OCN drops Jang Hyuk’s character teaser for ‘Tell Me What You Saw’

OCN’s latest crime thriller Tell Me What You Saw has dropped a character teaser featuring its lead actor Jang Hyuk.

In a gritty and suspenseful tone characteristic to most OCN dramas, the teaser opens with a long-haired Jang Hyuk (My Country: The New Age) sitting on a chair in a dark room. He looks straight into the camera and commands, “Tell me what you saw.” His chair swivels around and he is suddenly transported to the site of a murder, where a lifeless hand can be seen, surrounded by the police investigating it. Jang Hyuk is seen in the same dark room towards the end of the teaser and announces that he will be the judge (of the crime).

In the drama, Jang Hyuk plays a criminal profiler with genius deduction abilities who has cracked many complex cases in his career. After his involvement with a serial killer ends up costing him his girlfriend’s life, he becomes a recluse.

Meanwhile, Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung (Man Who Sets The Table), takes on the role of a rookie detective with a photographic memory. When a serial killer who was assumed to be dead strikes again, she partners with Jang’s character to nab the killer.

The supporting cast of Tell Me What You Saw includes Jang Hyun-sung (VIP), Ryu Seung-soo (Secret Boutique), and Jin Seo-yeon (Eve’s Love) who is returning to the small screen with this series after almost five years.

Directed by Lee Joon-hyung of the Hip Hop King (2019) fame, Tell Me What You Saw is all set to premiere on February 1.

You can also watch Sooyoung’s character teaser below:

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