OCN thriller ‘Voice 3’ teases fans with script reading stills

OCN is definitely on its way to broadcasting the new season of Voice, notwithstanding the status quo in the Korean entertainment industry where TV series strictly stick to a one-season format.

On March 15, the cable network released a set of photos taken during the script reading session of Voice 3 in February. The event was led by PD Nam Ki-hoon, screenwriter Ma Jin-won, and lead actors Lee Ha-na and Lee Jin-wook.

Voice is a suspenseful crime drama about a special task force in Korea’s national police that deals with emergency cases, in which it is only a matter of time before a criminal kills or hurts his victim. The first season aired in 2017, starring Lee Ha-na and Jang Hyuk (Bad Papa). Lee reprised her role in the sequel last year, while Lee Jin-wook replaced Jang as the male lead.

Both Lee Ha-na and Lee Jin-wook are back in the third season, which is leveling up its story with a case involving an illegal international cartel and the “dark web.” Aside from them, actors Son Eun-Seo, Kim Woo-Seok, Kim Joong-Ki, Song Boo-Gun, and Kim Ki-Nam will return playing the same roles.

Director Nam Ki-hoon is honored to lead the third season, saying, “As a regular viewer of the first two seasons, I am happy to be leading the third. I will do whatever it takes to retain the reputation of the series.”

The first and second season were directed by Kim Hong-sun (The Guest) and Lee Seong-young (The Missing), respectively, who are both credited with leading the two series to success. Voice hit the headlines in 2017 when it achieved a nationwide rating of 5.4 %, which at the time was the highest viewership ever recorded by an OCN drama. Voice 2 surpassed this figure after its finale hit 7 %.

On the other hand, Ma Ji-won maintains her role in the production as the screenwriter since the first season. She attributed the achievements of the past two seasons to hard work. “It’s great to be working with a director like Nam Ki-hoon. I believe Voice has reached multiple seasons because of the great hard work of the team.”

According to a member of the production team, “Screenwriter Ma Jin-won has crafted an engaging storyline, while director Nam Ki-hoon is tasked with bringing that story to action. The cast will return to exceed our expectations. Please support the third season of Voice.”

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