OCN’s ‘Search’ unveils terrifying teaser posters

Search has dropped its teaser posters, and they are nothing short of ominous.

The upcoming military thriller under OCN’s Dramatic Cinema project centers on an elite troop assigned to unravel the mysterious events that have been happening in the demilitarized zone (DMZ). With the inexplicable deaths, disappearances, and a menacing creature at their tail, the soldiers will be forced to rely on their skills and camaraderie to stay alive.

The story follows military dog handler Yong Dong-jin (Jang Dong-yoon, The Tale of Nokdu) as he works with army lieutenant Son Ye-rim (Krystal JungThe Player), former counterterrorism team leader Kim Da-jung (Moon Jeong-heeWhen the Weather Is Fine), officer Song Min-kyu (Yoon ParkBeautiful Love, Wonderful Life), and deputy team leader Lee Joon-sung (Lee Hyun-wookStrangers from Hell) in uncovering the truth about the strange incidents in the zone.


The recently released promo shots capture officers, in their full gear, during one of their nighttime hunts. Right at the center of one poster is Yong Dong-jin, who is undeniably terrified. Given the foggy, pitch-black surroundings and the reconnaissance dogs’ and soldiers’ alert stances, it could be one of the moments when they realize what has been happening in the DMZ. Apart from its tense vibe, the image also raises curiosity on why Dong-jin, a sergeant who is set to be discharged in just a month, has found himself in such a distressing and risky operation.


The next poster is crafted in the perspective of the unidentified, dangerous being who has its eyes on who seems to be Dong-jin. As if looking through night vision goggles, the spectator sees Dong-jin as an unstable silhouette in the field, surrounded by barbed wires. However, as the male protagonist is alone, the picture amps up the suspense on whether the mysterious creature or person can pass through the protected area and attack Dong-jin.

The production team shared, “The teaser posters aim to capture the realistic fears of the search crew, making their way through the unknown land of the DMZ. Search will give the viewers a strong, thrilling drama with fresh ideas and a genre that has never been [seen] before. Please look forward to its first episode.”

Search will be spearheaded by film creators: Lim Dae-woong as director and Goo Mo and Go Myung-joo as screenwriters. It aims to premiere in October, following the conclusion of the ongoing series Missing: The Other Side.

Check out the drama’s concept teaser here.

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