OCN’s military thriller series ‘Search’ unveils concept teaser

The upcoming military drama Search has dropped its concept teaser featuring main cast member Jang Dong-yoon.

Search revolves around a specialized search team’s mission to solve the unexplained disappearances and deaths occurring in the demilitarized zone (DMZ). With a dangerous being that lurks in the area, the troop members must work together to uncover the truth and survive.

The teaser introduces Jang Dong-yoon as Yong Dong-jin, a sergeant and the handler of Leo, the military reconnaissance dog. Dong-jin is counting down the days until his discharge. However, on what he hoped to be his uneventful last month, he gets assigned to an operation unlike any other that will test his skills and instinct.

The clip opens to lush greenery, with the sounds of strong winds and rustling wild grass in the background. In the middle of the grass field, Dong-jin, in his full gear and with his gun at the ready, slowly moves forward. The tension builds up as Leo barks in warning and Dong-jin turns to look, right before the screen turns black. An eerie caption then follows, saying, “Demilitarized zone, face a fear no one has ever seen.” The scene then reopens to the perspective of the unknown enemy, running towards Dong-jin, and ends with the sound of a radio getting a signal and someone saying, “Search.”

The production team said, “We wanted to make sure that the teaser video captures the challenging genre of a military thriller.”

Starring alongside Jang Dong-yoon (The Tale of Nokdu) are Krystal Jung (The Player), Moon Jeong-hee (When the Weather Is Fine), Yoon Park (Beautiful Love, Wonderful Life), and Lee Hyun-wook (Strangers from Hell).

Search is the fourth series under the OCN Dramatic Cinema, a project of the network that combines the formats of film and drama. It targets to premiere in October, following the conclusion of the ongoing series Missing: The Other Side.

Check out Jang Dong-yoon’s first stills from the drama here.

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