OCN’s ‘Search’ drops heart-stopping main trailer

The elite team faces unknown danger in the main trailer for the upcoming military thriller Search.

Search will follow a specialized troop tasked to solve the mysterious deaths and disappearances in the demilitarized zone (DMZ). When the soldiers discover that what they are facing may not be human, they must rely on their training and camaraderie to stay alive.

The recently released promo clip opens with two soldiers carrying a body bag during a rainy day. The scene quickly flashes a shocked Yong Dong-jin (Jang Dong-yoonThe Tale of Nokdu), then cuts to show army lieutenant Son Ye-rim (Krystal JungThe Player) investigating the crime scene in the middle of the night. As unidentified people discuss the bizarre clues behind the soldier’s death, such as the bite mark on his neck and the lack of signs of resistance, a voice follows to say, “Form a special force, and resolve it within a week.” However, as Dong-jin, Ye-rim, officer Song Min-kyu (Yoon ParkBeautiful Love, Wonderful Life), and the rest of the team proceed with their mission, they quickly realize that their enemy may not be what they think. “I saw it clearly,” a wounded Dong-jin shares with the team, “That’s not human,” he continued, earning a worried look from his deputy team leader Lee Joon-sung (Lee Hyun-wookStrangers from Hell). The 30-second tense trailer ends with the subsequent cuts of soldiers firing at the unknown target, blood dripping on someone’s hand, and a mysterious being jumping at Dong-jin.

The production crew shared, “In the main preview video, we tried to express the tension and fear of the special [team] fighting against an unidentified enemy in the DMZ. Please look forward to the unpredictable development of the military thriller drama Search, which will be unveiled for the first time in Korea this fall.”

Search, OCN’s latest series under the Dramatic Cinema project, is spearheaded by film makers: director Lim Dae-woong and screenwriters Goo Mo and Go Myung-joo. It slated to take over Missing: The Other Side in the network’s Saturday-Sunday 10:30 p.m. KST airing slot beginning October 17.

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