OCN’s new parallel-universe mystery drama ‘Train’ drops highlight video

Ahead of its July 11 premiere, upcoming OCN thriller series Train drops a gripping highlight video featuring lead stars Yoon Shi-yoon (Psychopath Diary) and Kyung Soo-jin (Joseon Survival).

Train follows the life of Seo Do-won (Yoon Shi-yoon), a formidable detective who works relentlessly in bringing down criminals. He makes a name for himself as the officer who gets the job done for taking on any case, especially the hard and dangerous ones. His world turns upside down, however, when the woman he loves becomes the latest victim of a serial killer. After discovering that he can cross two parallel universes and finding out that his lover’s counterpart is still alive in another world, he sets out on a mission to track down her murderer in one world while he protects her in the other.

The 2-minute preview starts with the headlight of an approaching train flashing on Do-won’s face as his voice says in the background, “This is definitely not a dream or a mere hallucination.” As he was about to get hit, the scene shifts to a crime scene. He then continues, “The person who’s alive is dead, and the person who’s dead is alive.”

In the succeeding clips, Do-won meets Detective Han Seo-kyung (Kyung Soo-jin) in the other world who is very different from her compassionate lawyer version in his world. He soon discovers that the Mugyeong Station murder case, which seems to connect the two universes, is actually just a part of gruesome serial killings by an unknown person who was spotted while carrying a large suitcase along the train tracks.

Do-won tries to convince Seo-kyung that there is a deeper mystery revolving around the cases. He tells her, “Have you ever thought about this…maybe somewhere else, there is a world where we are different, and we have different relationships.” He then attempts to start their first encounter over by properly introducing himself. However, she coldly ignores his gesture and instead tells him that they already met years ago, on the night when his father killed hers.

A flashback of that night enters the frame and reveals that instead of being enemies, the young Do-won and Seo-kyung found comfort in one another. Little did she know that, at present, she is no longer talking to the same person, as the Do-won in front of her came from another world. What’s common to them though is that the young Do-won in the past and the one in front of her now have both vowed to never let her be hurt again.

The video ends with a strange similarity to the opening scene. The sound of an approaching train reverberates in the background once again. Only this time, when the headlights illuminate his face, Do-won says, “I’ve been wrong about everything since the beginning.”

Helmed by director Ryu Seung-jin of the tvN Drama Stage: Everyone Is There (2020) and penned by screenwriter Park Ga-yeon, Train is scheduled to take over the Saturday-Sunday, 10:30 p.m. KST slot currently occupied by Team Bulldog: Off-duty Investigation.

You can also check out Train‘s main promo video here.

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