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Lee Jung-in (HAN JI-MIN) and Song Yeong-joo (LEE SANG-HEE) walk home after an alcohol run. Jung-in gets a call from her boyfriend Kwon Ki-seok (KIM JUN-HAN) and they proceed to have the dullest, most matter-of-fact conversation about his basketball match the next morning and her plans to stay over at her friend’s. Yeong-joo comments on the lack of fluff in Jung-in’s relationship and remarks that she would never want to be in a boring, long-time relationship like that. Jung-in gets defensive and points out that she and Ki-seok were never the cutesy type from the beginning.

Yoo Ji-ho (JUNG HAE-IN) gets a call in the middle of a basketball match and has to leave. He bumps into Ki-seok on his way out. Ki-seok is the son of the school’s chairman but Ji-ho promises not to go easy on him when they play next.

A text notification wakes Jung-in and she rushes off, stopping at a pharmacy to buy hangover medicine. The man behind the counter is none other than Ji-ho. Jung-in realizes that she doesn’t have her wallet. Fortunately, Ji-ho shares his number and lets her go, even lending her some cash for the commute. The two exchange names and Jung-in realizes that she’s memorized Ji-ho’s number.

After wrapping up her show, a news anchor checks the messages on her phone. At her house is an angry man who calls her “rude” and smashes things.

During lunch, another one of Jung-in’s friends calls her relationship boring. Jung-in accidentally sends the text asking for bank details to Ki-seok instead of Ji-ho. When Ki-seok calls to ask whom she planned to sent it to, she lies. She waits for Ji-ho’s reply while working at the library. Ji-ho finishes work and sees her text but leaves to drink with friends without replying.

Jung-in and Ki-seok meet up after work. Ki-seok works at a bank and has just moved to a new department. Lamenting that they don’t see each other enough, he brings up marriage which seems to annoy Jung-in. The two seem poor at communicating, resorting to either boring conversation or ignoring each other. Ki-seok takes her to Yeong-joo’s place to pick up her wallet. Ji-ho lives in the same building and happens to see her. Later, Ki-seok suggests that he and Jung-in move in together to avoid arguments.

Jung-in gets home to find her younger sister Lee Jae-in (JOO MIN-KYUNG) waiting outside her door. Jae-in has returned from France without telling anyone and over ramen, recounts how she got a restraining order after stalking a guy and had to return.

Ji-ho cleans up his apartment and stares at Jung-in’s text, then puts on his coat and goes outside. He visits a house and walks into the room of a sleeping child, who wakes up and calls him Dad.

Ki-seok has lunch with his dad, who pressures him to get married soon and suggests various matches for his son despite knowing about Jung-in. Ki-seok tells his father that he’ll figure it out himself.

Ki-seok’s dad visits Jung-in’s dad, who is a principal at a school which is chaired by the former. He proceeds to be extremely condescending and sexist, pointing out that because Ki-seok is a man he has no worries, but Jung-in’s dad should hurry up and marry his daughter quickly.

The newswoman turns out to be Jung-in’s eldest sister, Lee Seo-in (LIM SEONG-EON). She is known to have a good marriage but one phone call with her husband is enough to tell us that that’s not the case. Jung-in and Seo-in have dinner with their parents, with their dad pressuring Jung-in to get married soon. Jung-in is defiant and refuses to be pressured like Seo-in was, announcing that she’ll marry on her own terms. Seo-in backs her up. After dinner, Seo-in informs Jung-in that she’s divorcing her husband. Jung-in is supportive of her sister’s decision. She then reveals that Jae-in is staying with her and the sisters laugh at the mess they’re all in.

It’s snowing when Jung-in visits the pharmacy to return Ji-ho’s money. He asks her to grab a bite with him and she declines, almost going back to the shop but then deciding not to. Ji-ho follows her out but is unable to find her. Later, Jung-in sees him in Yeong-joo’s building and thinks he followed her, before realizing that he lives there. She sends him an apology text and he watches her leave. They text back and forth and Ji-ho asks to meet in front of the pharmacy whenever it snows next.

Suddenly, he grabs his coat and rushes to meet Jung-in, who is waiting in front of the pharmacy! She tells him she has a boyfriend and he blurts out that he has a kid. Jung-in asks to be friends but Ji-ho declines.

During the next snow, Jae-in drags Jung-in out of the house and they visit their dad’s school where the basketball game is on. Ji-ho and Jung-in are surprised to see each other.

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