OCN drama ‘Dark Hole’ drops survival-themed main posters

Ahead of its premiere, upcoming OCN fantasy-thriller drama Dark Hole has released a combo of blood-spattered main posters.

Dark Hole follows humans as they desperately fight for their lives after smoke from a mysterious sinkhole slowly turns their kind into monsters. Kim Ok-vin (Arthdal Chronicles) stars as Lee Hwa-sun, a detective from Seoul who heads to Muji City after receiving a call from her husband’s murderer, and Lee Joon-hyuk (Stranger 2) as Yoo Tae-han, a native of Muji City and a former detective who now works as a tow-truck driver. Together, they set out to save and help people from the danger lurking beneath them.

In one of the main posters, Muji City is covered in black smoke. Hwa-sun and Tae-han stand at the center, geared up with gas masks and a single weapon to protect themselves from inhaling the smoke as well as those who have failed to do so. The yellow bus behind them appears to serve as a painful reminder of the safe and normal lives they once had before the present became a gruesome battle for survival. Hwa-sun holds Jeong Do-yoon (Lee Ye-bit, The Uncanny Counter) by the hand, but the girl seems to be the one protecting her. The production crew explains, “Do-yoon, a child who holds hands with Hwa-sun in the middle of a survival field, plays a vital part.”

Dark Hole main poster 1

Meanwhile, the second version shows Hwa-sun and Tae-han now with the other survivors. Hwa-sun’s back is turned against the camera, blood almost soaking her coat. Everyone’s eyes are set on the same direction, amplifying the viewers’ curiosity about the horror that all of them are witnessing in that exact moment. Adding more intensity to the photo is the caption that reads, “We have come to the era of survival.”

Dark Hole main poster 2

Dark Hole was previously slated to air as a Saturday-Sunday drama beginning April 24. However, along with the release of its main posters, the production shared that the series will now be broadcast as a Friday-Saturday show and will air simultaneously on its home network OCN and cable channel tvN at 10:50 p.m. KST starting on April 30. Check out the drama’s terrifying main trailer here.

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