OCN’s crime-thriller series ‘Voice’ renewed for 4th season

OCN’s highly successful series franchise Voice is confirmed to make a small-screen comeback next year with an all-new season.

On October 19, Korean media outlets shared unofficial details about Voice’s next season, including the drama’s ongoing casting calls, its aim to premiere in June of 2021, and a gripping plotline that unfolds in Jeju Island. In response, one source from OCN confirmed the exciting development through a reserved statement, “A new season of Voice will be organized next year. Specific details are still undecided.”

Voice is a crime-thriller drama that is set around the 112 emergency call center. Its first season was released in 2017 and followed Detective Moo Jin-hyuk (Jang Hyuk, Tell Me What You Saw) and emergency center operator Kang Kwon-joo (Lee Ha-na, A Piece of Your Mind), who have teamed up in chasing the serial killer who murdered their loved ones. The storyline got extended into a second season in 2018 with an updated lineup of main cast. While Jang Hyuk did not come back to reprise his role, Return actor Lee Jin-wook joined the cast of characters as Do Kang-woo, a detective with an unbelievable ability of tapping into the minds of criminals in order to solve his cases. In Voice 3 (2019), Lee Ha-na’s and Lee Jin-wook’s characters partnered up once again to deal with an international evil cartel, which brought them deep into the internet’s dark web.

During the three previous seasons, not only did Voice deliver in terms of viewership ratings, it also gained positive feedback from its viewers for directing the spotlight on emergency responders. Many scenes introduced onlookers to the extreme pressure that these call center workers need to handle on a daily basis, as well as to the immeasurable efforts that they have been putting in to help prevent and solve crimes.

Whether Voice 4 will feature the same set of cast or an entirely different lineup of stars, anticipation is certainly building up for the upcoming installment.

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