice some children’s books missing from the library. Jung-in belatedly informs them that she took the books and meant to pay for them but forgot. Yeong-joo (LEE SANG-HEE) wonders why she would need children’s books and she rushes off after making a flimsy excuse about a distant nephew.

Ji-ho has a heart-to-heart with his boss, who we find out is also his senior from college. When he opens up about his complicated relationship with Jung-in, worrying that he’ll cause problems to her, his sunbae reminds him how high-spirited he was back in college and advises him to stop being self-sacrificing in love and punishing himself.

Seo-in sits on the floor of her apartment, badly shaken up as Si-hoon warns her that she can’t get out of this marriage. He gaslights her by bringing up her public image, threatening that she’ll lose her career if her image is tarnished. He mentions inviting Ki-seok and Jung-in over and once again, she warns him not to mess with her sisters. She goes to work the next day and hands in her resignation in response to the rumors floating about her.

Jung-in’s mom meets her over coffee to discuss if all is well between her and Ki-seok. Jung-in just asks her mom to be on her side no matter what, while Mom makes her promise to be honest about her problems instead of hiding them like Seo-in.

Ji-ho plans to grab drinks with Hyun-soo (LIM HYUN-SOO) and meets him outside his office. They spot Ki-seok leaving and ask him to join them. He first declines because he has plans with Jung-in, but then changes his mind. Jae-in and Young-jae talk about about how something is fishy between Ji-ho and Jung-in. When Jung-in informs Yeong-joo that Ki-seok cancelled on her, she wonders if he knows about Ji-ho.

Sure enough, Ki-seok looks like he wants to ask Ji-ho something at dinner but before he can, Ji-ho comes clean about being at Jung-in’s place the day he came over. He gets tense and awkward, but Ki-seok seems to be relieved that he was the guy Jung-in had over. Hyun-soo slips out and relays everything to Young-jae, who is with Jae-in. Jae-in confronts her sister, asking if he’s the woman Ji-ho likes and whether she likes him back. Jung-in comes clean but gets worried about Ki-seok finding out.

Jae-in makes Jung-in call Ki-seok and invite him over. As he’s leaving, a drunk Ji-ho blurts out, “Why can’t your girlfriend come here instead?” Ki-seok finds Ji-ho’s words odd but dismisses them as drunken antics.

Jae-in sorts out the misunderstanding about that day, telling Ki-seok that she was the one who invited Young-jae and Ji-ho over. Ki-seok is not bothered because he doesn’t consider Ji-ho a threat at all, what with the guy being a single father. Jae-in calls him out for being judgmental but he changes the topic by announcing that he and Jung-in are thinking of getting married. On his way out, Ki-seok hugs Jung-in and promises to love her better.

Jung-in worries that Jae-in is disappointed in her, but her little sister is more disappointed at Ki-seok for judging Ji-ho. She tells her that no matter what decision Jung-in makes, she has her back and offers her unnie a hug.

Ji-ho apologizes for his drunken antics around Ki-seok. Jung-in in turn apologizes for liking him, which puts a huge smile on her face.

Ki-seok’s father advises him to avoid those who want to be friends with him just because he works at a bank. He asks his son to bring his girlfriend to officially meet him. Ki-seok is incredulous, wondering why his dad couldn’t have warmed up to her sooner and made things easy. When Dad asks if they broke up, he gets defensive and iterates that he will marry Jung-in.

After yet another loaded basketball match, Ki-seok invites Ji-ho to grab drinks. Things between the two are still tense, which prompts Hyun-soo to ask Ji-ho to ride on his car. Ji-ho insists on riding with Ki-seok and notes the dispassionate way he talks about his relationship. Ji-ho wonders if Ki-seok would let his girlfriend go if she ever cheated on him, to which he says he would, but not easily, because of his bruised ego.

Right then, Ji-ho gets a call from Jung-in and has to take it in front of her boyfriend. He somehow lets her know that he’s with Ki-seok, but when she suggests hanging up, he asks her not to.

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