OCN’s upcoming political fantasy drama ‘Times’ unveils main cast lineup

Along with its confirmation of being OCN’s first Saturday and Sunday drama to welcome the new year, Times has also revealed its exciting main cast ensemble composed of stars Lee Seo-jin, Lee Joo-young, Kim Yeong-cheol, and Moon Jeong-hee.

Times is a political time-warp mystery that tells the story of a present-day female reporter who, through a phone call, gets connected to another reporter from the year 2015. As they team up to prevent the death of South Korea’s president five years ago, they find themselves uncovering a dangerous and shocking truth.

Lee Seo-jin is set to transform into Lee Jin-woo, a reporter and CEO of the news media company Times. In his pursuit of delivering just pure facts, an inexplicable phone call from five years into the future leaves him confused about all the things he thought he believed in. Lee is no stranger to the political slash mystery genre as he has already previously impressed viewers with his role as an anchorman-turned-politician in OCN’s 2019 drama Trap. With that, he is expected to render yet another outstanding portrayal of his new but familiar role in Times.

At the other end of the phone line is Itaewon Class’s highly praised actress Lee Joo-young, who signed up to play the female protagonist Seo Jung-in. Living in the year 2020, Jung-in strives to become a reporter to follow the footsteps of her late father, a former righteous reporter whose integrity and principles led him to win the national presidential elections. Ever since his unjust death, however, Jung-in has been in search of possible clues behind it, but what she did not expect is that they will come to her through a phone conversation with a male reporter from 2015.

Meanwhile, veteran actor Kim Yeong-cheol has been pulled in to act as Jung-in’s father, Seo Gi-tae, who holds the key to the truth. After bearing witness to the evil deeds and manipulations done by powerful figures, he decides to attain a position of authority that is high enough to stop them and ended up becoming the president. Kim most recently appeared in the historical drama My Country: The New Age (2019).

Completing the lineup is actress Moon Jeong-hee, who left a lasting impression with her performance in OCN’s freshly concluded series Search (2020). She will take on the role of Kim Young-joo, an assemblywoman designated to help Seo Gi-tae while preparing for her presidential candidacy in the next elections. She struggled growing up as she came from a poor family, but her background has molded her to become fearless of the threats being thrown at her now. She shares Gi-tae’s ideals, so she helps him achieve his goal as his reliable advisor.

The production team behind Times said, “With a time difference of five years, the time-warped periods connected only by phone will be presented in a well-structured and entertaining drama that offers a realistic political board and thrilling mystery. On top of the novel genre, four famous actors make up the main cast. We will see you in 2021 with a great-quality work that aims to meet your expectations.”

Times targets to premiere in February 2021.

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